02.Jun.2017 Corvallis Regional

I’m not a fan of the 8pm start time, nor am I a fan of Casey starting Jake Thompson game 1. The latter makes no sense. It will likely work out just because Holy Cross is bad. The only logic I can come up with for the more is that Casey knows Thompson notoriously chokes under pressure, and if for some reason Luke had lost game 1, there would be more pressure in game 2. That’s convoluted thinking, but I can’t see any other reason to pitch Thompson game 1.

Just shows the coaches (a) Don’t respect Holy Cross, which is going to piss them off and (b) bon’t have much confidence in Thompson in the post-season, either (i.e. they are pitching him vs the worst team and afraid of putting him in a pressure situation/game 2). Again, I’m sure he will be at least serviceable since Holy Cross is bad, but in my opinion it’s a bad move and it’s being done because they don’t have faith in Thompson.

Anyway, Casey is overthinking this and might blow it. If HC somehow wins shit will hit the fan. For the record, I think it will work out because these opponents are all weak, but it’s still stupid.

Go Beavs.

31.May.2017 General Thread

Let’s hear predictions for the Beavs in the CWS.

Since they’re #1 overall and having a historic season, the Beavs will have a target on their back every inning this post-season. When you’re a marked man like that, even teams like Yale and Holy Cross become dangerous in a short series. I’m not saying those teams will beat the Beavs, but the Beavs will be under constant attack from everybody, and added with the nerves of the post-season, it could be a recipe for an early exit. I see Vanderbilt as an early threat. Maybe Stanford in the super regional…but since they’re marked any team can get them. Very curious to see how Jake Thompson does…

Also, on the Petras signing. I like it. His WRs are wide open in the film, so it’s hard to gauge much, but he moves okay and has a nice delivery.

Go off topic, etc.

25.May.2017 Baseball: Beavs vs Abilene Christian

The four game series gets underway at 5:35 today. All games can be seen on the school produced stream.

How’d the Beavs end up with this series?  Lundeberg at the GT has a piece which explains.  An excerpt: “When I found out we had the bye this weekend, I just got on the phone and started calling everyone,” said associate head coach Pat Bailey, who handles the team’s scheduling. “I hope as long as I’m here, we never have the late bye again.”


Should be great weather, GO BEAVS!

Tyner/O-Line/General Thread

Angry’s still out and the last post was nearing 300 comments, so thought I’d put up a clean new general thread.

Will have a separate thread for the baseball series so that doesn’t get cluttered with off topic conversation.

Something interesting I read from Sedge today was the possibility of Tyner playing for 2 years at Oregon State, as he applies for a medical hardship.  Wouldn’t that be something if he played for Oregon State this year and then grad transferred back to Oregon for his final season?

Also football related, it feels like the glaring hole on offense right now is a starting caliber offensive lineman for the right side.  We currently have 13 guys on the roster, and GA mentioned wanting to bring in one more guy this summer. Seems like grad transfer would be the likely route to make that happen, but who is currently available?

Feel free to talk about whatever you want if football bores you…

19.May.2017 Cougs/Beavs Baseball Thread

Starting a WSU series thread.  (Angry or OOB, feel free to delete if you already have something scheduled….)


Let’s see more of the same boys.

May 19 (Fri) 4:00 PM PT

May 20 (Sat) 1:00 PM PT

May 21 (Sun) 12:00 PM PT


All games Pac-12 Network or Mike Parker on radio

Radio web-link:  https://beta.tunein.com/radio/Oregon-State-Beaver-Sports-Network-s206510/

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