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06.Dec.2017 Whew…

Another day, another Jonathan Riley dodge: (although, maybe not, depending what a “mentor” does in this situation)… Go Beavs.

05.Dec.2017 Jonathan Riley

Is our head coach. I feel bad for him. He’ll never get the chance to be his own man. The zombie bite got him. Click for image: Jonathan Riley Zombie Locker

Latest Staff Hires, Etc

What do you guys make of the hires? Jim Michalczik – OL Brian Lindgren – QB/OC Trent Bray — LBs Update: Keith Heyward confirmed by one of my good sources. The only one I’m familiar with as a coach is Bray. As I wrote in the prior thread, he started his career with a lot […]

04.Dec.2017 Is Our Coach Jonathan Smith or Mike Riley?

Today we reportedly hired this guy. Riley’s director of football ops at Nebraska. He was also Riley’s guy since 2003 at OSU. Welcome our new head coach, Jonathan Riley! If you enjoy this site, consider buying the AngryBeavs a cup of coffee: Bitcoin Address: 1HbAgxNqp1vJU8Di8HuRNYebANB3hwQNuF Ethereum Address: 0xADBA9F95181720DEFD0bEf897bA8f2B735993Cb7

03.Dec.2017 Smith’s Staff — Rumors have me Concerned

I was high on Smith just a few days ago, but now I am seeing (if the rumors are true) his one glaring flaw: he’s too emotionally tied to OSU. With GA we had the opposite — he didn’t seem at all invested in the place. Now we get a guy who is so obsessed […]

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