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10.Jan.2018 Thoughts on Final Two Hires

What do you guys think? I woke to rumors we might land Simonton, Jackson, or Bernard as a RB coach. Those wouldn’t be great hires because they’d be more alums/incest, so on that front it’s good we expanded the gene pool. But instead we got Pitre, who doesn’t even have a page chronicling his career […]

20.Dec.2017 Duck à l’ Schadenfreude

Sounds like a tasty meal, no? In general, this blog isn’t to bash the Ducks, but I had a hearty laugh when I saw their two top recruits de-commit today. This after they overpaid millions for a 27-48 head coach who got boat raced by BSU, chained themselves to him for 5 years, and then […]

Early Signing Period

Go Beavs!

18.Dec.2017 Staff Lacking “Diversity”

I’m seeing that sentiment pop up over and over. Just say what you mean: you want to see young, dynamic, black coaches on the staff. I do, too. Hall should be retained to coach DBs, if Smith hasn’t pissed him off and burned that bridge already. As a recruiter, he’s Heyward, lite edition. Smith seems […]

16.Dec.2017 General Thread…beyond Petras?

Everyone seems to have had their say on the Petras flip; we agree (or not) that it is Riley’s fault and that opposing coaches would never (or always) bring Riley’s record into question.  LOL Some suggested topics: 1)  DC (and staff):Vegas Bowl on ABC at 12:30, will the Heyward for DC discussion be finalized by […]

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