03.Nov.2014 Washington State @ Oregon State Pre Game

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I don’t have much to say about the Cal game. In short, it went just about the way I thought:

This game will more likely come down to whether OSU’s defense can slow a good Cal offense. OSU’s offense matches up well vs Cal so I expect 30 something points.

You have to give Cal some credit, but overall the defense laid an ostrich-sized egg.

I still think Jarmon, Villamin, Brown, and Bolden are the best skill position players. Probably in that order. An offense cannot be based around Victor Bolden. Period. Brown gets 1 carry, it goes for a TD, and Riley doesn’t use him again. Jarmon gets only 2 touches. Villamin drops some balls, but overall he’s promising. Guys were down on him a few weeks ago for drops, but I said let’s give him a chance (because his frame and height were intriguing). Well he has turned out to be solid the past few games. If he can hit the jugs machine and get his drops down he can become a guy the passing game is based around.

Nobody cares about this because we’re so down on Riley, but some of the skill players are intriguing. The problem of course is Riley doesn’t know how to get them on the field, and when they are on the field Mannion is …Mannion.

With regard to Washington State, I had this penciled as a loss with Halliday at QB. I don’t know anything about the backup other than he had a Cornell offer, so he’s probably smart, which is more than the Beav’s QB can claim. I’d guess with a backup in there the Beavs can win this game, but I am not committing to anything this week because of all the changes.  In general, you’d think OSU can move the ball on WSU. In general, you’d think WSU won’t have as strong a passing game with the backup in there. Riley is good for his -7 handicap. Fans are bailing. It’s a lot to consider. I’d be curious to hear a report on the locker room morale.

This is the last reasonable shot at victory, so we’re looking at either a 4 or 5 win season and 7th straight Civil War loss.

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  • ObjCritic says:
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    Where is this “jugs” machine of which you speak?

    • angry angry says:
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      Does OSU have one? I’m sure the baseball team has one. It’s common to load footballs into them to practice catching passes.

      • Bob says:
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        Yes, we have one and it used regularly by the DB’s and receivers toward the end of practice. Players stand about 7-10 yards away, interns feed the machine and fire away.

    • Beavergopher Beavergopher says:
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      Sounds like something at Hooters.

  • ObjCritic says:
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    I agree with you the skill position players are interesting, but its a trap to invest time in watching OSU football and HOPE them to be used towards high program achievement (I understand we don’t expect it here generally).

    This is the conundrum voiced on recent threads; supporting players while wishing for HC and coordinator changes. Fans who want well-played football fear that demonstrably supporting the team out of a desire to support the players results in continued mediocrity from BDC and Riley; “Oh, they’re still buying tickets and/or watching? Let’s keep on truckin’! Do the kids still say that by the way?!?”

    More creative and progressive minds could put OSU’s physical talent to good use. I’m reminded how Peterson at BSU used to give young players specific and effective roles to keep them involved in the game, develop them, and well, beat teams like OSU.

    OSU could dust off the Wildcat that’s been absent since ‘Quizz left and give someone like Jarmon some reps there. He’s a baseball player too, and while not the same as throwing a football, I’m betting he could throw one better than ‘Quizz. Plus, it’s not like you’re going to ask him to throw a deep out. McMarryion (sp?) could probably do this next year too after adding some weight.

    Vanderveen could get some reps running the ball a la Dalton at TCU, or Luck/Hogan at Stanford; it’s not necessary to abandon your run game or pocket passing while doing this, you keep the D honest, make them pay with a timely run when they’re not, and you get a young player some development time.

    Villamin could line up at TE sometimes and be a matchup nightmare like ‘Boom was supposed to be. I expect the non-functioning OLine reduces opportunities for that however.

    Other programs are not only playing faster, they’re getting production out of young players, including RFR QB’s. Refusing to revolve, Riley is falling behind and giving his program even fewer opportunities to challenge for league titles, and those opportunities were already Rich Brooks-esque in their frequency.

    Meanwhile, Banker’s D is devolving into mid-season form of assignment-unsound football. How does this happen with experienced LBs and Secondary? Tell me there’s injury problems up front, I’ll agree, but the degradation in play in the back half is maddening in its perennial expression.

    Having zero expectations is likely the best way to watch this team. Then if you get surprised, enjoy.

