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19.Oct.2016 McMaryion Situation

I feel like people hate this guy for some reason. Most fans seem to be hoping he fails this weekend so they can say, “See, told you he stinks.” They also don’t seem to understand this guy was highly recruited. When he has a good game (Civil War, Utah), it gets spun that he had […]

17.Oct.2016 Changing Body Types

Check out the change in NFL and NBA body types over the years. http://Football player bodies http://Basketball Player Bodies Mostly I just thought this was interesting (and I think there is more at play here, like a lot of it probably depends on nutrition and advances in training). BUT, I guess my question here would […]

15.Oct.2016 McMaryion and these Coaches

After the Civil War, when he almost lead what is basically a high school football team to victory, I said this was the guy. Then today he comes in and makes it look easy after sitting all game in adverse conditions. After just a handful of passes he surpassed, in performance, the other QBs by […]

Utah @ Oregon State

Go Beavs!

13.Oct.2016 “Gale Bowl” Talk

60-80mph gusts forecast for Saturday. a. Will this game get cancelled? b. If not, which team does the wind benefit? I think it clearly benefits Utah since they stop the run well and the Beavs won’t be able to throw in this weather, but I’d like to think otherwise and so I’ll entertain any good […]

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