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13.Jul.2017 General Thread

Still a few weeks until Fall camp so let’s go with a general thread to kill the time. Try to keep the Trump stuff under control. It’s just plain annoying to the point I skip anything to do with that. The bottom line is you are not going to figure out politics or change your […]

08.Jul.2017 Athletic Director, Scott Barnes, Ignores Fans …Proves to be a Total Douche Whistle

AB reader “Scotty” and myself both wrote Scott Barnes an email inuring how SEC umpire (Greg Street) was allowed behind the dish in an OSU/LSU game. I also asked about the Luke situation. Barnes didn’t reply to Scotty at all; when he replied to me, it was an accidental response meant for someone else. Um […]

29.Jun.2017 General Thread

Much of the drama is fading, which is good for the Beavs. But much of the outrage is fading as well. Fans can only stay indignant for so long before moving on with life, and ESPN et al know this and bank on it. So here we are, discussing general topics instead of specific, indignant […]

31.May.2017 General Thread

Let’s hear predictions for the Beavs in the CWS. Since they’re #1 overall and having a historic season, the Beavs will have a target on their back every inning this post-season. When you’re a marked man like that, even teams like Yale and Holy Cross become dangerous in a short series. I’m not saying those […]

15.May.2017 General Thread

Hey Beavlettes, I will be gone (for business, not pleasure, unfortunately) the entire week starting tonight. Try to behave and all that. OldBeavs and NiceBeav, feel free to make any topic you wish while I’m gone. If the spam protectors blocks anyone, sorry, but I won’t be able to approve you until Saturday morning. Go […]

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