16.Mar.2015 General Thread

I was looking at National Championships by Pac-12 schools, and OSU has 3, with only WSU having fewer (2). For this reason, I think the women winning it all would be a big deal. Just the prestige of it. Beavs have to start adding trophies to gain respect, even if they are in secondary sports (it’s how UCLA ran up their total). From what I gathered, the wrestling team has a shot at a National Title, too. Is this correct? I have, no exaggeration, never watched a second of wrestling in my life, so definitely clueless on how the scoring and championship is decided.

Also, I am still looking for those Villamin and Songy quotes if anyone has them. Through the Beavrecruiting twitter handle, maybe we can setup some interviews with some of the outspoken players.

13.Mar.2015 OSU at Arizona State

Conference play begins today. The Beavs are 28-46 all time vs ASU, so this is always a tough series. 2 of 3 would be success.

I don’t have any insight into this game or series because I haven’t scouted ASU.

But from an individual perspective, a player I am worried about is Gabe Clark–he was disastrous in conference play last year. If Casey insists on hitting him cleanup it’s cause for concern, as he could be a rally-killer in that slot. Jim Wilson mentioned Clark likes the new ball. Maybe, and maybe that’s transformed him as a hitter, but like Thomas, I have to see it to believe it. That starts today.

6:30pm via stream. The next two games will be on pac-12 network.

11.Mar.2015 Beavs vs Colorado

6pm, pac-12 networks.

Go Beavs.

My prediction: Beavs 62, CO 49

10.Mar.2015 Portland @ OSU


Go Beavs

09.Mar.2015 Beavs Chances in the Pac-12 Tournament

Curious to hear opinions on how far the Beavs will go. I think they will beat CO, then the Oregon game is tough but winnable. IMO the Beavs have the easiest path of any lower seed.  The right side of the bracket kind of sucks. Utah and Oregon are both way overrated.

Here’s the bracket.

I think UCLA or ASU can upset Arizona, too, which could make this thing wide open. I’m cautiously optimistic they can make this interesting. I’m going bold here and saying they beat CO and Oregon. As soon as people buy in to the Cinderella story (and thus puts pressure on them), they lose to Utah/Stanford.


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