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14.Apr.2014 Jorge Reyes is an Asshole

Ex-Beaver Jorge Reyes tricks Jeff Francoeur into believing he’s deaf. I’m probably the least PC person on this planet, but really, pretending you are deaf? What an insult to people who actually are deaf. They then call Francouer an idiot/retard and insult that class of people, too. Finally, they humiliate and embarrass their teammate. I […]

10.Apr.2014 Oregon State @ Washington State

Game times are tomorrow 6pm, Saturday 2pm, and Sunday at noon. The Beavs got a commit today from JC LB Kyle Haley. He has zero offers and zero stars so far.

04.Apr.2014 Stanford @ Oregon State

The weekend schedule is as follow. All times Pacific. Friday 5:05 Saturday 1:35 Sunday 1:05 The interesting notes will be to see how Andrew Moore bounces back and then how the Beavs do versus Stanford’s inexperienced (all freshmen) staff. Also worth talking about this point is Michael Conforto with only 1 HR. He is batting […]

28.Mar.2014 Oregon State @ Arizona

Somewhat off topic, but I am listening to the Rays/Tigers game on the radio, and there is a guy who sounds like Jim Wilson doing the game. Makes me wonder why Jim Wilson isn’t doing bigger things. He is the best broadcaster the Beavs have ever had. Astute and interesting points, always spot on. Great […]

21.Mar.2014 Arizona State @ Oregon State

I’m still on vacation, so apologies for not updating for a week. Game time are as follows: Friday 7pm Saturday 1:35 Sunday 11am  

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