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04.Dec.2018 Recruiting, Basketball, General Thread

The last one was getting a bit long and slow (that’s what she said?). Have at it. Go Beavs.

04.Sep.2018 Game Week-SUU and General thread

Oregon State was handled pretty easily by Ohio State last week, as most expected. We saw some reasons for optimism and the Beavs appear to have the talent and coaching to reach 3-4 wins this season, but likely not much more than that. Baby steps. Southern Utah is coming up Saturday, 5PM, in Coach Smith’s […]

19.Jul.2018 General Thread

Pretty slow time of year. Have at it, boys. PS. I bumped into this today. Awesome that they’re failing. Purchasing the SEC and telling us the false narrative that they are so superior because they beat up on one another didn’t help them.

02.Jul.2018 General Thread

Let’s hear your best celebration stories. Other than that, general thread. Have at it. The Twitter feed issue has been resolved. See my first post below for instructions. Your browser may vary, but that is the issue, and it is nothing to do with the feed. This explains why it suddenly went missing right around […]

15.May.2018 General Thread

Hey guys. General thread for the next few days. I’m going to be traveling to MN and WI starting tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday. Feel free to put up a baseball thread for the weekend, our trusty pinch hitters. Go Beavs!

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