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11.Jan.2017 General Thread

The Jamire Calvin thread is approaching 350 comments, lets bring the conversation here.  Feel free to share what’s on your mind. Some possible topics: -The concept of an NFL development league -Baseball is getting closer and Jon Warren will reportedly be the voice in Spring. -Our gal Mandy starting a website -WBB heads to So.Cal. […]

31.Dec.2016 General Thread

The last thread provided a heapin’ helpin’ of schadenfreude (and presidential politics), probably worth a new thread while waiting for angry’s return and all that recruiting action promised by nicebeaver in a couple weeks. Feel free to go OT. Some areas worth considering: -WBB plays UW Sunday, should be a good test -MBB showed heart […]

27.Dec.2016 Recruiting-current culture at OSU

Nicebeaver, pinch hitting while Angry is out for a bit. Wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a conversation I had yesterday with a current S/A being recruited by OSU and his family.  I was at a family Christmas party over the weekend and the S/A and his family are close friends of […]

23.Dec.2016 Merry Christmas, Guys

Okay guys, I’m off until after Christmas unless anything huge happens. Have a great Christmas. I feel this was a good year for ABs. We had a comeback in a way. Good natured jokes, decent trolls, no censorship was needed all year, great recruiting info, etc. We added two mods to the team for the […]

22.Dec.2016 Scott Barnes, AD

Okay so now it’s official. What do we know about this guy? I don’t feel excited. He has a dishonest, punchable face. How do you guys feel?

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