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30.Mar.2015 Spring Football Thread

A reader requested a thread for spring football. Well, here you go. I wasn’t even aware practices restarted today (is there a schedule somewhere?). I like watching the recaps, so if you guys find video post those in the comments. Use this as a general thread, too.

07.Mar.2015 Gary Andersen, Not Happy

Says they look like a team day 1 not day 3. Rips on the guys for not being mentally strong, pre-snap awareness, etc. Rips Mamma Machado and her softball question “who won the day today” with “were you at practice?”. Great stuff. It’s going to be hard to shake the Riley out of these players. […]

05.Mar.2015 Interesting Wilner Article / Spring Camp Day 2

I’m not in the business of being an aggregator or re-posting content (leave that up to the BeaverBytes of the world), but I ran across this on twitter and found it interesting. For those of us so excited OSU ran into a 22mil windfall (and I do think they and WSU benefited most in the […]

02.Mar.2015 Spring Camp

Begins Tuesday. Andersen quote: “this is where we want to build an identity.” Oh no. Anyway, it should be interesting to hear the reports. I don’t have a great feel for the QB battle, but my guess would be Marcus McMaryion. I expect Hunter Jarmon to finally get the shot Riley wouldn’t give him and […]

18.Feb.2015 History of Football

On a slow day, I thought it a good time to share this piece on the history of football. It’s all interesting, but some finer points for me were the fact a Yale referee homered them into a big win in the 1800s (so we Beav fans are in good company, 100+ years of this), […]

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