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25.Aug.2015 Weber State and the OSU Offense

Less than 10 days away, so it’s time to start discussing these guys. The only good mainstream preview I found was this. That makes it sound like they could be a decent team, but then I checked out the forums, and fans don’t sound optimistic. Any idea how good or bad Weber State is? I […]

My Girlfriend’s Reaction to Seth Collins (Follow up to my “Headcase” post)

My lady doesn’t watch the Beavs too much or follow any of this stuff [she doesn’t even read my blog], so I decided to randomly run Seth Collins by her and get some feedback. I played her the StS media day interview and his other interview on YouTube. Her impression: “He seems like the type […]

Ryan Nall Situation

Does anyone else take issue with the way Nall is being handled? Not so much constantly shuffling positions, but playing at a weight that he says hurts his knees and makes him slow to get through the hole as a RB. I am high on Nall, but I’m concerned that he’s not in the best […]

24.Aug.2015 Two QB System: Wildcat/Zone Read Hybrid?

I came up with this idea while thinking that StS would make a better WR than QB, and how to get McMaryion and him on the field using all of their skills. Turns out it’s an actual offense. Check out this link. But how great would it be to have MM and StS both in […]

23.Aug.2015 Seth Collins, Head Case?

I’m starting to get tired of this guy’s attitude, and he hasn’t even played a game yet. If you want to cop an attitude that you’re great, then you need to back it up. This guy can’t beat out MM, yet he’s talking like he’s Johnny U. You still gotta compete,” Collins said after being […]

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