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25.Aug.2016 Rodent Bowl Pregame

Just one week away, it’s apt time to have the much anticipated Rodent Bowl pre-game thread. Really this is an excuse to hear BeavGopher’s thoughts on the game. I know almost zero about Minnesota other than a few articles I read, saying they had a top 25 D last year but lost a handful of […]

22.Aug.2016 Defense Will Stink

Per Gina, these are the starters: Barring health setbacks, it’s pretty safe to pencil in linemen Baker Pritchard, Sumner Houston and Kalani Vakameilalo, linebackers Bright Ugwoegbu, Caleb Saulo, Manase Hungalu and Titus Failauga and defensive backs Treson Decoud, Brandon Arnold, Devin Chappell and Dwayne Williams as the starters (with Irvine as the extra DB in […]

18.Aug.2016 Beav’s Run Game

I’m optimistic about the odds of having a good ground game this year. This is how I see it shaking out: 1a – Nall 1b – Pierce 2 a – Cook 2 b – Lucas (primarily at WR, but he’ll be back there some to give the pure speed threat). So that’s a nice mix. […]

14.Aug.2016 Can’t Teach Accuracy

I’ve written about this extensively last year with regard to Seth Collins and gotten flack for it, and explanations that he’d grow into the position and become more accurate, which obviously I disagreed with. People also claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about since I wasn’t a coach, so here you go straight […]

11.Aug.2016 Aidan Willard

There was a comment in a recent thread that a QB like Aidan Willard isn’t going to get other recruits excited about signing. So I looked at his stats and found he has a 44% completion. Why do the Beavs keep signing (Collins) or showing interest (The kid from Oregon last year) in QBs with […]

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