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27.Dec.2016 Recruiting-current culture at OSU

Nicebeaver, pinch hitting while Angry is out for a bit. Wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a conversation I had yesterday with a current S/A being recruited by OSU and his family.  I was at a family Christmas party over the weekend and the S/A and his family are close friends of […]

13.Dec.2016 Early Signing Day

Tomorrow. Should be a good day. Go Beavs.

08.Dec.2016 Willie Taggart Impressions

This guy spewed populist rhetoric for a half hour. His words all fell flat. He talked about energy and gave a fake smile, but didn’t really seem to have said energy. He sounded nervous, rambled, and was reading off a script. Zero fear of this guy as a Beaver. Oregon hired him, reportedly, to get […]

03.Dec.2016 Gary Andersen Will Leave Corvallis (Once The Rebuild is Complete)

Not only his history: Rebuilding Utah State then leaving Going to Wisconsin and being bored with a program that reloads. But watch his answer at the 2:50 minute mark of this video to see where I’m coming from. The guy is clearly in love with the rebuilding process. Once this is done, he will look […]

02.Dec.2016 Bankrupt

Just in time to sign Angie to a deal so lucrative she bailed on all her Rivals subscribers… Scout has been “hit with an involuntary Chapter 11 petition in the US Bankruptcy Court”. Scout has 21 days to respond or would make the bankrutcy official. According to three primary creditors are owed nearly […]

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