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30.Sep.2014 Mighigan Holds Anti-AD Rally

Over concussion protocol. What would OSU fans do in this situation? “Bob D is the best we can do”, if they even noticed the botched protocol. Then, if someone did notice the error (like we here at ABs) and started a petition, they would shit all over it and say you can’t enact change from […]

29.Sep.2014 Survival Skills — Denying Denial

I was reading this article and came across a sentence, highlighted with bold, that I believe applies to the Beaver fanbase: Deny Denial It is in our nature to believe that the weather will improve, that we’ll find our way again, or that night won’t fall on schedule. Denial, which psychologists call the “incredulity response,” […]

23.Sep.2014 Basking in Reflective Glory

As many of you know, I have been trying to figure out why I feel so disgusting when watching sports as opposed to playing them. While researching this I came across this article entitled “Basking in Reflective Glory” (Duck fans) written in 1976 and another called “The Psychology of Sports Fans” which describes how they […]

05.Sep.2014 Random Notes

Craig Robinson will be paid, at least partially, by ESPN. 4-star shooting guard Keith Smith will be visiting this weekend. Tinkle continues to be the man. Can’t wait to see if he can actually coach. Colt Lyerla accuses Oregon of offering him a house, car, etc. Very interesting. Can we trust this guy? Not really, […]

10.Jul.2014 No AB is not shutting down

In regard to this comment: So here’s my conspiracy theory. Angry has decided to close the blog down, but can’t quite pull the trigger on that decision, so he has engaged Jack to drive everyone away and shut it down indirectly. Not true at all. We just renewed for 4 years. Seriously though, is there […]

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