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18.Feb.2015 History of Football

On a slow day, I thought it a good time to share this piece on the history of football. It’s all interesting, but some finer points for me were the fact a Yale referee homered them into a big win in the 1800s (so we Beav fans are in good company, 100+ years of this), […]

20.Feb.2012 Pac History

Enjoyed this comment by Jack so much I found it worthy of its own post. The Oregon schools and Idaho (and Montana?) left the league in 1959 because of the pay for play scandal. Only Stanford re-formed the league with those schools right off the bat because they had nobody else to form with when […]

14.Jun.2010 Historical Analysis: Where Would Oregon State Rank Sans "The Streak"?

Ah, the off-season. When I can indulge myself in mundane data and historical hypotheticals. Love it. That Oregon State is just 33 games under .500 (497-530) in their history despite the infamous 28 year losing streak begs the question, to me at least: what if they were just…average…for those 28 years? Where would the Beavers […]

12.Jun.2010 Historical Analysis: PAC-10 v BIG XII

Do not applaud me. It is not I who speaks to you, but history which speaks through my mouth. –Fustel de Coulanges On that note, enjoy this collection of history. The PAC-10, through 2010, versus the six poached BIG-12 schools: Team Win Loss Arizona 9 44 Arizona St. 6 2 Oregon 12 18 Oregon St. […]

12.Apr.2010 Historical Analysis: Oregon State–A Football, Basketball, or Baseball School?

If you hang around sports fans enough, you'll eventually hear sentences such as so-and- so "is a great football school" or so-and so "has great basketball tradition" when describing a particular university. Rarely do you hear the phrase "baseball school" uttered, but I suppose it happens if you're at a Rice alumni dinner. See what […]

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