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03.Feb.2016 National Signing Day

Go Beavs!

25.Jan.2016 Where are all the Seth Collins Backers?

It’s lame they all went into hiding. At least stand up and admit you were way way wrong. All the “he played great for a freshman QB” talk, making up excuses for his egotistical behavior and interviews, and essentially calling me a liar when I heard from a good source he slammed his protein shake […]

23.Jan.2016 Seth Collins Transfers

I’m a little late to get this up, but per O-live he’s gone. This just wasn’t a good match, so I’m glad he’s gone. Will he succeed somewhere else? Probably not as a QB, but with a year off now to simply work on throwing and his grades, maybe he makes strides. But I don’t […]

11.Jan.2016 A lot Hinges on Darell Garretson

I was talking to Blazer and Beaverkman about this on Twitter. OSU is in a weird position of having a great HC who we all like and want, yet next season or two rides on Garretson being good. Awkward position. It’s nice to get Moran into the system as an emergency option. He’ll probably be […]

31.Dec.2015 Andersen Hires DC and Secondary Coach

From footballscope. Oregon State: Per sources, Gary Andersen is planning to hire Utah State defensive coordinator Kevin Clune as defensive coordinator and Weber State secondary coach Cory Hall barring any unexpected issues. Had a feeling it would be Clune. One thing I didn’t like about Clune on the youtube video I watched, is that he […]

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