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17.Sep.2017 Bye Week Thread

So, what are you guys looking for coming out of the bye?

For me it’s basically whether Garrettson can salvage this season. By salvage, at this point I mean simply match last year’s win total. It’s possible (ASU, AZ, OR, Cal are beatable…even Stanford looks worse than usual). Sadly, the only way Luton was coming out of a game was the way he did. Gary was just too tied to him and forcing his will on the QB situation.

I’m also testing a new model for donations. After each post, there will be a “If you like this post and want to support AB, please consider buying me a cup of coffee.” etc. I’m only accepting digital currencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum) because I had a falling out with Paypal, and they’d take a % of each donation. You can easily make an account on Coinbase in five minutes. I like the digital currencies because there are low transaction fees, no disputes, and they are relatively anonymous. It’s superior to Paypal, IMO.

So, let’s test it out.

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Also, on a security note, I’m no longer supporting “Ghostery”. I know many of you use it because of my recommendation. If you Google it, they have sold out and actually sell your data now. I now use Ublock Origin. It’s open source. They don’t sell your data, and it’s faster.

16.Sep.2017 State of the Union Address

So, let’s hear it.

My feeling is the D showed improvement today. I know people want to hate on the D, but 3 sacks, and in position to make game changing plays (3 INTs all dropped) is an improvement. I can’t reiterate enough that if the offense and ST are doing their jobs, the D will look much better. Versus CSU the D gave up in the 2nd half for sure and it got ugly, but the offense was responsible for 27 of those points based off turnovers. Just think that over and realize all these things work together. Synergy of all three units.

Offense’s biggest failure once again was not converting 3rd downs and keeping the chains moving. This is imperative to efficient offense. 3rd and long conversion % is the best sign of a good/bad offense. I don’t know the Beavs’ numbers offhand, and I don’t feel like looking it up, but they just never seem to convert those downs. I remember just a few today. If the stats prove me wrong so be it. I just think the O is awful with regard to moving the chains and keeping the D off the field, which along with scoring points, is right up there with the most important traits in an offense.

On offense, the only positive I saw was Nall running for over 100 on limited carries. Play calling was bad as always. McGiven needs to go this week. GA can use the 2 week bye to figure out his OC situation.

Long-term: OSU has to go play Ohio State next year with, presumably, Luton at QB assuming GA & co still love him. They need to get out of that game. Pay whatever. I’ll donate. You guys donate. We need out. We can’t have a 1 win season and then go get destroyed by Ohio State. Just can’t happen without shit hitting the fan and head’s rolling. Another long-term issue: we need a QB. Garrettson might be a stop gap for this season. He’s better than Luton. Petras is the only possibility I see. Willard is awful and a mirror image of Luton on tape. If the staff had any ability to coach up QBs that’d be fine, but they don’t, so whatever the HS coach has instilled along with natural talent is what we get with Willard. Petras is the only one who seems naturally gifted.

Regarding McM, people are mad I’m harping on it. Yeah, because “Forget about it man he’s gone” is not a valid argument to the problem, which is the coaches believed he was the worst option (i.e. 3rd string). If that’s our coaching staff’s QB analysis then it’s a major problem.

Oregon State @ Washington State (Game Thread)

Go Beavs?

13.Sep.2017 Washington State Predictions

Let’s hear whatcha got.

I’m going 35-21 Cougs. Only hope is the team regroups, focuses, comes out angry for Conference play, and that Seth gives them a boost, but that all seems like a long shot. That’s why they play the game, though. Washington State might be looking past us. The quotes coming out this week haven’t been encouraging. Seemed like more finger pointing, mixed messages, and chemistry problems so I have to go Cougs.

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