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20.Nov.2017 General Thread

Have at it, folks. Topics on my mind: -Weighing the risk of a Smith/Baldwin who are high risk with unknown reward vs a boring retread. -Our recruiting sucks (for good reason). We’re landing guys nobody else wants. Why is Hall even out there recruiting? It’s just going to make us look bad if and when […]

18.Nov.2017 Arizona State @ Oregon State

Go Beavs. I’m going 28-21 good guys. Edit: after seeing one play and the lack of effort, I’d like to change this to 45-7, bad guys.

11.Nov.2017 Oregon State @ Arizona

Go Beavs.

06.Nov.2017 Oregon State @ Arizona

The Beavs -21 seems a little extreme. I’m taking the under. 🙂 Arizona, 41-21 Their QB is going to have a field day. If you like this post, consider buying the AngryBeavs a cup of coffee: Bitcoin Address: 1HbAgxNqp1vJU8Di8HuRNYebANB3hwQNuF Ethereum Address: 0xADBA9F95181720DEFD0bEf897bA8f2B735993Cb7

04.Nov.2017 Oregon State @ Cal (Game Thread)

Go Beavs.

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