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02.Dec.2016 Bankrupt

Just in time to sign Angie to a deal so lucrative she bailed on all her Rivals subscribers… Scout has been “hit with an involuntary Chapter 11 petition in the US Bankruptcy Court”. Scout has 21 days to respond or would make the bankrutcy official. According to three primary creditors are owed nearly […]

29.Nov.2016 Oregon Fires Helfrich

Personally, as a Beaver fan, this is great news. The guy was the last link to the great Chip Kelly. The further Oregon gets from Chip, the better as far as I’m concerned. He was their Knute Rockne, Pop Warner, Urban Meyer, etc. A once in a lifetime coach. Now they’ve willingly severed the last […]

27.Nov.2016 Moving Forward, and the Oregon/Oregon State Trend

Oregon State and Oregon are two programs trending in different directions. Oregon is looking to panic fire their coach after a Civil War meltdown, while Oregon State is trending in the opposite direction, breaking the Civil War incompetence with a depleted roster, in front of National Recruits, hoping to build upon their already impressive Top […]

26.Nov.2016 Civil War (Game Thread)

This is a huge game for recruiting. You can see the visitor list on the Twitter feed. Not only that, but this senior class has played for nothing all year, other than laying the foundation for future success; it would be nice for them to actually accomplish something and end the Ducks’ streak of 8 […]

20.Nov.2016 Arizona Recap/Early Civil War Discussion

When you look back on the season, it’s really not that surprising they beat Arizona this badly. The Beavs had been playing hard every week, almost every play, and improving in subtle ways. It seems no matter who gets injured the next guy up gives similar effort. I thought they’d win out UCLA, AZ, and […]

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