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28.Aug.2014 Bunch of Stuff and Portland State Pregame

Ryan Nall will be a RB eventually, H-back this year if he doesn’t redshirt. “Ryan will eventually be a running back, but with our depth, it’s going to be hard to find him time there this season,” Riley said. “The most likely place for him to play this year is H-back. I told our coaches […]

24.Aug.2014 End of Camp Notes

From Bone. Thanks for this. A few updates now that camp has officially ended. • Vanderveen appears to have the backup spot locked up. After having a pretty good scrimmage, he has continued to play with more and more confidence. Looks much better than Del Rio at this point. • It doesn’t sound like there […]

16.Aug.2014 Scrimmage Notes

Thank user SilverStream for these. The Plays Mannion passes to Villamin over the middle, the ball bounces off Villamin’s hands, high up in the air, is intercepted (I think by Zack Robinson), and run back for a TD. It’s a ball that was thrown hard, but it’s a ball that Villamin has to catch. Mannion […]

15.Aug.2014 Practice Notes

From 8/14, thank user Bone for these: I’ve been able to catch the last half of most of the morning session of practice and here are a couple of notes that I’ve noticed the last week and a half and how I see each position panning out. Most noticeable difference from a practice stand point […]

12.Aug.2014 NCAA Futures (Sean Mannion Heisman Odds) have some early Heisman Trophy odds. Sean Mannion is currently 10th, which seems a bit high to me. Mariotta is projected 2nd and Brett Hundley 6th, so the Pac-12 is well represented this year. The Pac-12 championship odds look about right. +3300 to win the conference outright, and +1200 to win the North. Oregon […]

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