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25.Nov.2015 Civil War Pregame

Let’s hear your predictions? I’m genuinely concerned the Ducks might set the all-time yardage mark. Though, they might want to rest all their players at halftime, which will save OSU from another [negative] record. I’m going with 70-14 Oregon, and they put up 850 yards. Knee jerk pessimism/overreaction to past weeks? Maybe. But you explain […]

22.Nov.2015 For Those Questioning Gary Anderson after 1 Year

I hope that’s just frustration and knee jerk reaction, or it is going to be a long 3 years. Let’s summarize this real quick, then look at the “why”: the Beavers will not be good (8+ wins) until 2017. The “why” should be obvious, but Riley recruited players for a pro offense and a 4-3 […]

21.Nov.2015 Washington @ Oregon State

I’m going with a 66-0 final! Go Beavs.

14.Nov.2015 Oregon State @ Cal

7:30 kick off on Pac network. Beavs have historically played well at Cal, but it’s hard to see how this D is going to stop Cal’s QB. I can’t find any intriguing reason to watch this game. I’ll check it out to see if there’s any growth but not expecting much. 38-10, Cal. Go Beavs.

10.Nov.2015 Cal Discussion

Anyone feel like discussing the Cal game? Interesting to hear Sitake talk about the lack of toughness on defense. No wonder GA says they’ll sign a class of 25; have to think a lot of these guys will not have scholarships renewed. Seeing a lot of defensive players being recruited, too. Also interesting to hear […]

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