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10.Oct.2015 Oregon State @ Arizona (Game Thread)

Go Beavs.

08.Oct.2015 Baldwin Implies Offense Clicking

I wrote during week 3 or so that the offense was making subtle baby steps…something about “ah ha moments” where things click, and how I could see it happening each game. Baldwin, in this interview, implies that transition is mostly complete, and the Beavs are ready to be “explosive”. Come Saturday, I might jump on […]

06.Oct.2015 Seth Collins — Recruiting Weapon?

While I’m not a fan of Collin’s passing skills, I do think he could be a benefit on the recruiting trail. For one, players see the hurdle and all that glitz. Sure, many of us see it’s dumb, but so are Oregon’s uniforms. The bottom line is players like that kind of thing. Also, he […]

Oregon State @ Arizona

Alright, doods, back on track here. So as I was saying below, I think the Beavs have weather and start time as the intangible working against them. In order to make up for that handicap, they need to bring their own intangibles, and I actually think they do. Playing a difficult early schedule could help […]

25.Sep.2015 Stanford Post Game Thoughts

First off, apologies for Kafka-ing into Mike Parker. Those refs got to me. Period. Beavs got out-physicaled..again. Two times now, so it’s a pattern, but they did look slightly better tonight than versus Michigan. Speaking of patterns, I said the QB situation would take at least six weeks (maybe all season) to shake out. The […]

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