28.Sep.2014 Memorable AB Comments from USC

Some great comments tonight that sum things up.

1. Riley needs to go Last Samurai and fire himself in shame.

2. This was a fucking disgrace about which nothing will be done.

3. So obviously this game will be defined by the hail mary that shouldn’t have been. I’ve been following this thread and lurking on this site for a while now but that ONE PLAY made me want to spam every OSU message boards with “Fire Riley!” posts than any other in recent memory. With that ONE PLAY, I think (HOPE!) we have reached the tipping point in Riley’s career at Oregon State. There is no way people watching this game see that unfold and maintain their support. If they do, then our fan base is truly as broken as our coaching staff.

4. Wonder how many times we get told tomorrow how lucky OSU fans are to have Riley as a coach. 500 times is the minimum

5. And this one I wrote on Twitter @Riley: Earth moves around the sun; we call this time. You can figuratively stop it by saying “time out” or making a T with your hands.


By the way, when I try to follow Riley on Twitter I get this message: “You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.” Nice to see coach is open to criticism and suggestions. I guess when you have everything figured out, as he clearly does, you don’t need the input.

The thing about this game is the Beavers could have won it. The score makes it look like a blowout, but it really wasn’t. The defense played okay and they should have been in it ’til the end. The usual suspects cost them chance at victory (again).

27.Sep.2014 Oregon State @ USC (Game Thread)

Go Beavs

Why is College Game Day in South Carolina?

Inquiring minds want to know.

As you can see here, the show has been in SEC country 64 times.

By comparison:

Big 12: 22

Pac-12: 30

ACC: 32

Big 10: 50

Cheers to your terrible product, Disney. Let the propaganda machine roll on.

26.Sep.2014 Why AngryBeavs is Important

I am listening to the This American Life Expose on the Federal Reserve this morning, and this part of the transcript hits home:

David Beim writes in his report that when it comes to hiring bank examiners, the Fed, quote, “should be willing to take chances on individuals with the confidence to speak their convictions, even at the risk of getting somewhat disruptive personalities.” says they should be like the kid who cries out that the emperor has no clothes.

He’s the only one who dares say it because he doesn’t have ordinary social instincts, he doesn’t act politely. And somebody like that has to–or a number of people like that–have to be employed by organizations that want to be able to catch a big systemic problem brewing. They’re willing to say what they think is right, even if people don’t like them as a result. They don’t care.

The bold reflecting my own philosophies and the reason I started AB. The mainstream media is a bunch of cock gobbling yes men (and women–I am looking at you, Mamma Machado). AB is disruptive. And yes, I don’t care if not a single person likes me. Any time I say what needs to be said it feels like taking a massive mental shit.

I recommend everyone tune into this American Life this morning as it’s an excellent episode.

25.Sep.2014 Update on California’s “Yes means Yes”…

On September 2nd I wrote that this law was biased against male students, and it might result in athletes not attending California schools.

Well, it took only 13 days for Occidental College to take a law that hasn’t even been passed yet even further and make it even more Draconian, suggesting that Yes means No. Read the article here.

If you’re an 18 year old athlete, are you going to college in California? Expect USC, Oregon, and Arizona schools to get a recruiting windfall. Cue Jack to argue this incident isn’t biased against males.

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