06.Dec.2016 Recruiting Talk

Some names to watch over the next few months.

  • Brian Cole
  • Jordan Agasiva
  • Juliano Falaniko
  • Craig Evans
  • Jamire Calvin
  • Rahyme Johnson
  • Brandon Pili

Per my hunches, sources, etc, I think Evans is the only good bet of the bunch, but the Beavs are 33-50% with most of the other guys. Battling maybe a school or two. In-home visit tonight with Calvin per Twitter. Personally I want as many high quality (legit 3 stars and above) DT and OLs as we can get.

Saw mention of Isaiah Miller in the prior thread. I think we lost him to an SEC school since they’re all coming late to the party and much closer to home. The perils of recruiting Florida…

Anyway, list names you’re hearing, what positions you think the Beavs should be recruiting for their final 6 slots, etc.

03.Dec.2016 Gary Andersen Will Leave Corvallis (Once The Rebuild is Complete)

Not only his history:

  1. Rebuilding Utah State then leaving
  2. Going to Wisconsin and being bored with a program that reloads.

But watch his answer at the 2:50 minute mark of this video to see where I’m coming from.

The guy is clearly in love with the rebuilding process. Once this is done, he will look to rebuild something else. As Beaver fans, we should start to wonder who will be available year 4. GA will be done with the rebuild then. Year 5 the most. I get why people think he loves the Beavs, and he genuinely seems to like it in Corvallis, but I think he gets his rocks off rebuilding. Period.

02.Dec.2016 Scout.com Bankrupt

Just in time to sign Angie to a deal so lucrative she bailed on all her Rivals subscribers…

Scout.com: Scout has been “hit with an involuntary Chapter 11 petition in the US Bankruptcy Court”. Scout has 21 days to respond or would make the bankrutcy official. According to TheStreet.com three primary creditors are owed nearly $800,000. Scout Media President responded to TheStreet via email by saying, “We have no comment at this time other than to say Scout’s best-in-class network of publishers will continue to provide the premium content and dynamic communities that our millions of users know and love.”



General Thread

News is relatively quiet just now and angry is busy making Christmas soap.
Men’s and Women’s Basketball, along with FB recruiting are all fair game. Also the ever useful “OT” category.
Gals play tonight, needing to rebound from a loss; and, did ya hear Syd say she’d marry Nall after the CW?

77 days till baseball starts, 20 TV games this year (19 on PAC12).

29.Nov.2016 Oregon Fires Helfrich

Personally, as a Beaver fan, this is great news. The guy was the last link to the great Chip Kelly. The further Oregon gets from Chip, the better as far as I’m concerned. He was their Knute Rockne, Pop Warner, Urban Meyer, etc. A once in a lifetime coach. Now they’ve willingly severed the last link to that era. Great news as a Beaver fan.

For them, I think the next hire will be a step backward unless it’s Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, or Jim Harbaugh. Short of that, this is a very poor move that will set the program back. The Western Michigan guy is a fraud, the Florida guy is mediocre (no better than Helfrich at least), etc. I haven’t heard one name that scares me. I’ll wait to see who they hire, but it’s one one of the top 5 best coaches in the game, then this will be a step backward. They will lose recruits, they will have to implement a new scheme, they will have to have players buy into it. You’re looking at a year or two just for that, and at that point the head coach then has to deliver. Meanwhile, WSU, OSU, and others in the division are getting better.

Bad move pending the new hire.

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