26.Jul.2016 Poor Writing at the Oregonian

Hey Beavlettes,

I’m back home and trying to catch up on things. So I go to the Oregonian figuring I’d get my cup of generic tea, but instead I’m served a steaming pile of horseshit writing. Check this out:

The case for Irvine: He boasts the most ideal frame and best 1-on-1 coverage ability in this young group. But with that skill set, maybe he will legitimately challenge for a starting cornerback job. That’s where he’s listed on the new depth chart, after all, after holding the No. 1 nickelback spot after spring practice.

What the hell? Is that English?

Why is there a “But” and “maybe” in sentence 2? Why not just say “With that skill set, he will challenge for the starting cornerback job.”??

“That’s where he’s listed on the new depth chart, after all, after holding the No. 1 nickelback spot after spring practice.”

Ah, the old tried and true “after all after”. By why/how does “after all” make sense in that context?

I first noticed awful writing on Yahoo, which had to be 10 to 15 years ago. Now it’s everywhere, and it’s become the norm. I’m thinking it’s due to people being short/incoherent via text messages, but even so, if you’re a professional writer you’d hope you could form complete, coherent sentences, and if not, you’d hope your editor would put the kibosh on ^^ this ^^ before going to print.

To the point of the article, I think Irvine will definitely start. Maybe not game 1 depending how slow GA is to get the best players on the field, but soon into the season. Wallace and Wilson are good looking players. Williams doesn’t look the part, but he gets the job done. I’d think those 4 are the top talent (pretty thin) at CB. I’m bullish on Landry Payne.

20.Jul.2016 Site Problems – angry, come home!

It seems something is amiss with the site, there appears to be no way to post comments or to reply to previous comments. I swear, I’ve not been fooling around with the admin tools and have no idea what the problem may be. Hopefully angry returns soon to resolve the problem.
Meanwhile, the chat area seems OK, if you can tolerate the free dating spam,  you can leave feedback or suggestions there.

05.Jul.2016 Bad Taste and Bureaucratic Blunders – General Thread

This will be a place holder for at least a portion of Angry’s absence.
I’ve still got a bad taste from the Beavs being left out of the NCAA baseball tourney and, it seems, some still have issues with the PAC12 TV network.
Is Larry Scott doing as well as can be expected?
Should Stansbury and, even, Ray be more visibly active in advocating for our guys and for fans of OSU? In what ways?
There is room for general stuff here too, have at it.


12 total football verbal commits so far through June 28th. Don’t think we’ve ever seen this high of number this early, in recent history.

Since it’s slow, I’m thought I’d put film up for our 6 most recent commits, in case anybody cares to evaluate or comment on the quality of players we’re seeing join the class of 2017.
(ratings based on 247 profile)

Also, feel free to discuss anything else, including the hiring of new volleyball Head Coach, Mark Barnard.

Isaiah Miller
3* RB out of Jacksonville(area), FL
Offers from: Syracuse, USF, Troy, Southern Miss, Ohio
Notes: Another Jacksonville athlete joins OSU. Seems to be a hotbed for OSU recruiting.
Justin Gardner
3* DB out of Snellville, GA
Offers from: Fresno St, Miami(OH), Georgia St.
Notes: Offer list doesn’t blow anybody away, but nice to get a foothold in the state of GA, home to some of the best talent in the country.
Kaleb Hayes
3* DB/QB out of San Bernadino, CA
Offers from: none
Notes: Has also played QB and Free Safety.
Arex Flemmings
2*/3* WR out of Pasadena, CA
Offers from: Utah St, Idaho
Notes: Plays on the same team as another OSU WR target, Jamire Calvin who has said “it would be the best thing ever to be able to play with him(Flemmings) in college” Calvin is highly recruited, and this commitment might help land him.
Josh Bowcut
3* DL out of Sherwood, OR
Offers from: none
Notes: Local product. Have seen talk of him being one of the rising stars in the Pacific NW and one to watch next year.
Brock Wellsfry
3* OG out of Tri-Cities, WA
Offers from: Eastern Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming
Notes: Has been an OL MVP at 2 of the camps he’s attended so far this summer. Offer list may be misleading as teams are just recently discovering him.

16.Jun.2016 Conditioning, Injury rates, and the future

We’ve surpassed the 250 comment threshold (and not a single Miles Davis youtube!) on the previous thread. Continued discussion of current political/gun control news can move here, and any reports on the status of ODFW and controlled hunt results is more than welcome.

But, to get back to the Beavs, a recent piece by Gina again highlights the general area of training for SA’s. While Evan Simon’s story is inspiring, it also can provide a jumping off point for a discussion of the overall state of systems used to prepare Beavs for PAC12 competition.

Does history really show that our FB team suffers more injuries than the competition? In baseball, do our pitchers actually have a higher rate of careers interrupted by TJ surgery? Are there ways to get facts to answer these questions without settling for small samples or incidental observations? Can we expect improved results from the new FB staff; and will a “return to the mean” cause Too Late Nate’s guys to be more consistent? Thoughts?


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