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01.Jun.2016 General Thread/recruiting thread

Some nice pickups the past few days. Rivals has Morris and Taylor as 5.7, which is the highest a recruit can go before getting a 4-star. Taylor very likely will be a 4-star. Now the harder part of keeping these guys. Back to the social justice warrior talk in the other thread, this video is […]

10.May.2016 Assessing Gary Andersen

I’d like to hear thoughts based on this assessment of a coach, which I thought was pretty fair. My grades, based off what I have seen so far. Vision: B Leadership: B- (Issues with moving coaches, assigning co-coordinators, losing coaches, moving players, etc). Technical Ability: C+ (he knows little about offense, for example, and doesn’t […]

25.Apr.2016 Valley Football Center Discussion

The discussion in the prior thread was interesting. Let’s take it here and continue. Maybe list all your suggestions and vent your concerns, and I’ll email the thread to Stansbury. This is the image that has people concerned. Observations are mainly that it looks like a strip mall, the roof is unaesthetic, etc. Last year […]

11.Apr.2016 Football Seems like a Mess

No buzz about this camp, issues at QB again, etc. This report doesn’t help the mood. Sounds somber. Also, this assessment by GA doesn’t make sense. The WRs are mostly all veterans who have shown they’re able to beat man coverage and make some plays (yeah, Bolden drops passes), but to act like they can’t […]

04.Apr.2016 Spring Football Thread

To be honest, I haven’t followed much spring ball. Been busy with personal stuff, and what time I can dedicate to sports was spent watching the women and some baseball. So, for one, I ask you guys to fill me in so I can catch up without having to read all the articles, and secondly, […]

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