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09.Feb.2016 First Step in Becoming the “Oregon State Mammoths”

Was finding the mammoth bone. Step 2? Sell a lot of shirts with mammoths on them! I freaking love it. It’s catching on, and hopefully soon we will be the mammoths. It’s a unique, awesome, and funny team mascot all in one. The Beavs lucked into this one, and it’s nice to see them taking […]

31.Jan.2016 Competitiveness

Watching these opposing basketball teams in the conference, they all seem to have a fiery leader who can make clutch shots and will the team to victory. Last night it was clearly York, who wasn’t going to let Arizona lose. Who is that guy for the Beavers? As good and unique as Payton is, he’s […]

15.Jan.2016 General Thread

Since Jack loaded up the other one with videos. This is why I want to go to a forum as the main page. If that happens, people can just make their own new topics when I’m not around. People seem so against making AB a forum, but I think it’s a good idea if anyone […]

24.Dec.2015 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

You guys didn’t like the last thread? Well Merry Christmas, here is a new one. Barring any big news/hires I’ll be back Jan 1. Use this as a general thread until then. Enjoy the holiday break, and remember to spike your eggnog, and if Angry@angry’s siblings post here, please give him an atomic wedgie and […]

15.Dec.2015 General Thread

I’ve been out of the loop the past few days, and I’m trying to catch up. Just read this article. So do we know if Sitake was at the meeting or what happened? Need a follow up from Gina. The Navy guy is going to get the job, right? Lady Beavs dismantled CSU Bakersfield today […]

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