22.Apr.2014 Tweets from Hallice Cooke

Hallice Cooke @Hallywood_3

Smh I gotta know what that NCAA tourney feels like ASAP
7:50 PM – 15 Mar 2014

The best way to describe Bob DeCarolis is “asleep at the switch“.

Good ol’ Bob, counting beans as his field turns to dust.

Oregon State @ Sacramento State

Game two today at 1pm. Beavs lost 6-7 yesterday (sorry, no thread… I was out all day).

For those who watched, were they rusty from having extra days off?

Go Beavs.

16.Apr.2014 Luke Del Rio Confirms what We have Suspected All Along

On the differences between the quality of play at Alabama versus Oregon State:

“It’s actually not as big of a difference as people think. You have speed down there, you have speed up here. We have receivers that could compete for starting jobs down there. We have O-linemen that could compete for starting jobs down there. They’re just so intense at Alabama. The expectation, the culture that they’ve built there, is so cut-throat. You have to win. If you don’t, then it’s a let down. And that’s what we’re building here. It’s not OK to lose. Why would you accept losing? That doesn’t make sense. So once you break that mold, you sort of start to build that culture.”

The full article can be read here.

I highlighted the key phrase. Luke asks why you would accept losing, then says “once you break that mold”, implying (via deduction, since he first talked about Alabama having the opposite mentality) that is the mold at OSU. At Oregon State, they don’t like to lose, but it is okay if and when it happens. Confirmed. Chalk up another victory for AngryBeavs. This is starting to feel like the conspiracy theorists, who once marginalized as fringe society loons, are being proven right more and more over time.

With that attitude and his skill set, this Del Rio could be a great player.

14.Apr.2014 Net Neutrality, Comcast, etc…

Maybe you guys don’t care about this, but it will affect anyone using Comcast/Time Warner to watch or stream games. You will likely be paying more for a worse product, all so Comcast doesn’t have to compete legitimately (because true Capitalism would render them obsolete). Now we get this incestuous bastard child hybrid of FCC + Comcast/TW. It equals a big, steaming pile of shit for society. Since this will effect your streaming experiences of games, disposable income (you will pay more for less), and sets precedent for future restrictions/regulations, I urge everyone to get informed and start to care. You can start by signing the petition, but then you should cancel Comcast and use any other option (city internet is a good choice if you have it). Also write the FCC and any other applicable agency.

Bad news: Three judges just dealt a huge blow to the open Internet.

Their ruling means that companies like Verizon can now block or slow down any website, application or service they like. And they’ll be able to create tiered pricing structures with fast lanes for those who can afford the tolls — and slow lanes for everyone else.

Tell the FCC to do everything in its power to fight back.


It’s not legit to mope and take it up the ass because you’re middle class and feel like you have no say. That attitude makes you much more of a loser than being lower or middle class.

Jorge Reyes is an Asshole

Ex-Beaver Jorge Reyes tricks Jeff Francoeur into believing he’s deaf. I’m probably the least PC person on this planet, but really, pretending you are deaf? What an insult to people who actually are deaf. They then call Francouer an idiot/retard and insult that class of people, too.

Finally, they humiliate and embarrass their teammate.

I love a good caper, but this goes beyond funny and into the flat out cruel category.

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