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27.Jun.2015 General Thread

I’m sure our little troll will follow us here since you’re all feeding him so well, but 500 comments seemed like enough. Unless you want to try for a record? I can leave this thread up until Fall ball… Once spring starts we can talk depth chart, position battles, etc.  I think it might become […]

18.Jun.2015 Todd Stansbury — Oregon State AD

I need you guys to sell me on this one. To me it looks like OSU afraid to leave their comfort zone. Stansbury’s quote: “Karen and I have spent a large part of our lives at Oregon State and we look forward to returning to Corvallis. Without a doubt, we will be Knights fans from […]

06.Jun.2015 General Thread

Things are slow. One thing on my mind is that the Beavs need a breakthrough recruit to take things to the next level (in that regard, recruiting). We all feel GA should recruit better than Riley because of his personality and winning tradition, but when do we see that breakthrough with regard to recruiting? Is […]

01.Jun.2015 On Critical Thinking, Moving Toward Football Season, (General Thread)

I came across this quote today by physicist Richard Feynman The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool. It applies to sports fans. It applies to myself. We all want to be better critical thinkers. That requires removing as much bias as possible to […]

20.May.2015 General Thread

General thread for a couple days. Hearing some big (no pun intended) recruiting news…4-star could sign by July. Have at it, boys. Busy day tomorrow, but I’ll return Friday.

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