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12.Dec.2011 General Discussion

Discuss the Banker situation, recruiting, Fred Thompson, the upcoming hoops game, etc etc. Anything goes. I'll have a thread up on Tuesday for hoops.

30.Jun.2011 The Problem of Conduct

Subtitled: What would Socrates say about Mike Riley and Chip Kelly? The problem in determining proper conduct is that, on the surface, "proper" appears to be a matter of personal taste and preference rather than universal truth. Three popular solutions, at least in Western societies, are as follows: 1. We should act in a way […]

19.Apr.2011 The Cost of a Missed Prospect Evaluation

At Oregon State University, the annual cost for an out-of-state student is now $35,169. For interested persons, the following is a categorical breakdown, directly from the OSU admissions department, of 2011-2012 tuition and fees: 2011-2012 Additional Expenses (Estimates Only) Undergraduate Tuition and Fees Resident                                  $7,518 Non-Resident                         $21,294 Books and Supplies $1,854 Room and Board $9,444 […]

16.Aug.2010 Oregon State “Tier 1” in U.S. News Rankings

#139 and tier 1. Finally. This should help recruiting.

24.Mar.2010 Schopenhauer v. The Kool-Aid

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident. That’s a five-star quote if I’ve ever read one. There’s a revolt brewing, angry beavlings. A Civil War; a fractured fan base. Fight the good fight. File this one under “academics.”

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