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16.Dec.2017 General Thread…beyond Petras?

Everyone seems to have had their say on the Petras flip; we agree (or not) that it is Riley’s fault and that opposing coaches would never (or always) bring Riley’s record into question.  LOL Some suggested topics: 1)  DC (and staff):Vegas Bowl on ABC at 12:30, will the Heyward for DC discussion be finalized by […]

15.Dec.2017 Petras Flipped

To Iowa. So much for Riley helping out with recruiting. It was a nice one day narrative while it lasted. If you feel the need for more meditation in your life, please consider a relaxing donation.

13.Dec.2017 I’m Feeling Less Negative about Mike Riley?

First off, I never cared that Riley “abandoned us” twice. Coaches all want money, prestige, challenges, etc. People in all professions want these things, and when opportunity knocks, the smart ones take it. That said, I’ve disliked Riley 3.0 for three main reasons: 1. He’s been a bad coach for five years. 2. Jonathan Smith […]

12.Dec.2017 Back To Petras…

He says he will sign December 20th. This is a program changing QB. Riley probably helped just a hair with this recruit, since he was recruiting him at Nebraska and had a relationship. -Final stats: 199/313 (63.3 percent) -4,157 yards -50 TDs -2 interceptions More than ideal numbers that show efficiency, smarts (no turnovers), and […]

07.Dec.2017 Riley on Staff

Not only that, but as ASSISTANT HEAD COACH!!! Haha. So much for “he’ll have a minor roll and let Smith do his thing.” Where are all the numb nuts who said my sources were wrong? i.e. “Riley is just taking a walk through Valley”…yeah, to his corner office. Jonathan Riley, officially HC. If you like […]

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