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16.Apr.2014 Luke Del Rio Confirms what We have Suspected All Along

On the differences between the quality of play at Alabama versus Oregon State: “It’s actually not as big of a difference as people think. You have speed down there, you have speed up here. We have receivers that could compete for starting jobs down there. We have O-linemen that could compete for starting jobs down […]

14.Apr.2014 Riley Personally Calling Fans, Asking them to Renew Season Tickets?

According to various emails I’ve received from fans, Riley personally called them asking to renew season tickets. Then later I heard it was just a voice recording. Can people really not tell the difference between Riley and a recording? Hint: when you ask about Langsdorf’s kidney, he talks about the big showdown with Portland State. […]

10.Apr.2014 Paying Players

Riley on paying players: Riley I do have some thoughts. Really, I’m just interested in what that will all mean someday. I know we’re in for some big changes through the years. I just don’t know what that all means right now. You can sense the apprehension in his words. He knows this would be […]

03.Apr.2014 Spring Practice Report

Thanks to member “Bone”: Another day with no pads and just helmets, so again there was no interaction between the offense and the defense.  So for me at least, it is difficult to make a judgment on  which players are standing out and who is not performing well, because pretty much everyone looks like a […]

01.Apr.2014 Spring Practice Day 1

Hearing it was a “laid back” practice without much to report. Here‘s some info on Garrett fitting in. More on him and Mannion. I’ll reserve judgment on Garrett until we see the offense. Sounds like Riley will continue to call the plays. While in the past I thought Riley was an asset as a play-caller, […]

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