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24.Sep.2016 Beavs vs Broncos (Game Thread)

Go Beavs!

19.Sep.2016 Ethan Thompson Commits

Worthy of it’s own thread since he’s the highest signing (top 50) since the services have began. Nelson had more offers, I believe, and Nelson also had a higher ESPN rating at 92, but a lot of that can depend on the strength of overall recruiting that particular year. Either way, huge get, and I […]

Boise State Discussion

Time to move on from that unimpressive win vs Idaho State and focus on Boise State. Sounds like the Beavs have some key guys out with injury, on an already thin time, which alone spells disaster. The question is how good/bad is Boise this year? For the most part I only watch Beaver games these […]

17.Sep.2016 Idaho State @ Oregon State (Game Thread)

Go Beavs.

14.Sep.2016 Idaho State @ Oregon State

Sorry for the time off. I was busy. Thanks to Nicebeav and OldBeav for holding the fort. The story lines this week are pretty bleak: Will Gary Andersen get his first win in over a year? Will Gary Andersen buck the Riley trend of losing to an inferior team? Yes and yes. We’re going to […]

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