27.Mar.2015 Cal Poly @ Oregon State

Friday 5:35

Saturday 1:35

Sunday 1:05

Go Beavs

26.Mar.2015 Jack Jones to Oregon State?

Per his twitter, it looks that way.

He’s ranked as a 4-star CB/WR on both Rivals and Scout.

On a side note, did anyone hear how Cohl Cabral’s visit went?

24.Mar.2015 San Jose State @ Oregon State


Go Beavs

23.Mar.2015 General Thread

So the Beavs will be stuck on 3 National Titles for the foreseeable future.

My thoughts on women’s basketball: they became overconfident, thought they just had to show up. More specifically, they were not physically or mentally tough, and relied too much on the outside game and the guards bailing the team out. In both the PAC and NCAA tournaments they showed little heart, very little will to play intense defense, and seemed to think Weise and the 3 ball would bail out the lack of effort. That being said, it was a great season, and pretty amazing given where the program was just a few years ago.

Regarding baseball: As I said in my pre-season writeup, this team had the talent, talent trumps experience, and success would be a matter of how quickly they gelled. They gelled quickly, and now we see a good team. I still see problems. Specifically the Beavers have no clear 4 or 5 hitter. I doubt Pat Casey reads AB, but I think this should be the strategy:

1. Versus poor pitching, bat Gabe Clark 4.

2. Versus good pitching, give Gillette and Howard or Cary a R/L shot at a platoon. I realize Carey has been a disaster thus far, but he has a fantastic swing and hit something like .550 in high school. If the coach doesn’t like that option, go with Gillette/Howard.

3. Move Clark down to 5 or 6 and hope for the best.

Can’t just keep slotting Clark into the 4 hole irregardless of the pitcher.

Another option would be to use someone other than Hendrix in the leadoff slot, keep Morrison 2, and move Hendrix to 3. This would extend the lineup. Nobach could possibly  hit leadoff to make that work.

Heimlich is coming around. But I thought that once before, and he took a step backward. He has huge upside.

Regarding football: Andersen will sign a top 35 class this year. We’re seeing how aggressive these guys are on the recruiting trail, and how it’s panning out with early returns. I watched the [supposed RB commit] film this morning, and he is an impressive player. I haven’t watched the other guys, but I can tell the type of athlete they are going for; they aren’t projects. They are true under the radar players in that they give max effort, high motors, physically gifted, etc. I don’t see any projects, in the Riley sense of the word, being recruited.

Feel free to discuss any of this or whatever you want.


22.Mar.2015 OSU vs Gonzaga

4pm ESPN2 or 3.

Good writeup on the official site.

Go (lady) Beavs!


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