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22.Dec.2016 Scott Barnes, AD

Okay so now it’s official. What do we know about this guy? I don’t feel excited. He has a dishonest, punchable face. How do you guys feel?

19.Dec.2016 General Thread

Nothing has budged on the AD talk, so time for a new thread. Have at it. Go Beavs.

14.Dec.2016 General/New Athletic Director

Originally this thread was about Scott Barnes. Now we’re hearing he’s not coming. ——————– What do we know about this guy? Apparently he is the new AD, per this source. They mention he’s from the PNW and was at Utah State (guess he knows GA well). Is he actually good? What evidence is there?

12.Dec.2016 General Thread

FTD and Willie Taggart (still not impressed). General thread where anything goes, Beavlettes. Enjoy.

06.Nov.2016 General Thread

Not much to add that hasn’t been discussed in the prior thread. Hot topics seem to be hoops starting, football recruiting, and what’s wrong with the offense.

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