23.Jan.2017 Is Wayne Tinkle Getting a Free Pass?

We’ve heard:

  1. Injuries
  2. Youth
  3. GP2 graduated
  4. Etc

Criticism of Tinkle has been nil. Is it because he broke the NCAA streak? Is it because people expected a down year? Personally, this isn’t too surprising. I think all the above are valid reasons for a down year. But the one thing that really disturbs me is how badly he missed on some recruits. Stacy is not a D1 player. Kone and Big G are busts. Now Dew is off the team. The recruiting misses are what really has me concerned. I think the guy can coach, but outside of recruiting coaches’ sons he’s struck out over and over.

Anyone Worried About this Class?

It peeked just a few weeks ago with the Calvin commit, hitting in the high 20s on some sites. We were ahead of Oregon and Nebraska at one point. I was raving it would be our bets class ever. Since then, we lost Calvin (and TJ Green, our other 4-star, visited Utah, and things have been mum on him since the visit). Also, the guys we have signed in that time have been B-list guys (guys we never heard much about until now, 2 stars, preferred walk-ons). It seems like typical OSU where the class fades at the end. We’ll see in a week, but I’d much rather hear about us poaching guys right now instead of clinging to hang on to some of our best recruits.

If we end up ranked in the 40s like we are now, it’s  no better than Riley. He was usually 40-50, even in down years. On the plus side, an Andersen 2 or 3 star looks much better than a Riley 2 or 3 star. But still, I’d like to see a bump. I don’t care about the 4 win thing because every recruit saw the Civil War and knows GA is a master builder. So it’s not that.

What I need to see to feel excited:

  1. Hang on to the guys we have.
  2. Hear stories of poaching rather than being poached.
  3. Land 2 more big time (high 3 star or 4 star) guys.

Right now it’s a fine class, but one that’s been diminished since earlier when it was looking like the best class ever.

21.Jan.2017 General Thread

Nothing fixes butt hurt like a safe space, so here ya go, fellas.


20.Jan.2017 Student Loan Bubble Revisited

Now that we have Trump cutting HUD mortgage rates (i.e. houses are now more expensive for the poor), it’s a good time to revisit the college/student debt bubble. I wrote about this in detail in 2012, and the bubble has only gotten larger since, but has not to this point “popped”:


So my question is to you: what does a Trump presidency mean for education. And the answer to that will determine what it means for our athletics moving forward. OSU has been able to bring in a great deal of revenue via Ecampus (I believe we’re top 10 in the world in that regard), and much of that is on the backs of government subsidized student loans. If Trump makes the loans more difficult to attain, gets rid of grants, raises rates on them, etc, what does this mean for OSU?

Universities across the Nation should be wondering these things. Their livelihood is very closely related to a constant stream of new students via low rates, government subsidy/grant, and the idea that a standard college education in the modern era has value (in an era of YouTube, Khan academy, etc).

Go Beavs.

10 Days Until Signing Day

Well people call me an angry beaver, but that speech this morning took the cake. Eesh.

On a positive note, only 10 days until signing day, if we live long enough to see it. Need these coaches to finish strong and hang on to their hard work. That’s priority 1. Priority 2 is landing a few of the 50/50 guys. Priority three is getting an unsuspected flip or two. I want linemen, safeties, running backs, and corners.

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