08.Nov.2014 Washington State @ Oregon State (Game Thread)

Anyone else tuning out and not watching this meaningless game?

This will be the first one I (willfully) miss in years. Good job, Bob D, Ranker, and the rest of the crew. Bad football team = bullish for getting out and living live to the fullest, at least.

03.Nov.2014 Mike Riley, Ambassador

I tweeted this idea during the game and it was popular on twitter.

Riley needs to retire and become an ambassador. Offer to move him into a position off the field without embarrassing him and he might accept

I know everyone thinks money is the major issue, and it is definitely an issue, but I think a large part of the problem here is that Riley does not want to be humiliated, and the media/athletic department do not want to humiliate him. Everyone likes Riley. Hell I even like him as a human being. I just don’t think he can take this program to any relevant level. So the idea can’t be to just fire him. At least not yet while they’re still drawing good attendance. If fans stop going maybe then they’ll have no choice but to fire him. But right now it’s unlikely because attendance is okay and everyone (the media and most fans)  loves him as a person.

So the plan has to be to move him somewhere else in the athletic department. Maybe an ambassador who goes around the country doing interviews and promoting OSU, or someone who can visit recruits and close the deal, etc. I’m just throwing some ideas out there. He definitely cannot become AD. That would be even worse than BDC. But a more harmless and vague yet prestigious sounding title like “ambassador” might trick him into giving up coaching.

Nothing is going to change this year, but next year looks bad on paper, and if they win 3 games or so attendance will start to drop rapidly and there will be more converts. In order to avoid making a hasty decision, the AD should start thinking about this now and developing a succession plan, and one that does not humiliated Riley. That is the only way this era will end in a natural way that feels good for all involved.

Washington State @ Oregon State Pre Game

I don’t have much to say about the Cal game. In short, it went just about the way I thought:

This game will more likely come down to whether OSU’s defense can slow a good Cal offense. OSU’s offense matches up well vs Cal so I expect 30 something points.

You have to give Cal some credit, but overall the defense laid an ostrich-sized egg.

I still think Jarmon, Villamin, Brown, and Bolden are the best skill position players. Probably in that order. An offense cannot be based around Victor Bolden. Period. Brown gets 1 carry, it goes for a TD, and Riley doesn’t use him again. Jarmon gets only 2 touches. Villamin drops some balls, but overall he’s promising. Guys were down on him a few weeks ago for drops, but I said let’s give him a chance (because his frame and height were intriguing). Well he has turned out to be solid the past few games. If he can hit the jugs machine and get his drops down he can become a guy the passing game is based around.

Nobody cares about this because we’re so down on Riley, but some of the skill players are intriguing. The problem of course is Riley doesn’t know how to get them on the field, and when they are on the field Mannion is …Mannion.

With regard to Washington State, I had this penciled as a loss with Halliday at QB. I don’t know anything about the backup other than he had a Cornell offer, so he’s probably smart, which is more than the Beav’s QB can claim. I’d guess with a backup in there the Beavs can win this game, but I am not committing to anything this week because of all the changes.  In general, you’d think OSU can move the ball on WSU. In general, you’d think WSU won’t have as strong a passing game with the backup in there. Riley is good for his -7 handicap. Fans are bailing. It’s a lot to consider. I’d be curious to hear a report on the locker room morale.

This is the last reasonable shot at victory, so we’re looking at either a 4 or 5 win season and 7th straight Civil War loss.

01.Nov.2014 California @ Oregon State

I’m still going with the Beavs in this one on the idea Riley learned from last week (ha ha!) and gets his play makers like Jarmon, Brown, and Villamin more reps. Probably wishful thinking, and this game will more likely come down to whether OSU’s defense can slow a good Cal offense. OSU’s offense matches up well vs Cal so I expect 30 something points.


31.Oct.2014 Personnel issues and A Few Comments from Spring Revisited

From the preseason:

One more note: I expect Mannion’s numbers to go down this year. I realize he’s a senior and that usually bodes well, but Cooks was a huge reason for Mannion’s success, not the other way around. Unless a WR like Jarmon steps up in camp, I don’t see him doing as well.


Then this one:

Who will replace Brandin Cooks? My candidate is Hunter Jarmon. Jarmon is the better talent. Riley needs to groom Jarmon to take Cook’s role, which means he very likely will not.


Another player I liked in the spring was Chris Brown, though I can’t find my quotes on him. They’re probably in the comments since it’s not coming up in search. Let’s remember what Riley said about Brown:

Chris Brown is a good football player, and I have no reservations about playing him at all. It’s just not that easy to do and fit it all in together. But I’d like to. And like I said, I have no reservations whatsoever (about) him playing.”

So he has a good football player who he believes in, yet he has a hard time finding time to play him? Here is a clue how to get him on the field, Riley: you sit Woods and put in Brown. Problem solved.

The Beavs offense would be most dynamic with Jarmon, Bolden, and Villiman as WRs. Throw in Mullaney for possession downs or 4wr sets. And with Chris Brown at RB. Ward should be a 3rd down back. Woods just doesn’t click in the offense. Even when his stats are good there’s no flow for some reason, and he never seems to make meaningful plays. I think putting this lineup on the field automatically gives the Beavs +7 points per game and nullifies the “Riley factor”. But to the point: this is yet another example of Riley being very very slow to adapt and make personnel changes.

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