14.Dec.2016 General/New Athletic Director

Originally this thread was about Scott Barnes. Now we’re hearing he’s not coming.


What do we know about this guy? Apparently he is the new AD, per this source.

They mention he’s from the PNW and was at Utah State (guess he knows GA well). Is he actually good? What evidence is there?

13.Dec.2016 Early Signing Day

Tomorrow. Should be a good day.

Go Beavs.

12.Dec.2016 General Thread

FTD and Willie Taggart (still not impressed).

General thread where anything goes, Beavlettes. Enjoy.

08.Dec.2016 Willie Taggart Impressions

This guy spewed populist rhetoric for a half hour. His words all fell flat. He talked about energy and gave a fake smile, but didn’t really seem to have said energy. He sounded nervous, rambled, and was reading off a script.

Zero fear of this guy as a Beaver.

Oregon hired him, reportedly, to get away from “flash” and style over substance, yet they opened the presser with a flashy video. Oregon is the only program in America that could hire Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson to their staff and still have zero substance. They just know no other way.

Edit: Link to press conference.

06.Dec.2016 Recruiting Talk

Some names to watch over the next few months.

  • Brian Cole
  • Jordan Agasiva
  • Juliano Falaniko
  • Craig Evans
  • Jamire Calvin
  • Rahyme Johnson
  • Brandon Pili

Per my hunches, sources, etc, I think Evans is the only good bet of the bunch, but the Beavs are 33-50% with most of the other guys. Battling maybe a school or two. In-home visit tonight with Calvin per Twitter. Personally I want as many high quality (legit 3 stars and above) DT and OLs as we can get.

Saw mention of Isaiah Miller in the prior thread. I think we lost him to an SEC school since they’re all coming late to the party and much closer to home. The perils of recruiting Florida…

Anyway, list names you’re hearing, what positions you think the Beavs should be recruiting for their final 6 slots, etc.

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