11.Feb.2016 Oregon State @ Stanford

Fox Sports 1 at 8pm.

Go Mams.

10.Feb.2016 Hoops Poll: Will the Beavers make the Post-Season?

With a huge game tomorrow, let’s see where we’re at.

Excluding the Pac-12 Tournament, based just on the remaining 7 games:

Will the Beavers make the Post-Season?

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09.Feb.2016 First Step in Becoming the “Oregon State Mammoths”

Was finding the mammoth bone.

Step 2?

Sell a lot of shirts with mammoths on them! I freaking love it. It’s catching on, and hopefully soon we will be the mammoths. It’s a unique, awesome, and funny team mascot all in one. The Beavs lucked into this one, and it’s nice to see them taking advantage. Hopefully the old guard gets over their hatred for change. Beavers = pretty cool. Mammoths = freaking awesome.


06.Feb.2016 Colorado @ Oregon State

5:30 on Pac-12

Go Mammoths!

05.Feb.2016 Recruiting Sources Block BeavRecruiting Handle Tonight

It was a good run (we can still have the twitter account; just probably won’t get any inside info).

I wonder if this was the whiners over at Blitz getting their way, or if GA got in their ear fearing violations…

Either way, it’s a loss for society.

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