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02.May.2016 General Thread

Have at it, doods. I have some obligations this week and might be away, but if that’s the case I’ll still try to get a new thread up. I just saw Hallice Cook transferred again. Too bad he didn’t just stay at OSU. Gotta wonder what is going on with that guy. There’s not much […]

19.Apr.2016 The Honest Truth about Dishonesty

Somewhat off topic, but I came across this book today and decided to begin reading it. Reason being, I’m curious how the Duck’s and their fans rationalize cheating. I’ll get back to you in a few days and let you know if it’s any good. If anyone’s read this book, how does it apply to […]

30.Mar.2016 General Thread

The other thread was getting slow, so let’s take it here. Spring ball, lady beavs, baseball…all in play. Have at it.

21.Mar.2016 Year of the Beaver

OSU Baseball ranked #3 Women’s basketball headed to the sweet 16 (and eyeball test looks like a final 4 team). Men’s basketball first tourney in 26 years. Wrestling. What else? Now we just need Gary Andersen to take the giant step he’s capable of in year 2. Amazing what can happen with commitment. I like […]

16.Feb.2016 General Baseball Thread

The season starts on Friday. Let’s hear some predictions for the team, and thoughts on which individuals will stand out. Have at it.

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