27.Jul.2014 Backup QB Situation

Rivals.com lists this as the Beaver’s depth chart:

1. Sean Mannion SR
2a. Luke Del Rio RFR
2b. Brent VanderVeen RSO
4. Kyle Kempt RFR
4. Marcus McMaryion FR
4. Nick Mitchell FR

I don’t see how you can have 3 players as your fourth string QB, but nonetheless that’s how they list it. Kempt should clearly be 4th string. The only interesting debate is who the backup should be.

Del Rio has big upside, a big arm, and intelligence. VanderVeen has a big arm and some mobility (think Jake Plummer rather than Dennis Dixon). He was also offered scholarship by Oklahoma State (always have great college QBs) and Arkansas. If he can play in those conferences, he should be able to play for OSU.

I’m curious to hear who you guys like as the backup. My pick is Del Rio, but not for clear reasons–I just feel he’ll pickup the playbook better and execute given his pedigree. VanderVeen is intriguing and a guy I saw play in-person right up the road, but I’m not sure he’ll put it all together at this level. It’s not a bad problem to have as both seem at worst serviceable. If Mannion goes down maybe Riley should play Del Rio and then mix in VanderVeen on 3rd downs to add the running dimension. Odds of Riley getting creative?

One more note: I expect Mannion’s numbers to go down this year. I realize he’s a senior and that usually bodes well, but Cooks was a huge reason for Mannion’s success, not the other way around. Unless a WR like Jarmon steps up in camp, I don’t see him doing as well.

22.Jul.2014 NFL.Com 14 Best College Coaches

This is pretty messed up

14. Mike Riley, Oregon State

Career record: 88-73
NFL draft picks the last five years: 9
In addition to being one of the best coaches in college football, you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer coach in the sport than Riley. He might not yell and scream like others on this list, but he’s a sharp offensive football mind and knows how to get the best out of players who often aren’t as talented as those they line up against. Plus, how many top-notch coaches ride their bike to work everyday?


How I read this: he’s really nice to the media, and he rides his bike to work every day, so we want to rank him high.

I mean they do nothing to back the claim that he’s one of the best coaches (for example, have they seen his time management, inability to get the right players on the field, putting players at the wrong position, mismanaging timeouts, having won meaningful games, etc?). Sharp offensive football mind? Maybe 10-20 years ago that was true. The game has changed, and Riley is stuck in the 90s.

At least they’ve given me the blueprint on how to get AB voted best blog in America. (a) Smile like a lunatic (b) talk like I have a learning disability even though I don’t (c) bike to work (d) be nice. Really it’s the latter—the media has a raging boner for this guy just because he’s nice to them.


16.Jul.2014 Recruiting Updates

Sam Noyer — High Interest. No offers. Local QB.

Gabe Reid — Low interest, many offers. Utah guy who’s dad played for BYU and he has a Stanford offer.

Jeremiah Ieremia — Moderate interest, many offers (Washington is his best right now).

Morian Walker — High interest, no stars, no offers. He’s considered a good prospect (UCLA and USC have some interest).


10.Jul.2014 No AB is not shutting down

In regard to this comment:

So here’s my conspiracy theory. Angry has decided to close the blog down, but can’t quite pull the trigger on that decision, so he has engaged Jack to drive everyone away and shut it down indirectly.

Not true at all. We just renewed for 4 years.

Seriously though, is there anything worth discussing? Like if you owned and ran this blog, would you want to talk about anything right now? I don’t believe in “publish or die”, but apparently some here do. Do people want posts for the sake of posts? If you want the normal day to day stuff read the Oregonian or maybe go read BeaverByte and take a poll on how many touchdowns Mannion will throw? That kind of crap is not for me.. This blog covers things that are non-mainstream, critical, “negative”, interesting, etc. There is nothing like that going on right now. Period.

When fall camp begins I’m sure things will get more interesting as position battles develop, Riley makes his boneheaded errors, and so forth. I can’t make up things that don’t exists, though, so get off my case MFs!

04.Jul.2014 Riley Breaks Down the Beavers Pre-Camp

Good info from Eggers here.

Every year we hear the same comments. “Pro offense needs more balance”, “hoping for development in the off-season”, “offensive line is a weak point”, etc. I mean this article could be from 2008, 2009, 2010, etc etc.

Agree with Riley that Ryan Nall can start now. It’s just a matter of which position. I had Nall ranked as the 2nd best player in the 2014 class. Now is there more need at LB or TE? I’d argue LB. Eggers writes:

Tight end remains a position of strength, with veterans Connor Hamlett, Caleb Smith and Kellen Clute, incoming freshman Ryan Nall and Cal transfer Jacob Wark.

Between Hamlett, Smith, and Clute TE is solid. The group of LBs is so so. Eggers feels it’s the strongest position, writing “Linebacker is OSU’s strongest position, with returning starters D.J. Alexander, Michael Doctor and Jabral Johnson and capable backups Rommel Mageo, Caleb Saulo and Darrel Songy.”

First off, Mageo, Saulo, and especially Songy have showed nothing. Not sure why they are even mentioned. They are all 1-star talents. Mageo maybe a 2+, but definitely not a guy I’d list as a strong point. Alexander is very good but always has nagging injuries, Doctor has weakness (finishing tackles/size), and Johnson looks the part but hasn’t put up numbers. Nall would be a great addition this year and looking forward. Also, why not consider playing Nall on both sides of the ball? OSU never seems to think outside the box and do something like that, but this guy has the frame and agility to play LB and TE, so why not do it?

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