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19.Oct.2014 Mike Riley is 13-41 vs Top 25 teams

Here is the link. They list his record as 13-39, but that was before the USC and Utah games. 13-41 comes to a winning percentage of 24. To be fair, there are some good coaches on that list with losing records. Bob Stoops stands out to me as having the most success versus good opponents. […]

18.Oct.2014 Complex System for QBs and the Next Few Years

I have brought this up in the past, but why such a complex offense for Oregon State QBs? Oregon State’s job is not to breed backup NFL Qbs. Yet that is exactly what they’re doing. Riley would be better off recruiting a great college QB rather than a mediocre backup NFL QB, and he would […]

16.Oct.2014 Utah Post Game Reaction

I have two tickets to the Stanford game. Does anyone want to buy them off me? ——————- From the last thread: I didn’t think the O-line played badly other than the false starts (inexcusable at home). The sacks were mostly due to Utah being good pass rushers and the poor/obvious play calling or Mannion taking […]

15.Oct.2014 Utah @ Oregon State (game thread)

Early game thread, for those who want to discuss football. Go Beavs.

“Sayre’s Law” and Bob DeCarolis, Mike Riley, and the Media

The origin of Sayre’s Law are up for debate, but the gist of it can be found here. In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the stakes at issue. Well let me ask you this: what on earth can be less important than whether a college football team […]

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