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Just opening a fresh thread to continue the conversation since the prior thread is getting bloated. (Angry, feel free to delete this one if you have another topic ready to go)

17.Sep.2017 Bye Week Thread

So, what are you guys looking for coming out of the bye? For me it’s basically whether Garrettson can salvage this season. By salvage, at this point I mean simply match last year’s win total. It’s possible (ASU, AZ, OR, Cal are beatable…even Stanford looks worse than usual). Sadly, the only way Luton was coming […]

16.Sep.2017 State of the Union Address

So, let’s hear it. My feeling is the D showed improvement today. I know people want to hate on the D, but 3 sacks, and in position to make game changing plays (3 INTs all dropped) is an improvement. I can’t reiterate enough that if the offense and ST are doing their jobs, the D […]

Oregon State @ Washington State (Game Thread)

Go Beavs?

13.Sep.2017 Washington State Predictions

Let’s hear whatcha got. I’m going 35-21 Cougs. Only hope is the team regroups, focuses, comes out angry for Conference play, and that Seth gives them a boost, but that all seems like a long shot. That’s why they play the game, though. Washington State might be looking past us. The quotes coming out this […]

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