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28.Oct.2014 Cal @ Oregon State

I’m bearish on the Beavs, but Cal’s defense is just bad enough to make Mannion look good. The Beavs will be angry after last weekend and all the negative talk this week. Angry teams play well. Cal is probably feeling deflated after the Oregon game. Mopey teams don’t play well. I just think the psychology […]

25.Oct.2014 Stanford Post-Game Thoughts

It was fun reading the comments and seeing people raging at Riley and BDC. The thing is, didn’t those people see this coming? Stanford has been suffocating everyone, and OSU has only been able to score versus bad opponents. So obviously Stanford was going to win this game barring them handing it away or some […]

23.Oct.2014 GoMightyCard Blogger Q&A

Taken from your questions, which were: How is the Oregon State football program perceived by the Stanford program and/or the Stanford fan base? How many Stanford fans will show? Who should OSU hire to coach it’s football team? Do the Stanford fans and team see this as a “get right” game? Individual or unit matchups […]

21.Oct.2014 Oregon State @ Stanford

Unfortunately I’m going to this game and fully expect my first in-person Beav loss. I don’t have much to say about it and my energy (and your energy) can be better spent elsewhere. The short of it is that OSU won’t score much at all on this defense. 13 points if they’re lucky. The Stanford […]

19.Oct.2014 Mike Riley is 13-41 vs Top 25 teams

Here is the link. They list his record as 13-39, but that was before the USC and Utah games. 13-41 comes to a winning percentage of 24. To be fair, there are some good coaches on that list with losing records. Bob Stoops stands out to me as having the most success versus good opponents. […]

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