21.Oct.2014 Oregon State @ Stanford

Unfortunately I’m going to this game and fully expect my first in-person Beav loss.

I don’t have much to say about it and my energy (and your energy) can be better spent elsewhere. The short of it is that OSU won’t score much at all on this defense. 13 points if they’re lucky. The Stanford blogger will be around shortly with some more insight.

27-10 Stanford

19.Oct.2014 Mike Riley is 13-41 vs Top 25 teams

Here is the link.

They list his record as 13-39, but that was before the USC and Utah games. 13-41 comes to a winning percentage of 24.

To be fair, there are some good coaches on that list with losing records. Bob Stoops stands out to me as having the most success versus good opponents. His record is impressive.

18.Oct.2014 Complex System for QBs and the Next Few Years

I have brought this up in the past, but why such a complex offense for Oregon State QBs? Oregon State’s job is not to breed backup NFL Qbs. Yet that is exactly what they’re doing. Riley would be better off recruiting a great college QB rather than a mediocre backup NFL QB, and he would also be better off “dumbing down” the system so these QBs can have success their first year. I realize OSU is putting QBs into the NFL and that is something that a select group of fans are proud of, but that doesn’t win games on Saturdays, and those players have ultimately held clipboards on Sundays. So who exactly benefits from this system, and if the answer is no one, then why continue doing it?

If we look at the recent numbers, first year QBs under Riley do not fair well.

2005 Matt Moore: 2711 yards, 11 TD, 19 INT (Beavs Record: 5-6)
2007 Canfield/Moevao: 2537 yards, 11 TD, 21 INT (Beavs Record: 9-4)
2010 Ryan Katz: 2401 yards, 18 TD, 11 INT (Beavs Record 5-7)
2011 Sean Mannion: 3328, 16 TD, 18 INT (Beavs Record 3-9)

Average: 2744 yards, 14 TD, 17 INT

It’s not clear who the successor will be, but we know this: he hasn’t played meaningful time in any games, and likely will not the rest of the way given the competition only gets better.

As average as Mannion has been, he’s still better than next year’s rookie QB. We will see a big drop off next year at that position. Now considering all the other seniors leaving, it’s hard to have optimism. The year after looks pretty bleak, too. How does Riley survive these? And further, does he even want to? He looks shot. I could see him realizing the cupboard is bare and retiring after this season. Last night was a prototypical “cool the hot seat game”, which Riley usually does well in, and that usually brings the Pollys out of hibernation, but he wasn’t able to win it this time. Not the Pollys are even chirping a little.

Riley problem is an issue of desire/competition and genuinely not knowing how to make things better. He is a man out of ideas. OSU should offer him a different position for the same salary, then find a new coach. This would allow Riley to save face, collect his check, and everyone else to move forward. A few years ago I might have said demote Riley to OC, but after the past few years I don’t think he could even do that. Maybe give him Locey’s job and move Locey back on the field. Something like that has to happen, because if OSU wins a game or 2 next year things are going to blowup. This is next year’s schedule. How many wins do you see?

16.Oct.2014 Utah Post Game Reaction

I have two tickets to the Stanford game.

Does anyone want to buy them off me?


From the last thread:

I didn’t think the O-line played badly other than the false starts (inexcusable at home). The sacks were mostly due to Utah being good pass rushers and the poor/obvious play calling or Mannion taking an eternity to make a decision. Utah did control the line but they didn’t dominate and get huge push, which means there were opportunities with some creativity. If I were coaching the Beavs I’d have developed and called an entirely different offensive game plan. If OSU were open to criticism and suggestions I’d email it to Bob D and Riley, but they likely have blocked me.

There were some obvious reasons the game fell on Mannion:

1. Missed wide open TD on the slot post.
2. Threw INT that lead to 3 points. Without that Beavs likely win. Those two plays are 10 points. Terrible for a senior QB.
3. Poor and slow decisions throughout, including taking bad sacks, missing wide open guys (Chris Brown in the flat), etc.

Riley blew clock management and play calling as he does every week.

D ran out of gas. Poor depth at LB.

Ward should be a 3rd down back and the Beavs use him as a featured back, so it’s hard to analyze run blocking fairly. Woods was rushing to a 5+ ypc. I just thought Mannion had equate time to pass or make a decision. Not great time but not terrible. Given the opponent that’s not poor o-line play imo.

15.Oct.2014 Utah @ Oregon State (game thread)

Early game thread, for those who want to discuss football. ;)

Go Beavs.

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