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02.Sep.2017 Oregon State vs Portland State

GA’s seat seems to be heating up really fast. Better get a win here. 35-7 good guys. Luton will be impressive (like 225 yards, 2TD, 0 to 1 INT) and lure people into thinking he’s good. But the run game is how we win this one. Short game with a lot of runs and a […]

28.Aug.2017 Moving on to PSU

Obviously I’m not as down on the defense as some of you guys. I saw the yardage totals and all that, but I also saw a team wiped out from travel. Check out the pre-game video I posted in the other thread. One guy, Kee Whetzel, had energy enough to raise his arms and yell […]

26.Aug.2017 McGiven — Weak Link

What exactly does this guy bring to the job to make him worth keeping? 3 straight years of picking the wrong QB/ran all Riley’s (better) QBs out of town. QBs don’t improve under him. Poor play calling. Lots of “ums” and “ahs” during interviews and just sounds like a dope. Haven’t looked at the recruits […]

Let the Luton Discussion Begin

Looks like a lot of apologists already forming around him. My take on his performance today: Luton’s INTs lead to points and further gassed the D. Awful QB play in the 2nd half. If you want to say he was alright in the first, agree. He’s DA. He’s the QB who will perpetually tease with […]

Oregon State @ Colorado State (Game Thread)

Go Beavs!

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