21.Dec.2014 Beaverblitz Goes Full Fascism

Ironically and hilariously, a user just sent me an email stating Mamma Machado of Beaverblitz is clamping down on subscribers talking about the information their subscriptions purchase. It’s hard to think of another scenario where you buy a product yet can’t use it.


People should just wait an extra day or a few hours for the news to break on Twitter. This type of control freakdom just opens up more opportunities to actual free press, blogs, etc.

If any of my readers have a source inside the OSU AD email me. If we had a source like that plus free, objective press we’d be unstoppable. It’s the one piece lacking from AB. A few years ago I had some guys, but they went quiet.

Oregon State @ Quinnipiac

10am start for the Beavs. Audio only for this game.

Hopefully the long travel and early start don’t get to them.


19.Dec.2014 State of the AngryBeavs Address

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” — Max Planck

It’s fascinating that on Blitz, Pure Orange, etc, it is suddenly considered Kosher to rip on Mike Riley. Now that he’s gone, now that we don’t have to protect Corvallis’ prodigal son, now that he’s bailed twice, now that it seems we have a coach with more upside…only  now is it okay to admit Riley wasn’t the best we could do. Now the Pollyannas rip Riley. On blitz they are making fun of the Nebraska weather, making fun of Riley riding his bike in that weather, etc. We would never see this just months ago even when Riley was stinking up the joint, and we certainly wouldn’t see it had he stayed on as coach. There would be grumblings, but not outright mockery. The paradigm has changed.

What I’d like to know: why now? Why is it okay now that he’s gone? This alone is worth discussing for days. It’s fascinating. Nobody has once showed up here to say, “ABs, you guys were right.” yet they all act jubilant and arrogant to the point of mocking the old coach. Pent up aggression much?

Regarding angrybeavs, we had a Max Planck moment. Truth triumphed. We never convinced the opponents to see the light (at least not that we know of), they either died or saw it on their own. The new generation has high expectations. This is essentially the mechanism of a paradigm shift. Now the media needs to wake up to the facts.

So people are wondering, what will we discuss now that Riley is gone, all programs appear on course, etc.

Well, nothing is ever perfect, and if it is, we need to maintain it. In short, we’ll be discussing anything that is a non-truth, that is performing below standards, could be done better, etc. Yes, Riley provided great material for a blog like this, but if there’s less to nitpick then that’s good. It means we did our job, and we’ll now refine our art with a blade rather than take a wrecking ball to it like we did in the past. Now there’s always the chance Tinkle is a fraud and Andersen stinks up the joint, at which point we’ll get all over that, but right now things seem about as good as they can be at this juncture (I joked we’re all in therapy over it, but every joke is half true…I think we’re all rearranging our minds and expectations over the past few weeks). After all this settles we’ll know what needs to be discussed and harped on. Right now it’s the stale media narrative. So keep eyes peeled for articles like that. Email them to me. I will rip them and their ignorant authors to shreds.

17.Dec.2014 DePaul at Oregon State

Thursday, 7pm on pac-12 network.

I’m putting up the thread a day early because people seem stoked about this team’s effort. Let’s keep the football talk to the thread below. Feel free to discuss the lady Beavs. That was the first female basketball I’ve ever watched yesterday, and it was really awkward at first but then it grew on me. If they continue to do well, any chance they generate positive revenue? That would be a nice windfall.

DePaul is probably the best test yet so it’s a pretty exciting game. Go Beavs.

15.Dec.2014 Assistant Coaches

Let’s use this thread to track developments.

Just saw that OL coach T.J. Woods and defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a are coming to Corvallis. Early on I heard Aranda was coming, then that cooled off, now we’re hearing Wisconsin is trying to retain him.

Heard that due to bowl games, it might be a while before news is official.

This site has some good info.

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