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05.Oct.2015 General Thread, Part 2

I see you guys broke the last thread. Well done. An Arizona pre-game thread will go up some time tomorrow. Maybe start giving your thoughts on them and how that game turns out. My initial impression of Arizona is they’re soft. Playing Stanford and Michigan, plus coming off the bye, should help the Beavs out-physical […]

27.Sep.2015 General Thread

Anything goes. This will be up until next Tuesday when I return. Behave.

06.Sep.2015 General Thread, Take 2

That last one was an amazing read, but it was getting slow to load. I just saw here NE fans are already mad about the pass/run ratio. Lol. Those poor bast– Start the early MI talk or anything else…

30.Aug.2015 General Discussion

The comment section of the last thread became broken, so let’s take it here. Game week. Go Beavs!

27.Jun.2015 General Thread

I’m sure our little troll will follow us here since you’re all feeding him so well, but 500 comments seemed like enough. Unless you want to try for a record? I can leave this thread up until Fall ball… Once spring starts we can talk depth chart, position battles, etc.  I think it might become […]

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