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07.Dec.2017 Riley on Staff

Not only that, but as ASSISTANT HEAD COACH!!! Haha. So much for “he’ll have a minor roll and let Smith do his thing.” Where are all the numb nuts who said my sources were wrong? i.e. “Riley is just taking a walk through Valley”…yeah, to his corner office. Jonathan Riley, officially HC. If you like […]

General Thread

General thread, discuss anything you wish. Curious if anyone has heard updates on Petras. He got bumped to 4-stars, and is set to visit Iowa. He was solid with the Beavs for a long time, but now sounds like he’s opening up recruitment. Go Beavs.

06.Dec.2017 Whew…

Another day, another Jonathan Riley dodge: (although, maybe not, depending what a “mentor” does in this situation)… Go Beavs.

05.Dec.2017 Jonathan Riley

Is our head coach. I feel bad for him. He’ll never get the chance to be his own man. The zombie bite got him. Click for image: Jonathan Riley Zombie Locker

Latest Staff Hires, Etc

What do you guys make of the hires? Jim Michalczik – OL Brian Lindgren – QB/OC Trent Bray — LBs Update: Keith Heyward confirmed by one of my good sources. The only one I’m familiar with as a coach is Bray. As I wrote in the prior thread, he started his career with a lot […]

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