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03.Jun.2015 Mason Moran

Just some quick thoughts on the new QB. I watched his entire hudl film here, and what stands out is his poise. You can tell he’s very comfortable running that offense, and the game moves slowly for him. That’s great. But what I don’t see are any passes longer than 15-20 yards. He’s accurate within […]

01.Jun.2015 On Critical Thinking, Moving Toward Football Season, (General Thread)

I came across this quote today by physicist Richard Feynman The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool. It applies to sports fans. It applies to myself. We all want to be better critical thinkers. That requires removing as much bias as possible to […]

20.Apr.2015 Gary Andersen, Charismatic Leader?

This isn’t going to be a popular topic, but I’ve been reading and attending lectures on how the brain works, and it got me to seeing patterns in how some of it relates to Gary Andersen. So we all know the reported red flags: 1. He couldn’t get along with the AD. 2. He moves […]

18.Apr.2015 Anti-Riley Quotes

I’d consider all of these quotes anti-Riley in some way, or at the least pro-Andersen (over Riley). A while back we were all working on compiling a list. Here you go. The players have been diplomatic and gone about it nicely. Below is a compilation of some quotes. There were more, but they were behind […]

15.Apr.2015 Mike Riley Seems Completely Lost at Nebraska

He sounds like a forlorn immigrant who misses his homeland. “We had such a routine and a simple life in Corvallis. You miss that,” he said. “You’re hoping and learning more about how you will find that in Lincoln.” “It’s not going to go away immediately, my thoughts about Oregon State, my thoughts about all […]

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