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17.Jan.2018 General Thread

It seems the last thread ran it’s course. Anything goes. Go Beavs.

10.Jan.2018 General Thread part II

Previous thread approaching 450 comments, lets refresh here while Angry shovels mud or practices his guitar licks. FB: past time for 10th coach to start and JS has yet to formally name #9 and 10. Nicebeaver continues to follow recruiting, great input throughout the year. BASKETBALL: games on PAC12 everyday from Thursday through Sunday with […]

04.Jan.2018 General Thread

This can cover hoops this week and any other topics. The last thread wasn’t popular, huh? That’s fine. In the future I won’t share information I get via email. What’s funny is when I don’t, people ask what’s in any emails that I reference. When they don’t like what’s in it, they shoot the messenger. […]

26.Dec.2017 General Thread

Hopefully ya’ll had a great Christmas. General thread until something interesting pops up. I hope later this week, or by next week, to put up my ratings for the early signees. Other than that, I don’t have much that’s interesting me right now. You guys are free to discuss anything you wish.

21.Dec.2017 General Thread

Have at it. Go Beavs.

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