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12.Dec.2016 General Thread

FTD and Willie Taggart (still not impressed). General thread where anything goes, Beavlettes. Enjoy.

06.Nov.2016 General Thread

Not much to add that hasn’t been discussed in the prior thread. Hot topics seem to be hoops starting, football recruiting, and what’s wrong with the offense.

17.Oct.2016 Recruiting Services, Paywalls, Paid Events

I had another run-in with a recruiting service goon. The guy from the Nebraska Boneyard, Mike something or other. Big goon who is profiting off of harassing teenage boys for information and then selling the information to grown men in the form of a subscription to his site. In short, he is selling the grown […]

22.Sep.2016 Todd Stansbury Leaves

We hardly knew thee, and no idea if you did anything worthwhile. See ya, dude. Who’s up next? And how does this affect GA — did he have a good relationship with TS? Could be interesting. 3rd AD for him and Tinkle in just a few years, which can’t make them happy.

07.Sep.2016 Bye week (general thread)

I don’t have a topic but looks like the previous thread was getting bogged down. ┬áIf OOB or Angry have a topic in mind, feel free to delete this one.

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