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31.Dec.2016 General Thread

The last thread provided a heapin’ helpin’ of schadenfreude (and presidential politics), probably worth a new thread while waiting for angry’s return and all that recruiting action promised by nicebeaver in a couple weeks. Feel free to go OT. Some areas worth considering: -WBB plays UW Sunday, should be a good test -MBB showed heart […]

29.Dec.2016 Music City Bowl – game thread+

Smilin’ Mike and TPB’s from Nebraska vs Tenn Vols at 12:30 PST Friday.  oob here, stepping in not knowing if angry’s emergency will keep him from starting the discussion. Riley’s a 7 pt dog in this one with a few injury excuses in his pocket. I’ll be watching clock management, use of time outs, overall […]

27.Dec.2016 Recruiting-current culture at OSU

Nicebeaver, pinch hitting while Angry is out for a bit. Wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a conversation I had yesterday with a current S/A being recruited by OSU and his family.  I was at a family Christmas party over the weekend and the S/A and his family are close friends of […]

13.Dec.2016 Early Signing Day

Tomorrow. Should be a good day. Go Beavs.

08.Dec.2016 Willie Taggart Impressions

This guy spewed populist rhetoric for a half hour. His words all fell flat. He talked about energy and gave a fake smile, but didn’t really seem to have said energy. He sounded nervous, rambled, and was reading off a script. Zero fear of this guy as a Beaver. Oregon hired him, reportedly, to get […]

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