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01.Feb.2017 Signing Day 2017

Go Beavs!

21.Jan.2017 General Thread

Nothing fixes butt hurt like a safe space, so here ya go, fellas. 😉

17.Jan.2017 FB Coaching staffs – Corvallis and Eugene

Lots of good comments over the last two general threads, feel free to go OT here as well. And, of course, discuss nicebeaver’s work on the recruiting front. Calvin gone?  Worth chasing?? The situation at hole with three players going to the hospital provides an early take on how phils new staff will handle things. […]

14.Jan.2017 Let’s talk Beavs and ucks

I suspect angry may be working on a new thread, if so he can delete this one. Since the last thread passed 350 (thanks Jack, for the heads up) we can start fresh here. Beavs vs ucks: -MBB:TV coming up shortly, rumor is that Walton will be heard. -MBB part II: predictions started on last […]

07.Jan.2017 Jamire Calvin to the Beavs

4-star WR. Is this the first time a Beaver has committed during the Army American Bowl?

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