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22.Sep.2014 USC Week

People want a new thread, but I don’t have time right now so I will keep it short. The Beavs played their most complete game of the year on Saturday, and based on what I have seen of USC (2 quarters), the Beavs should have at least be competitive on Saturday. If the Beavs were […]

20.Sep.2014 San Diego State @ Oregon State

Game time is 7:30pm PST on Fox Sports 1. Go Beavs.

15.Sep.2014 San Diego State @ Oregon State

I just finished watching these highlights of UNC/SDSU. The Aztecs are better than I thought. Some observations: SDSU’s offensive line looked pretty good, especially running the ball. Keahler is not a particularly mobile QB. He looks shifty in the sense he can buy time and avoid sacks, but he isn’t a true running threat. Beavs […]

12.Sep.2014 Beaver Coaches’ Salaries

Posted here in Oregon Live. My issues with it are Banker and Garrett making 505k and 320k, respectively. Why is Banker worth half a million? Can anyone explain how/why other than the fact he’s been there a while and is a Riley insider? And Garrett shows up in year 1 and makes more than every […]

09.Sep.2014 Leach vs Riley Debate

I see people want to rehash the Leach vs Riley debate. Go for it. I’ll say that I don’t think it’s valid to compare yet for two reasons: 1. People are comparing apples to oranges. A guy in year 3 vs a guy in year 14. Leach still has Paul Wulff recruits on the roster. […]

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