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02.Aug.2016 Beavs 65th Best Football Program Ever

I’m sure that sounds impressive, until you realize it’s not. Full list here. They are dead last in the Pac, including the addition of Utah. Something has to change and fast.

18.Feb.2015 History of Football

On a slow day, I thought it a good time to share this piece on the history of football. It’s all interesting, but some finer points for me were the fact a Yale referee homered them into a big win in the 1800s (so we Beav fans are in good company, 100+ years of this), […]

20.Feb.2012 Pac History

Enjoyed this comment by Jack so much I found it worthy of its own post. The Oregon schools and Idaho (and Montana?) left the league in 1959 because of the pay for play scandal. Only Stanford re-formed the league with those schools right off the bat because they had nobody else to form with when […]

14.Jun.2010 Historical Analysis: Where Would Oregon State Rank Sans "The Streak"?

Ah, the off-season. When I can indulge myself in mundane data and historical hypotheticals. Love it. That Oregon State is just 33 games under .500 (497-530) in their history despite the infamous 28 year losing streak begs the question, to me at least: what if they were just…average…for those 28 years? Where would the Beavers […]

12.Jun.2010 Historical Analysis: PAC-10 v BIG XII

Do not applaud me. It is not I who speaks to you, but history which speaks through my mouth. –Fustel de Coulanges On that note, enjoy this collection of history. The PAC-10, through 2010, versus the six poached BIG-12 schools: Team Win Loss Arizona 9 44 Arizona St. 6 2 Oregon 12 18 Oregon St. […]

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