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27.Dec.2016 Recruiting-current culture at OSU

Nicebeaver, pinch hitting while Angry is out for a bit. Wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a conversation I had yesterday with a current S/A being recruited by OSU and his family.  I was at a family Christmas party over the weekend and the S/A and his family are close friends of […]

23.Dec.2016 Merry Christmas, Guys

Okay guys, I’m off until after Christmas unless anything huge happens. Have a great Christmas. I feel this was a good year for ABs. We had a comeback in a way. Good natured jokes, decent trolls, no censorship was needed all year, great recruiting info, etc. We added two mods to the team for the […]

22.Dec.2016 Scott Barnes, AD

Okay so now it’s official. What do we know about this guy? I don’t feel excited. He has a dishonest, punchable face. How do you guys feel?

19.Dec.2016 General Thread

Nothing has budged on the AD talk, so time for a new thread. Have at it. Go Beavs.

14.Dec.2016 General/New Athletic Director

Originally this thread was about Scott Barnes. Now we’re hearing he’s not coming. ——————– What do we know about this guy? Apparently he is the new AD, per this source. They mention he’s from the PNW and was at Utah State (guess he knows GA well). Is he actually good? What evidence is there?

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