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11.Jun.2017 Collective Piece for Canzano/Oregonian

Guys, please put all your thoughts here (if you posted them in another thread, repost them here) regarding The Oregonian (specifically Canzano, since he is the one I’m angry with for demanding Luke not pitch, an outrageous “moral superiority”/high-horse request). There are a lot of contradictions, hypocrisy, etc, and I can’t find or remember them […]

09.Jun.2017 Vanderbilt @ Oregon State (Super Regional)

Should be an interesting atmosphere tonight to say the least. I’m sure there will be a lot of taunting and such that the Beavs will have to block out and overcome. This series is going to test their fortitude more than any other in their lives. I don’t have a great feeling about it, but […]

08.Jun.2017 Luke Heimlich Situation

Opinion changed as the Oregonian kept blabbing and revealing their motives. Comments remain for posterity.

02.Jun.2017 Corvallis Regional

I’m not a fan of the 8pm start time, nor am I a fan of Casey starting Jake Thompson game 1. The latter makes no sense. It will likely work out just because Holy Cross is bad. The only logic I can come up with for the more is that Casey knows Thompson notoriously chokes […]

25.May.2017 Baseball: Beavs vs Abilene Christian

The four game series gets underway at 5:35 today. All games can be seen on the school produced stream. How’d the Beavs end up with this series?  Lundeberg at the GT has a piece which explains.  An excerpt: “When I found out we had the bye this weekend, I just got on the phone and […]

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