03.Jul.2015 July 4th Celebrations

Happy 4th weekend, doods.

As the calender turns to July now, we can begin to look toward football season. How about this: since I don’t have a lot to criticize right now and things are going relatively smoothly at OSU, how about I take suggestions for articles you’d like to see, or just thoughts/my opinion on anything Beaver related that you’d like to see between now until Fall camp. I’ll tackle whichever requests I can, but I can’t promise I will get to all because am busy with several projects, but I’ll try to tackle as much as possible.

I’ll be in and out over the weekend, so probably Monday afternoon, or more likely Tuesday, I’ll be able to sit down and look into the suggestions or requests.

30.Jun.2015 Steve Fenk Denies Me Credentialed Media

Our policy is that we do not credential independent bloggers, websites, etc. You will find that is the case league-wide for the most part. We have turned down others before  as well.  Thank you for your interest. sf

I find this to be BS. It makes sense to some extent, so as not to encourage a person to startup a blog and then get credentials, but I have been doing this since 2008. It’s a well-established site, and it’s been 7 years before I even asked.

What do you guys think?

27.Jun.2015 General Thread

I’m sure our little troll will follow us here since you’re all feeding him so well, but 500 comments seemed like enough. Unless you want to try for a record? I can leave this thread up until Fall ball…

Once spring starts we can talk depth chart, position battles, etc.  I think it might become interesting fast, but until then, you guys will have to continue to create your own entertainment (play with the troll?) ’cause I got nothing. I find it funny he thinks these posts are critical. He’s going to flip his wig come the season.

18.Jun.2015 Todd Stansbury — Oregon State AD

I need you guys to sell me on this one.

To me it looks like OSU afraid to leave their comfort zone.

Stansbury’s quote:

“Karen and I have spent a large part of our lives at Oregon State and we look forward to returning to Corvallis. Without a doubt, we will be Knights fans from the West Coast.”

I mean that could be a Riley quote…once he is fired from Nebraska.

I’m not for or against Stansbury…just confused. Why keep bringing guys back (Massari, Stansbury)? Seems like Massari would have been the better hire of those two since USCB was a more difficult job and there’s more continuity (e.g. Do we know if Stansbury and Andersen have ever even met?). I’m not against him. I don’t even know anything about him. It’s just puzzling since there’s a guy in Massari who seems equally qualified, based on the credentials I’ve read, and is already there. I also don’t like this idea of bringing back guys from the old guard. Is this a move to appease certain donors, or is it truly the best hire? Sell me.

06.Jun.2015 General Thread

Things are slow.

One thing on my mind is that the Beavs need a breakthrough recruit to take things to the next level (in that regard, recruiting). We all feel GA should recruit better than Riley because of his personality and winning tradition, but when do we see that breakthrough with regard to recruiting? Is it once he starts to win big on the field at OSU? Is there any way it happens before that? I think so, probably a domino effect after the first 4-star signs? Is it getting more Florida kids on board? I feel like right now GA is near the Riley level in terms of the star system, but slightly above Riley in terms of the eye test and how [more] developed the recruits are. But there hasn’t been the watershed recruit who changes the program yet. We need that guy.

On a funny note, Beaverblitz took two hours to break the last commitment, even though our own twitter feed had it seconds after it happened. They “needed confirmation”, even though the tweet came straight from the recruit himself. I’d say the only reason to sign up for Blitz in the modern age of twitter is that some of the posters there are close to the program and have good inside info, but even that is rare. In terms of the recruiting info, they are worthless in the twitter/hudl paradigm. Probably a main reason Mamma Machado was so afraid of Riley leaving is that she lost some contacts…

Otherwise, I’m just waiting for fall camp. There’s just not much going on that’s interesting. Have at it.

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