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20.Jan.2017 Student Loan Bubble Revisited

Now that we have Trump cutting HUD mortgage rates (i.e. houses are now more expensive for the poor), it’s a good time to revisit the college/student debt bubble. I wrote about this in detail in 2012, and the bubble has only gotten larger since, but has not to this point “popped”: So my question […]

31.Dec.2016 General Thread

The last thread provided a heapin’ helpin’ of schadenfreude (and presidential politics), probably worth a new thread while waiting for angry’s return and all that recruiting action promised by nicebeaver in a couple weeks. Feel free to go OT. Some areas worth considering: -WBB plays UW Sunday, should be a good test -MBB showed heart […]

08.May.2016 Oregon State University Will Force Incoming Students to Take ‘Social Justice Training’

As this article points out. My questions are these: How does any decent human support “force” of any kind? Aren’t they implying students are too stupid to figure out how to treat people on their own? How do we as fans of the sports team continue to support a University that uses force and brainwashing, […]

15.Oct.2014 Is an OSU Diploma a Dunce Cap?

I have written extensively about the college/education bubble. Tuition has risen more than quality of education (which if anything, has decreased), etc. When a potential employer looks at your resume and sees Oregon State (or Oregon, Washington State, etc), is this nothing more than a quick selection tool? If so, not going to college might […]

29.Feb.2012 Student Loan Bubble & Its Relation to College Football

With the record setting TV contracts being negotiated, one would think college football is a healthy sport. That there's no threat to seemingly solvent universities. But the casual observer does not understand a key mechanism driving the sport's growth: student loans. Take a look at this graph:                 […]

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