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26.Mar.2014 Good Interview with Bob D

Link here. What I don’t understand is if he really believes that a Rose Bowl is the “expectation”, or if he is playing lip service to the folks at angrybeavs? The evidence points to the latter, since he rewards Riley with a contract extension for any bowl. So how exactly is the Rose Bowl the […]

15.Jan.2014 General Discussion

Some things I’m hearing: Luke Del Rio will be transferring to OSU. That would give OSU 7 QBs on the roster. Seems like overkill. Riley using quantity to make up for quality? Kohton Miller is the carrot being dangled in front of Beav fans by the recruiting sites. He likely will not sign with OSU, […]

14.Dec.2013 More Bob DeCarolis Incompetence?

From a reader posted in the last thread. Some good stuff that deserves it’s own topic. I don’t normally post, but wanted to share this fwiw. A good friend lives in Seattle and attended an OSU business meeting for Alumni (I knew OSU hosted those meeting in Portland at the MAC, didn’t realize we apparently […]

16.Nov.2013 Bob Decarolis, Retire

Dude, RETIRE already. You have a serious illness and you suck at your job. Do something differently because this isn’t working. Thanks, AB

11.Nov.2013 Oregonian Piles on Bob DeCarolis

You can read the article here. I post as “blogbeav” over there. If you comment on O-live, leave a link to AB, as I don’t read or comment much over there anymore. Moving on… They don’t mention Bob D by name, but the headline + photo says it all. It would be nice if they […]

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