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05.Sep.2014 Random Notes

Craig Robinson will be paid, at least partially, by ESPN. 4-star shooting guard Keith Smith will be visiting this weekend. Tinkle continues to be the man. Can’t wait to see if he can actually coach. Colt Lyerla accuses Oregon of offering him a house, car, etc. Very interesting. Can we trust this guy? Not really, […]

10.Jul.2014 No AB is not shutting down

In regard to this comment: So here’s my conspiracy theory. Angry has decided to close the blog down, but can’t quite pull the trigger on that decision, so he has engaged Jack to drive everyone away and shut it down indirectly. Not true at all. We just renewed for 4 years. Seriously though, is there […]

04.Jun.2014 General Discussion

Talk about what you wish, but some interesting notes: Ellsbury donates 1mil to the baseball program. Finally an ex-athlete gives back. OSU seems to have the stingiest pros. Tinkle hires two of his buddies, and the OSU nepotism continues. I’m sure all coaches do this to a degree, but Riley has made us particularly sensitive […]

14.May.2014 Bob DeCarolis: Gas Money Guy

No official word about this, but I have heard Howland isn’t the coach due to money. Just want to make an observation about Bob D: He reminds me of the friend we all seem to have who at 40 or 50 and bringing in six figures, is still asking everyone in the car for gas […]

28.Apr.2014 Oregon State Fans Month by Month

January: “Fuck the Ducks. When does Baseball start?” February: At least we have baseball. March: At least we have baseball. Spring camp has some asking, “How does the football team look?” (hope slowly grows)… April: Baseball hits full stride and eases the pain of football and basketball May: Baseball is all that matters, fans talk […]

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