29.Apr.2016 Stanford @ Oregon State

As the great Connie Mack once wrote:

“You can’t win them all.”

Game times are 5:35, 1:35, and 1:05. All streaming here.

Go Beavs.

27.Apr.2016 Oregon State @ Oregon

Civil War baseball, and feel free to go off topic.

25.Apr.2016 Valley Football Center Discussion

The discussion in the prior thread was interesting. Let’s take it here and continue. Maybe list all your suggestions and vent your concerns, and I’ll email the thread to Stansbury.

This is the image that has people concerned. Observations are mainly that it looks like a strip mall, the roof is unaesthetic, etc.

Last year I was on the Nebraska forum talking up our new facility upgrades, and honestly if I still posted there I’d be walking away with my tail between my legs after looking at that building. Between this and the outside of Gill OSU has some major problems with aesthetics.

Do looks matter? That’s the debate we’ll have. I think they do when you’re in a recruiting battle, and to say we don’t want guys who care about that comes off as sour grapes.

All that being said, I’m going to wait until the building is complete before judging it, but right now it looks like a mid 80s strip mall.

19.Apr.2016 The Honest Truth about Dishonesty

Somewhat off topic, but I came across this book today and decided to begin reading it. Reason being, I’m curious how the Duck’s and their fans rationalize cheating.

I’ll get back to you in a few days and let you know if it’s any good.

If anyone’s read this book, how does it apply to cheaters/the Ducks/NCAA football as a whole?

Feel free to go off topic.

14.Apr.2016 Oregon State @ Washington State

Go Beavs

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