01.Sep.2015 Gary Andersen Could be OSU’s Knute Rocke, Urban Myer, etc

Here‘s a list of the all-time NCAA football coaches by win %, minimum of 10 years coaching.

Interestingly, Oregon State already has two coaches on the list in the top 200.

Now let’s be clear for all the trolls who have reading comprehension problems: I am not saying Gary Andersen is Knute Rocke, Urban Meyer, Tom Osborne, Bo Schembechler, Bear Bryant, etc. I’m saying he could be OSU’s closest thing ever to that type of coach. A legendary coach who transforms a program into elite status. In short, a guy who coaches to a .750+ winning percentage. He did this in his last year at Utah State (.846) when the transformation was complete, and also in his second year at Wisconsin (.769). If he had longevity at these schools, I think he’d be regarded as that type of coach.

At some point GA has to stay at one major program long enough to create a legacy. This is likely that job, and if so, I think he could be OSU’s closest thing to an all time great/legendary coach. It might take a year or two to get to that level, but once there, I think he can sustain a .750+ winning percentage for a decade and go down as one of the greats. Gary Andersen’s problem, with regard to reputation, has been sticking around with a program long enough to rack up that type of win% and hence be recognized as great.

No pressure or anything, GA.

Weber St @ Oregon State

Hey, first game thread. How does this feel?

The depth chart is scary at a few positions. David Henry is the 2 deep? Chappell as the nickle is questionable. I rewatched his film, and he has those stiff hips I never like to see, but he also makes good breaks on the ball and seems like an aggressive defender. A few other positions as well, but let’s watch a game before getting too far into personnel.

With regard to Weber State, I researched them a bit, and it looks like McBride had them on an upswing, and now they’re on the other end of that. Jay Hill seems like a pretty good coach, and GA spoke highly of him, so maybe he turns things around. I haven’t look into any JC transfers they signed and teams like Weber St can change drastically year to year based on transfers. I’m assuming they’re not 2-10 bad again this year.

All that being said, I do have a feeling the Beavs will be able to hand the ball off and run all over this team. Maybe not in the first quarter, but as the game goes on and the OL wears Weber St down. That will be the key to victory. Now I think GA might be tempted to throw the ball a lot just to get the QBs reps for Michigan. That’s the danger and delicate balance here: the must run enough to wear down Weber St, and throw enough to give the QBs confidence going into next week. If the QBs start out with jitters and a bunch of incompletions, GA can’t force the issue trying to get them on track. He needs to resort to the run and short, quick pass if the QBs go into meltdown.

Hopefully the QBs come out firing on all cylinders, though, and it’s a non issue. I expect McM to have some early jitters and then play well. I don’t know what to expect from Collins passing wise, but I expect a few 20 yard gains on the ground from him.

I have a very good feeling about this game. Everyone is jacked for this era to begin, it’s at home, it’s a lesser opponent. How can’t you love the Beavs in a landslide, even with the QB “uncertainty”?

46-13, Beavers

31.Aug.2015 Angrybeavs Succession Plan

We need to come up with an AB succession plan. Do you guys want the site to die with me, or do you foresee someone who can run it up to [or above] the current standard? If so, name names, and later on I’d put up a poll for vote.

I have a shortlist of people I think are capable. Whether they’d want to do it is another story. But either way, we should have a plan. The idea of a final thread going on for thousands of posts and people asking for a new thread is disturbing.

30.Aug.2015 General Discussion

The comment section of the last thread became broken, so let’s take it here.

Game week.

Go Beavs!

27.Aug.2015 Open Topic

Open discussion through the weekend.

Barring any big news, I will see you guys on Monday (game week!).

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