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27.Feb.2015 Grambling State @ Oregon State

Hope to see Casey start the right players. These games have video via the main site. 5:35 start. Go Beavs.

25.Feb.2015 Baseball Starting Rotation

Just a quick post: Rasmussen needs to start over Jake Thompson (terrible, not sure why some liked him ever). Right now Moore, Eckert, and Rasmussen are pitching best. I’d give Heimlich one more start to prove his mettle, otherwise to the pen, young man. Eckert might not hold up, so if Heimlich moves to the […]

22.Feb.2015 Kansas @ Oregon State

10am start radio only. Go Beavs Feel free to discuss the lady beav’s game, too.

21.Feb.2015 Pac-12 – Big 12 Tournament: Oregon State vs. Oklahoma (Game 3)

12pm, audio only. Go Beavs.

20.Feb.2015 Pac-12 – Big 12 Tournament: Kansas State vs. Oregon State

12pm, audio only. Go Beavs

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