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21.Dec.2017 General Thread

Have at it. Go Beavs.

08.Dec.2017 General Thread

Here you have it: a thread for generals, like yourselves, and unlike Mike Riley. Have at it. If you like Bob Dylan, consider buying ABs a cup of coffee.

26.Nov.2017 General Thread

Have at it. What’s on my mind: 1. The coaching search. 2. I’m wonderer how much digital currencies like Bitcoin are helping the Ducks launder to recruits without any paper trail. Nobody covering sports has mentioned, to my knowledge, how these could be used in recruiting without a paper trail. Go Beavs. If you enjoy […]

15.Oct.2017 Where do we go from here?

Yesterday, I attended my first game at Reser since Oregon State/Stanford of the 2015 season. Not much has changed in those 2 years. The “Fall 2016” banner remains on top of the Valley Football Center. The stands were about half full/empty. The chainsaw/cow sound effect showed up every 3rd down. The sideline for the visiting […]

13.Jul.2017 General Thread

Still a few weeks until Fall camp so let’s go with a general thread to kill the time. Try to keep the Trump stuff under control. It’s just plain annoying to the point I skip anything to do with that. The bottom line is you are not going to figure out politics or change your […]

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