23.Mar.2017 Video Now Enabled

Can you guys disabled your ghostery/ad blocker for this page so we can test this out. I’m doing a two week test trial with this company to see how things go.

The video player covers some of the categories, but it doesn’t seem that bad, and it looks like you can x out of it as well. This is on the desktop. My lady said it doesn’t show on her mobile device — for those of you using mobile, do you see anything? Now she’s saying it serves the video at the bottom.

Feedback appreciated. I’m not sure if it can be moved to a different spot yet. I’ve been tinkering with it. It’s also serving me the same video over and over so far, a women’s gymnastics video. This could be because we’re just doing a trial for now. I’ll have to get feedback from them on how often that rotates.

17.Mar.2017 Women’s Basketball/Tourney Thread

Game time is 2:05 pacific on ESPN2.

Let’s use this thread for any subsequent games as well.

On a side note, I mentioned in an earlier thread a content provider wants to put OSU/Pac-12 content on this site. This would entail a 400px video in one of the corners. Give me your feedback on that. Right now I run the site at break even thanks to donations, so it’s an intriguing option. Yet, I, like most of you, like the simple design and don’t like obtrusiveness. At this point, I was considering running a test script during a slow period (after WBB ends maybe) to see how good/bad it is. If it provides useful content, it might be a good thing. If it’s obtrusive and autoscrolls, that would likely annoy me to the point I’d question any revenue it generates. Let me know your thoughts on it. Would you turn off adblock for this site alone to run it? If it provides good content would you actually find it useful? Hit me with feedback, Beavlettes.

Baseball conference opener, SPRING FOOTBALL

Big weekend all around, FB spring game Saturday (PAC12 has blocked out 1-3pm for broadcast), WBB plays at 2pm Friday, and of course, Baseball today at 6 on PAC12 from Arizona State.
The conference schedule seems favorable in that the arms should be rested and have no mid-week game before hosting Arizona next weekend. Also seems nice to face the weaker of the two AZ schools first.

14.Mar.2017 General Thread

Not much to criticize at this point. A few topics to stir conversation:

  • How far do you think the lady beavs will go in the Tourney?
  • Is the baseball team legit, the competition weak, or a combination? Is Jake Thompson for real (no) or is this another head fake (yes).
  • What are you looking for in the spring game? I’m looking for improve WR play, would like to hear the OL looks serviceable, and of course which QB performs best.
  • Any word on this new AD and what, if anything, he’s doing? For those of you on campus, is it a smooth transition?
  • Etc, anything you wish.

Go Beavs.

08.Mar.2017 Ball State Series

Weather forecast indicates 17mph winds and light rain for Thursday, decent  Friday, and probably not enough rain to delay the doubleheader on Saturday.

Likely rotation is Heimlich (Fri), Tweedt and Thompson (Sat), but who’ll pitch Thursday?  Fehmel would have been a good guess before some of Casey’s remarks last week; could be him or Gambrell, Britton, or Martinek.  Heck, who knows, there are a number of arms we’ve not yet seen.  Pitching by committee?

Meanwhile, Eggers has a nice piece up on Andrew Moore.  Or, you may want to speculate on just when Mike Parker displaces Jon Warren in the broadcast booth.

Here is the (REVISED) link which should get you the school produced stream for the series:



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