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17.Aug.2017 General Thread/Early CSU predictions

General thread leading up to game day. What’s your biggest concern? For me, Center and QB. Watching this Houston video didn’t help. For one he looks undersized, but then he mentions he’s been snapping it too low. It’s giving me visions of fumbled snaps and Luton INTs game 1. How about laying down your early […]

09.Aug.2017 Top 10 Game Changers on the Roster

A few slow days before the next scrimmage, so let’s have a little fun with this. Barring injuries, who do you see being game changers on either side of the ball? Limit your list to 10. My list: Nall Tyner I. Hodgins David Morris (not yet a starter, but a potential game changer if he […]

03.Aug.2017 Bend Scrimmage

First off, who’s going? Start time has been moved due to heat in case you didn’t hear. Also, maybe shoot some footage and upload it to youtube. Anyway, what are you guys looking for tomorrow night? Obviously for me that’s Jake Luton’s performance. Hopefully we get to see all three QBs with the starting WRs, […]

01.Aug.2017 Luton Named the Starter

So, this is a good time for everyone to put their predictions in writing. I don’t want to hear any criticism from anyone who doesn’t put their own predictions here in writing. Mine: I do think Luton is better than Collins or DG. His completion % at the JC level concerns me. His 15 INTs […]

27.Jul.2017 Why is This Staff so Bad at Managing QBs?

I understand GA is a defensive coach, but you’d think being around football for 40 years you’d be able to at least somewhat understand offense and what makes a good QB. If not GA, then his offensive staff, who also continually botch the QB position. Why is this? My theory is they want to force […]

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