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28.Sep.2014 Sean Mannion is not a Great QB

This isn’t based on Saturday. It’s based off his entire career. He’s Derek Anderson. But for those who like numbers, he doesn’t have any signature wins in 4 years (unless you give him 10-7 over Wisconsin in 2012) and wilts in the spotlight (4INTs vs Washington in 2012 when the Beavs were looking to go […]

Memorable AB Comments from USC

Some great comments tonight that sum things up. 1. Riley needs to go Last Samurai and fire himself in shame. 2. This was a fucking disgrace about which nothing will be done. 3. So obviously this game will be defined by the hail mary that shouldn’t have been. I’ve been following this thread and lurking […]

27.Sep.2014 Oregon State @ USC (Game Thread)

Go Beavs

Why is College Game Day in South Carolina?

Inquiring minds want to know. As you can see here, the show has been in SEC country 64 times. By comparison: Big 12: 22 Pac-12: 30 ACC: 32 Big 10: 50 Cheers to your terrible product, Disney. Let the propaganda machine roll on.

23.Sep.2014 Basking in Reflective Glory

As many of you know, I have been trying to figure out why I feel so disgusting when watching sports as opposed to playing them. While researching this I came across this article entitled “Basking in Reflective Glory” (Duck fans) written in 1976 and another called “The Psychology of Sports Fans” which describes how they […]

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