23.Jan.2018 General Thread / Recruiting

Time for a new thread.

We can stay general and open discussion, but with recruiting heating up that seems like a good topic, too. QB situation seems to be on peoples’ mind, and for good reason. None of the players in the mix are P5 players. The fact we can’t hand a highly rated guy the starting job as a freshman is concerning.

I still laugh when Tim Euhus and others on Twitter wrote “Is this really a big deal?” when Petras committed to Iowa. Um, yes. Could be the difference between a 4 year run and 4 years in the basement.

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17.Jan.2018 General Thread

It seems the last thread ran it’s course.

Anything goes.

Go Beavs.

10.Jan.2018 Thoughts on Final Two Hires

What do you guys think?

I woke to rumors we might land Simonton, Jackson, or Bernard as a RB coach. Those wouldn’t be great hires because they’d be more alums/incest, so on that front it’s good we expanded the gene pool. But instead we got Pitre, who doesn’t even have a page chronicling his career arc. Smith claims Pitre is a great, up and coming coach who is a great West Coast recruiter. Really? We’ll see. Gut reaction is disappointment. Mainly because (a) who knows anything about this guy? and (b) can he really out recruit established position coaches given he was at Montana State?

Greg Burns comes off as passive and a “Riley Guy” ala Rod Perry in this interview. Gut reaction is (a) looks low energy/intensity like a Riley guy…wouldn’t be surprised if Riley suggested him to Smith (b) comes off as extremely passive and even clueless at times (c) didn’t have a job last year after being fired by Cal. How good can he be?

Neither appears to be the ace recruiter we desperately need. It’s like having a bullpen full of setup men. Meanwhile, we let go of Hall, who by all accounts was an excellent recruiter and brought much needed energy.

I’ll try to give these guys a fair chance, but these are my gut reactions. Open to hearing how/why these guys are the best we could do.

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General Thread part II

Previous thread approaching 450 comments, lets refresh here while Angry shovels mud or practices his guitar licks.

FB: past time for 10th coach to start and JS has yet to formally name #9 and 10. Nicebeaver continues to follow recruiting, great input throughout the year.

BASKETBALL: games on PAC12 everyday from Thursday through Sunday with the guys Thur and Sat, gals Fri and Sunday. The Realtor returns to Gill on Friday at 6.

BASEBALL: Just over 5 weeks till the season begins for the team ranked #2 in the Nation by both Perfect Game and Collegiate Baseball.


04.Jan.2018 General Thread

This can cover hoops this week and any other topics.

The last thread wasn’t popular, huh? That’s fine. In the future I won’t share information I get via email. What’s funny is when I don’t, people ask what’s in any emails that I reference. When they don’t like what’s in it, they shoot the messenger. I feel really good about the current sources. They’re the best ever, to be honest. But yeah, I’m not going to listen to whining over the work I put in here, so I’ll just keep it to myself or create a private section for that information. Any suggestions on how to handle it are welcome.

Go Beavs.

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