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07.Oct.2017 Oregon State @ USC

Go Beeeavs. 38-14, Condoms.

04.Oct.2017 Coaches Lying, Hodgins, etc

If you haven’t listened to it, the Sprague/Machado podcast is pretty interesting. They field one of my questions (26:30 mark), but the more interesting part is their dour outlook. When optimistic homers like those two are in the doldrums you know it’s bad. Some other notes: — Gary Andersen needs to be on Twitter for […]

01.Oct.2017 Tips/Gossip?

Last year and earlier this year some guy showed up here and said something like, “All is not well with GA and the team” and then left. I read some other rumblings like that on other sites. Anyone know what was behind that? We now have someone saying the coaches are sleeping with co-eds. Sure, […]

30.Sep.2017 Washington @ Oregon State

Go Beavs?? (Translation: don’t lose by 50 so we can claim progress and trust the process!)

26.Sep.2017 Moving on to Washington

This should be an easy win, right? I mean Gary Andersen says he’s trying harder than ever, and Ed Ray promised teams would regret coming to our house. Oh wait… Since GA will get at least a 4th year, we’ll be left watching a blowout while pondering who the next head coach will be. If […]

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