24.Jun.2017 Greg Street — Worst Umpire Ever

I didn’t find much about this umpire in Google other than he’s an SEC umpire. It’s hard to understand how an SEC umpire is behind home plate in an LSU/OSU game. But anyway, this guy was the worst ump I have ever seen. In Little League, I remember a one-armed ump who once rang me up on a ball that bounced in front of the plate. I turned and said, “Are you fucking blind?!?” The catcher was laughing. That didn’t end well. But this ump was the worst since that one-armed up in Little League. Congrats, Greg Street.

I am making this post in the hopes he never umps again. When other people Google this ass clown, they hopefully see there’s a track record. If you have Twitter, send your complaints about him to: @NCAACWS

College World Series: LSU (Game 3)

Go Beavs!

23.Jun.2017 College World Series: LSU (Game 2)

Go Beavs!

19.Jun.2017 College World Series: LSU

Go Beavs!

17.Jun.2017 College World Series Thread

A lot to overcome once again, but these guys have proven they can block out noise.

Go Beavs!

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