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14.Jan.2017 Let’s talk Beavs and ucks

I suspect angry may be working on a new thread, if so he can delete this one. Since the last thread passed 350 (thanks Jack, for the heads up) we can start fresh here. Beavs vs ucks: -MBB:TV coming up shortly, rumor is that Walton will be heard. -MBB part II: predictions started on last […]

05.Jul.2016 Bad Taste and Bureaucratic Blunders – General Thread

This will be a place holder for at least a portion of Angry’s absence. I’ve still got a bad taste from the Beavs being left out of the NCAA baseball tourney and, it seems, some still have issues with the PAC12 TV network. Is Larry Scott doing as well as can be expected? Should Stansbury […]

30.May.2016 Beavs Get Snubbed

Was this payback at the pac-12 for bombing in the basketball tournament? Beavs weren’t good all year and had a shaky rotation, so in a way it’s fair, but with a strong finish/sorting out the rotation, at least give them a tough draw somewhere. Casey being slow to make obvious and necessary changes was the […]

27.May.2016 UCLA @ Oregon State

Game times are 4, 4, and 11 Go Beavs!

19.May.2016 Oregon State @ USC

Thread going up a day early and can act as a general thread as well. Seems like a lot of fans have bailed on this team (understandable, it’s painful baseball), but it’s still possible they get into the post-season despite how bad they are, and anything can happen then. Game times are 7, 1, and […]

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