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15.Dec.2014 Assistant Coaches

Let’s use this thread to track developments. Just saw that OL coach T.J. Woods and defensive line coach Chad Kauha’aha’a are coming to Corvallis. Early on I heard Aranda was coming, then that cooled off, now we’re hearing Wisconsin is trying to retain him. Heard that due to bowl games, it might be a while […]

12.Dec.2014 Gary Andersen Poster

                    Why can’t the marketing department do anything right? They put a giant orange stripe right down the center of Andersen’s face? A line down someone’s face is (a) disrespectful (b) looks like an Oompaloompa (c) looks like they’re crossing him out (d) looks like an […]

11.Dec.2014 QB Log Jam

OSU has 6 QBs on the roster. Del Rio VanderVeen Kempt McMaryion Sanders Mitchell Andersen recruited Utah QB Austin Kafentzis to Wisconsin. Wonder if he comes to OSU now. He looks like the undersized, savvy type of guy who can run a little of every offense. Either way, log jam that needs to sort out, […]

Corvallis Media, Culture and Andersen Concerns

Gary Andersen, or his family, reportedly didn’t like Wisconsin. So why not? What do they look for in a town? And will they like Corvallis’ culture? Maybe they only like Utah? Also, is it clear to Andersen expectations have been raised, or will the low expectations of the past regime carry over to the point […]

10.Dec.2014 Villamin Quote

“I’m excited,” Villamin said. “Change is good. This new guy, I think he’ll bring some more energy and more fire, or whatever – stuff that Coach Riley couldn’t bring.” Burn of the century.

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