31.Jan.2015 General Thread

Anything goes thread…probably until LOI day.

Have at it.

30.Jan.2015 Recruiting Mission Players

Curious to hear others’ thoughts on this.

Personally, I think a small number (say 2 guys who are high end prospects) is fine during a normal recruiting cycle. But more than that, and the coach begins to really complicate the recruiting chart. According to my research, 20% of mission recruits never play. The other 80% return to football in various forms (from better health to the more common out of shape). Then some lose interest in the game while away.

I posted these links in the last thread:


Bronco realizes if they leave right away there is a much lower chance they ever play. Now wants them to delay mission. Smart.


That is probably a smart tactic to get them 1 year in the program.

I’m worried Gary Andersen is relying too much on Utah. I feel like he’s doing it this cycle because he came in late, so he’s learning on what he knows. Fine. But I hope this trend doesn’t continue. 3 Mission players max. We can’t turn OSU into BYU (Bronce is going mad managing players and scholarships, plus it curbs fan excitement waiting two years to see a guy’s potential; a guy who might never play at all). I’d say cap mission players at 3 max after this cycle.

This isn’t a jab at Mormons, btw. It’s the reality that OSU is running a football program first and foremost. Recruiting is hard enough, and missions just complicate it, and also curb fan enthusiasm.

29.Jan.2015 Oregon State @ Arizona

7pm Friday on Pac-12. This will be another loss, obviously. So 14-7 headed home. I only see a max of 5 wins left on the schedule, so to me it’s looking like NIT unless they win the Pac tourney.

I know some people want to talk football recruiting. You can do that here while we wait for the game. Agree with all of you saying the class is disappointing (i.e. thought Andersen would be able to pull off magic) , but there are some good players and next year it should be much better. It’s hard to accept this is the class, though, after so much energy a few weeks ago.

27.Jan.2015 Oregon State @ Arizona State

Wednesday, 5pm on Pac-12 network.

I don’t care for all this talk about the NCAA tournament or automatic NIT bid. Hopefully tinkle is doing a good job of blocking out all that noise.

ASU isn’t a great team, but road wins are always tough. With all the chatter about NCAA/NIT combined with a road game and @Arizona looming, Beavs are setup perfectly to be looking ahead and drop this game. I’m expecting a loss.

25.Jan.2015 Back to Recruiting…

Irvine liked Wake. Someone here said he’s going to de-commit from the Beavs. We’ll see. He’s also visiting Maryland, so consider him soft. Hopefully the Beavs can keep him. He’s a good looking CB.

Did Noah commit? His twitter implies he did.

Anyone with info on this past weekend? It’s been pretty quiet.

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