26.Jul.2015 Recruiting Rumblings

It seems people are upset about the Jordan Stevenson situation and now saying this staff can’t recruit. Well it’s only July and they have five 3-star recruits. That’s better than Riley could do most years by this point, at least from my memory.

It’s definitely frustrating that they aren’t in the mix for Stevenson. It’s equally frustrating they can’t land a big name, breakthrough recruit. But these guys signed an entire class and now 8 good looking prospects this cycle without even coaching a game, so they’re doing okay. I think we need to let an entire season play out on the field to see if that generates any recruiting buzz. We think recruits should be as excited about GA as we fans are, but it doesn’t work that way. So yes, disappointing we’re not seeing a huge uptick (though I’d argue there is an uptick — GA is getting better players), disappointing they weren’t in the Stevenson mix, frustrating they can’t land a big name, frustrating that players de-committed, but let them coach a season first before getting worked up about it.

Unless the team looks awful during the season, I think come February the Beavs will have signed their best class ever. I’m going to say top 35 class when all is said and done.

22.Jul.2015 Should We Start Our Own Media/Press Corp?

Twitter is disruptive technology. Just look how easy it was for a blog like this to open a recruiting division. Now I’m looking into media/press. What I am talking about is Twitter Periscope. If you don’t know what that is, watch this brief video.

I don’t think Wall St is valuing the stock properly, and I’m not sure Twitter even understands the ramifications of Periscope. Essentially, anyone with a phone and the periscope app can stream live (yes, live in real time) to Twitter. This means several things for angrybeavs:

1. Anyone at a football game can stream that game and give different vantage points. For example, a perspective from in the stands, different view point, the fan’s reactions, dialogues, etc.

2. Anyone walking around campus can stream their interactions with players. We hear people claim, “I met player x in class, and he was a real jerk.” Well, with this technology, everyone can see that. Maybe impromptu interviews if you meet a player, etc.

3. Show practices (that are open to the public) in real time. Imagine being able to watch practices instead of reading summary reports? The reports are great, but it would be even better to watch the practice and maybe have Silverstream and others give commentary over it.

4. Various other uses. For example, a user can create and host their own show and field questions, creatively find ways to access coaches/ask questions, those who go to local high school football games can ask recruits questions, etc. The limitation is the user’s creativity.

Essentially this would all create an AB television/media division. We can have a twitter channel of our live streams and link it right onto the main AB site just like the recruiting. It also gets everyone involved in providing content.

This is extremely disruptive technology. The old paradigm is over. The question is: do you guys have any interest in this? It would require the AB army to be out there using this technology. If so, we can set up a periscope channel (I’m not sure how to do this part yet, but I’m sure it’s easy).

It’s interesting that Twitter is providing some of the most interesting technology out there; technology that actually has utility, and yet most people in finance are down on the stock. This is extremely disruptive technology. Did I mention that yet?? Think about how as soon as we launched a recruiting feed, Beaverblitz did the same a week later. Blitz has even stole leads from Beavrecruiting. The old media can’t keep up with the new, and the new technology is making their old business models obsolete — things happening in real time, where we can form opinions on the fly, are simply more interesting than things that happened in that past written down on paper and filtered through someone elses viewpoint or opinion.

21.Jul.2015 What is your win total prediction?

I received an email today asking my opinion for wins. Before saying what that is, I want to hear some opinions from others here. This is the most difficult season to predict in all my time following OSU athletics.

Below is the email. If you want some exposure on Twitter I can tell him to read the comments and pick the responses he finds useful. I’m also adding a poll so you can vote if you don’t want to type a response. AB has no opinion of that website, gambling, etc, and I’m not responsible for any of your loses. 😉

How Many Wins for the Beavers in 2015?

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The college football win totals have been posted by Vegas for the upcoming season and I’m putting together some content for each team on what various experts think.

Naturally, I thought of you as someone who knows Oregon State very well and could offer my readers some insight. The Beavers win total is currently set at 4.

You can see the point spreads that are out for the games on the schedule, along with our estimates for games they haven’t posted one yet at:


The question I have for you is: How many wins do you think Oregon State will have in the regular season this year?

I know you are busy so a lengthy response isn’t necessary, but If you have a moment and could give me 50-100 words I would love to include your opinion.

For an example of what I’m looking for, here is the LSU article which has quite a few contributors already: http://www.boydsbets.com/lsu-football-predictions/

Of course, I’ll include a link to your site and/or social media accounts to give you some exposure. Plus I’ll tweet your Twitter handle with the update to my nearly 3,500 followers.

There is no rush at all. I’ll be adding opinions right up until the start of the season so feel free to wait until you have some free time if you would like.


17.Jul.2015 Pre-season Position Breakdown — (LB, DT, DE, CB, S, OL)

So I realized I can’t do any more previews for position groups because I just don’t know the roster or players well enough. “How can you write a blog about the Beavs and not know this stuff, Angry!?” I can hear the anti angry crowd now.

Well, because I couldn’t watch Mike Riley football anymore, so I lost most of last year. Miss one year, and you are pretty much unable to review positions. QB, RB, WR are all easy. But do I know the health status of a bit player like Kellen Clute? Nope. So I can’t even review the TEs. I do love Nall and Smith, but they both need to toughen up (I’d also like to see Nall double as a LB).

Based on the official site’s roster,  on the offensive line I like Harlow, Andrews, Clarkson, Seumolo, Stanton, and I guess after that Mitchell and Delp. Brandel, Lucas, and Fifita should all be in the mix as true freshman, imo, if they can help right away. I think all three are good looking prospects. Regarding the OL, I don’t know if the guys I listed are all healthy, and I don’t know much about the other guys listed on the roster. I’ll be following all of this closely under GA, but I was just so done with Riley that I couldn’t watch games and lost touch with the roster. I asked readers to help out with an updated list, but nobody had one. So, that’s my O-line review.

LBs I like are Luchien and Willis. Bright Uqwoegbu is interesting. I’m not at all a fan of Songy, Saulo, or Mageo. Thin position, and Ryan Nall hopefully helps out here.

DTs: Grimble. Peko and Aydon are intriguing. The rest of the guys I don’t know much about.

DE: Extremely thin. Fuimaono (the C.C. transfer) should play right away and help out. I’ve always liked Lavonte Barnett, but the rumblings I’ve heard are that he doesn’t have passion for football. I’d pencil in these two guys as the starters. Jashwa James is probably the reserve.

CBs: I know some of these guys (Hunt..who else? Isn’t Hayes gone?) on the official site aren’t on the roster anymore. Anyway, there’s some depth at CB. Scott will obviously start; Okonoko is a guy I like. Irvine could compete right away. There are some other options like Crawford who some people like, though I am not a fan of his.

S: Justin Strong, and a bunch of other guys. Arnold was once considered a top prospect. Does he get his act together? He doesn’t seem like a GA type of player. Shawn Wilson is a good looking “athlete” who could wind up at safety.  Noland-Lewis is…maybe serviceable. Not a whole lot to get excited about here other than Strong.

That’s all I’ve got. Tell me who you like and why? Or someone I forgot, etc.

13.Jul.2015 Oregon Earthquake?

Have you guys read this article.

Sounds like the Beavs are in the danger zone. Anyone up there talking about this? I wonder how much of this is fear mongering versus how much is good science and reality.

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