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28.Apr.2015 General Thread

Have at it, savages. Hey, any of you plan to upload the spring game? I’d still like to watch the entire thing and give feedback on it.

12.Apr.2015 General Thread

Probably mostly football talk leading up to the spring game, yeah? The baseball team is treading downward. As I said in the weekend series thread, I haven’t watched baseball in two weekends now. I couldn’t stand watching Gabe Clark and Caleb Hamilton any longer, so I stopped. It’s been nice. But I’m excited about the […]

23.Mar.2015 General Thread

So the Beavs will be stuck on 3 National Titles for the foreseeable future. My thoughts on women’s basketball: they became overconfident, thought they just had to show up. More specifically, they were not physically or mentally tough, and relied too much on the outside game and the guards bailing the team out. In both […]

16.Mar.2015 General Thread

I was looking at National Championships by Pac-12 schools, and OSU has 3, with only WSU having fewer (2). For this reason, I think the women winning it all would be a big deal. Just the prestige of it. Beavs have to start adding trophies to gain respect, even if they are in secondary sports […]

05.Mar.2015 Interesting Wilner Article / Spring Camp Day 2

I’m not in the business of being an aggregator or re-posting content (leave that up to the BeaverBytes of the world), but I ran across this on twitter and found it interesting. For those of us so excited OSU ran into a 22mil windfall (and I do think they and WSU benefited most in the […]

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