25.Apr.2016 Valley Football Center Discussion

The discussion in the prior thread was interesting. Let’s take it here and continue. Maybe list all your suggestions and vent your concerns, and I’ll email the thread to Stansbury.

This is the image that has people concerned. Observations are mainly that it looks like a strip mall, the roof is unaesthetic, etc.

Last year I was on the Nebraska forum talking up our new facility upgrades, and honestly if I still posted there I’d be walking away with my tail between my legs after looking at that building. Between this and the outside of Gill OSU has some major problems with aesthetics.

Do looks matter? That’s the debate we’ll have. I think they do when you’re in a recruiting battle, and to say we don’t want guys who care about that comes off as sour grapes.

All that being said, I’m going to wait until the building is complete before judging it, but right now it looks like a mid 80s strip mall.

19.Apr.2016 The Honest Truth about Dishonesty

Somewhat off topic, but I came across this book today and decided to begin reading it. Reason being, I’m curious how the Duck’s and their fans rationalize cheating.

I’ll get back to you in a few days and let you know if it’s any good.

If anyone’s read this book, how does it apply to cheaters/the Ducks/NCAA football as a whole?

Feel free to go off topic.

14.Apr.2016 Oregon State @ Washington State

Go Beavs

11.Apr.2016 Football Seems like a Mess

No buzz about this camp, issues at QB again, etc.

This report doesn’t help the mood. Sounds somber.

Also, this assessment by GA doesn’t make sense. The WRs are mostly all veterans who have shown they’re able to beat man coverage and make some plays (yeah, Bolden drops passes), but to act like they can’t get open is pretty ridiculous. Is GA protecting Garretson?

Anyway, watching videos the past few days and reading the papers, they make it seem like the program is a disaster. The rational side of me says:

  • Year 1: Have to play with Riley’s guys.
  • Year 2: Clean out Riley’s guys and bring in your own. Bad team.
  • Year 3: Your own guys are young, but things begin to improve. Team might be good, might be bad but light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Year 4: Good team

So I get it. But this is looking like a WSU level rebuild. I was hoping it would be more simple than that. Anyone else worried about GA’s track record with QBs? It seems like a glaring weakness, and he admits he’s not an offensive guy. First impression after reading the reports: this year could be brutal with a young defense and another iffy QB situation.


08.Apr.2016 Oregon State vs Central Arkansas

This season isn’t going as planned so far, but up next is a get well series. If it weren’t for the injuries, I’d say the Beavs would win the next 8 games. As it stands, who knows…but these are some soft and easy teams (that’s what she said).

Go Beavs.

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