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30.May.2016 Beavs Get Snubbed

Was this payback at the pac-12 for bombing in the basketball tournament? Beavs weren’t good all year and had a shaky rotation, so in a way it’s fair, but with a strong finish/sorting out the rotation, at least give them a tough draw somewhere. Casey being slow to make obvious and necessary changes was the […]

27.May.2016 UCLA @ Oregon State

Game times are 4, 4, and 11 Go Beavs!

19.May.2016 Oregon State @ USC

Thread going up a day early and can act as a general thread as well. Seems like a lot of fans have bailed on this team (understandable, it’s painful baseball), but it’s still possible they get into the post-season despite how bad they are, and anything can happen then. Game times are 7, 1, and […]

13.May.2016 Oregon @ Oregon State Baseball

7:30, 7, and 3 starts. First two games are on ESPNU, and the final game is on Pac-12. Gut says they take 2 of 3, but with the pitching so shaky I’m not confident in that. Go Beavs.

06.May.2016 Oregon State @ Arizona

Theses teams are pretty even, talent wise, and the Beavs aren’t very good in Arizona. Don’t have a good feeling about this series, but hoping they prove me wrong and bunt their way to a sweep. I’m thinking 1 of 3 is the likely outcome. Game times are 7, 7, and 12. Go Beavs.

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