08.Nov.2015 UCLA Post Game Thoughts

As noted throughout the game thread, Mitchell showed his warts and is at best a backup. Seth Collins is a better option that Mitchell. McMaryion threw one nice ball, then a first down that was dropped. Verdict is still out on him, but it seems like most fans are trending toward being on the same page: that we have no viable D1 QB on this roster (not factoring in Garretson, who we all hope is the savior).

Are we all on the same page with the QBs finally? I’ve seen enough Mitchell to know Collins is better. I’d like to see MM — not because I love him, he probably stinks — but rather to just settle it one way or another, just like with Mitchell. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two of these QBs transfer. GA should be recruiting another QB hard, yet he seems content with Moran. If Garretson is the QB next year, and he gets injured, then what? GA’s biggest problem, throughout his career, has been handling QBs, and I don’t like where things are going on that front. I feel he should be recruiting a JC or a highly rated prep right now (in addition to Moran).

The defense regressed, but some of that was the offense was once again off the field too fast. Football requires the units to be in sync, else things fall apart fast. GA is recruiting heavily on D, and for good reason. There should be a big improvement by year 3 on D, but even next year with all the talent he’s recruiting on that side.

Overall talent is an issue. Recruiting has been good this year, but it’s stalled lately. Word is some of these guys will go on missions so won’t count against this class. That’s good, because 0-star recruits from Oregon who hold offers from Wyoming and Portland State aren’t going to get the “impatient” Gary Andersen where he wants to be.

Sign of coaching problem: losing close games due to boneheaded decisions (time management, wrong personnel, etc).

Sign of talent problem: getting consistently blown out and just unable to compete.

Beavs have a talent problem. The coaches (Baldwin/GA on special teams) aren’t helping — they don’t put players in best position to succeed nor do they play call to the personnel they have, but rather to personnel they wish they had.

The worst part of Beaver football this year has been the lack of progress. If each week we saw some improvement or an overall direction, it would be easy to stomach what is going on, but the lack of progress has everyone disengaged. I think we’re all basically done caring or watching and all looking forward to hoops. This looks like a 3 year rebuild. Next year will be bad, too, as all these new recruits (who are better than Riley’s no doubt) have to take their lumps and learn. So year 3 is when we see better things. It’s going to suck. JC recruits could help. If I had one piece of advice for GA: recruit JC harder, get another QB, and encourage as much attrition as you can.

07.Nov.2015 UCLA @ Oregon State (Game Thread)

1:30 on Pac-12 network.

No predictions from here on out, because the Beavs should theoretically lose every game, except the one or two random games where they decide to bring their A-GAME (Ed Ray voice). Is that this weekend? Maybe. Maybe not. UCLA isn’t that great, despite their record. Probably not, though.

Go Beavs. Let’s see some more progress. Past few weeks we’ve had some glimpses of progress…

06.Nov.2015 General Thread


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05.Nov.2015 Western Oregon at Oregon State

The basketball team gets a warmup tonight with a 7pm exhibition in Corvallis. The game is on Pac-12.

Some quick hitters from the main site:

  • Oregon State returns all five starters for the first time since 2004-05.

  • The five seniors on the roster have played a combined 357 games.

  • In Pac-12 team production returning this season, Oregon State is second in scoring (90.4%), rebounding (92.4%), assists (94.4%), steals (92.1%), blocks (98.4%) and third in 3-point field goals (89.4%).

  • According to ESPN.com, Oregon State came in at No. 2 in the nation in experience returning with 93% RPMs (they used the percentage of minutes that a player is on the floor, multiplied by the percentage of possessions).

  • The 2015-16 recruiting class was ranked the 17th best in the nation by Lindy‚Äôs Magazine, 18th by Rivals, 19th by ESPN, 23rd by 247 Sports and 24th by Scout, making it the highest-ranking class in program history.

Go Beavs.

03.Nov.2015 How to Handle the Oregon State QB Controversy

  • Play Seth Collins inside the 10 yard line.
    • Reasoning: the field shrinks and life easier for DBs inside the 10. Let Collins do what he does best and run it in.
  • Play Nick Mitchell everywhere else.
    • Reasoning: takes advantage of his strengths (moving the chains/better flow) and minimizes his weakness.

Subject to change as we see more of Mitchell and dependent on whether the Seth Collins injury/transfer rumors are true.

Some variants are welcome, like running Collins on short yardage outside the 10, or using both QBs at the same time, but above is the best foundation.

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