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12.Jun.2010 Historical Analysis: PAC-10 v BIG XII

Do not applaud me. It is not I who speaks to you, but history which speaks through my mouth. –Fustel de Coulanges On that note, enjoy this collection of history. The PAC-10, through 2010, versus the six poached BIG-12 schools: Team Win Loss Arizona 9 44 Arizona St. 6 2 Oregon 12 18 Oregon St. […]

12.Apr.2010 Historical Analysis: Oregon State–A Football, Basketball, or Baseball School?

If you hang around sports fans enough, you'll eventually hear sentences such as so-and- so "is a great football school" or so-and so "has great basketball tradition" when describing a particular university. Rarely do you hear the phrase "baseball school" uttered, but I suppose it happens if you're at a Rice alumni dinner. See what […]

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