  • ObjCritic says:
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    BTW, WSU’s back up threw for 370 yards in relief against USC, and Banker has a history of making back ups look effective at the worst times.

    Against USC, WSU threw a lot of passes – 66 – (it is Leach after all), But WSU’s RFR QB also got a few scores in. I’m sure there’s more context, but putting up those yards in relief where an experienced Mannion couldn’t do it with 4 quarters is kind of funny.



    • cj cj says:
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      I was going to say the same…take a look at his (Falk) stats after Halliday went down. Didn’t seem to be a lot of difference to me.

  • steveEbeaver says:
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    Brown did catch the 1 yd pass on 4th and two if I remember right..

    At this point in the season it’s obvious that Riley and Co aren’t going to get the extra practice time afforded to a team headed for a bowl game that they say is so critical to bringing along the younger players. The only way around that is to start playing the younger guys NOW. Just a handful of snaps each game will make a difference for next year.

  • rsteve503 rsteve503 says:
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    LOL … advice is given on here like Riley & co are rational and want to do their best.

    Recall that Riley doesnt even bother to try clock management when it is obvious to everyone that it is needed.

    You are talking to coaches just going thru the motions.

  • corliss says:
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    Did anyone ask Riley how we could not capitalize on one of the worst secondaries in football? What is his answer for that?

    If we lose to a WSU team with a freshman QB, you can put me in the fire Riley camp. Unacceptable and total horseshit.

  • corliss says:
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    ……and we need to run the fucking fly sweep more. One of the few plays with guaranteed yards.

    • Hopefulaintaplan says:
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      I hope you are kidding.

      I want to see 3 tight end sets for passing with a side of run the damn ball up the gut. I wouldn’t mind if I never saw the fly sweep again, even though it has done okay for the beavs.

      I have to be honest, I think that the play calling this year is worse than last year. The appreciable difference is Garrett. I don’t know how much influence he has as the OC, but so far he hasn’t shown me anything I want to see ever again in OSU football. I know that people are calling for Riley’s head, but I think that some of this may be the subordinates that are awful. These are the same guys that are recruiting less than Junior College talent. Garrett was extremely high on a 2 start QB from Florida. Maybe he is better than that as the grading is subjective, but he isn’t a consensus rocket scientist or the second coming of John Elway with that many stars. I honestly think you have walk-ons show up that are two star level. Ridiculous.

  • osubaby osubaby says:
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    Anyone have 2 adult and 1 kid ticket to the game this weekend for cheap? Or 3 adult would do as well?

    Thanks !

  • StarcraftSquall says:
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    Phil Steele’s breakdown:

    This is one of the P12’s longest running rivalries at 98 games. Oregon St has
    won 6 of the L/7 meetings. WSU suffered heartbreak LW as QB Halliday, who
    was on pace to break the NCAA single ssn passing record, saw his college career
    come to an end after suffering a broken leg. Speaking of QB’s, Beaver QB
    Mannion threw for 300+ yds for just the 3rd time this ssn LW, as he became the
    P12’s all time leader in pass yds with 12,454 surpassing USC’s Matt Barkley.
    Both teams enter struggling as OSU has lost 4 of 5 incl 3 str while Wazzu has
    dropped 5 of 6 incl 4 str and is assured of a non-winning ssn for the 11th str
    year. OSU still can get to a bowl game and their backs are against the wall.

    Good Bet (High Confidence – but Not Best Bet)


    Washington State QB/WR’s vs Oregon State DB’s: WAST +0.89
    Washington State RB’s vs Oregon State LB’s: ORST +1.90
    Washington State OL vs Oregon State DL: ORST +0.78

    Washington State DL vs Oregon State OL: WAST +0.28
    Washington State LB’s vs Oregon State RB’s: WAST +0.44
    Washington State DB’s vs Oregon State QB’s: ORST +2.39

    Special Teams: ORST +2.28
    Kicker: ORST +0.97
    Coaching: ORST +1.00

    Total Margin: ORST +7.71

    Projected Box Score WAST ORST
    Projected Rushing 36 110
    Projected Passing 399 331
    Projected Yardage Total 434 441
    Projected Final Score-PC 26 34
    Experience Rankings 70 51
    Team Schedule Strength 11 31

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