15.Oct.2017 Where do we go from here?

Yesterday, I attended my first game at Reser since Oregon State/Stanford of the 2015 season. Not much has changed in those 2 years. The “Fall 2016” banner remains on top of the Valley Football Center. The stands were about half full/empty. The chainsaw/cow sound effect showed up every 3rd down. The sideline for the visiting team continues to stand in the shade while the home team stands in the direct sunlight all game long.

Despite all of those things, I actually had a good time at the game. It was also both of my kid’s first games, and they had fun as well(they were more attracted to oregon and the duck before yesterday, but now they love Benny) OSU was competitive and the crowd, despite being small, was actually pretty loud at times and remained engaged throughout the game. It helped me realize that we’re really not that far from making a trip to Reser an attractive way for people to spend their Saturday. Imagining the enthusiasm that I saw yesterday, in a stadium that is actually more than 75% full seemed like a realistic expectation if the team can remain competitive in their next few games.

So what happens next? Does Cory Hall have what it takes to keep the team engaged and competitive against Stanford/Cal/Arizona/Asu/Oregon? Or, was this his best shot at capturing lightning in a bottle after the team was ditched by Coach Andersen?
If Cory Hall is successful, do the Beavs give him another year (or more) or do they then hire a new coach and return us to the land of perpetual “rebuilding”? Rebuilding to me just feels more like an excuse to live in state of low expectations. We’ve been there for long enough. I can only hope that we can harness the energy of yesterday finally build a little momentum around the football program. Otherwise, I’m afraid we’re stuck in groundhog day and we’re going to be looking forward to “Fall 2016” for another year. Go Beavs?

14.Oct.2017 Colorado @ Oregon State

Good luck to Cory Hall. He inherits the easier part of the schedule, so maybe we’ll have some better results.

Emotion is going to play into this game one way or another. I think the Beavs take out some aggression on CO. Just not sure these lame-duck coordinators put in max effort, or that Hall is organized enough on short notice to formulate a winning game plan. Since the coordinators’ careers are on the line, and since Hall hinted at running the ball and tightening up the offense, I’ll go out on a limb and take the positive side.

26-20, Beavs

10.Oct.2017 Gary Andersen Thread, Part 2

Last thread was getting long. 😉

Go Beavs.

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09.Oct.2017 Gary Andersen and Oregon State “mutually part”…


Go Beavs!

Have to wonder if he resigned for health reasons like Urban Meyer…he looked like shit and was clearly being eaten alive; I wrote just on Saturday that best case is he retires for health reasons. I’ll be curious to hear what went down. Either way, this is good news. Now just hire the right guy. I’d take a chance on B. Baldwin.

07.Oct.2017 Worse Coach: GA or Riley?

I used to think this was a no-brainer…

Disclaimer: in no way does this poll suggest I think Riley is anything but mediocre, and in no way does this pole suggest I want him back. In fact, I’d never watch OSU football again if they hired him.

All that said, I think we’re at a crossroads where we have to objectively wonder which of these two is the worse coach. I even gave a cop out answer of “equally bad”.

Worse Coach: Gary Andersen or Mike Riley?

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