11.Jan.2017 General Thread

The Jamire Calvin thread is approaching 350 comments, lets bring the conversation here.  Feel free to share what’s on your mind.

Some possible topics:
-The concept of an NFL development league
-Baseball is getting closer and Jon Warren will reportedly be the voice in Spring.
-Our gal Mandy starting a website
-WBB heads to So.Cal.
-The new FB staff assignments
-As ever, FB recruiting

BREAKING…, we could talk about Riley firing Banker!

07.Jan.2017 Jamire Calvin to the Beavs

4-star WR.
Is this the first time a Beaver has committed during the Army American Bowl?

01.Jan.2017 New WR Coach: Jason Phillips of Kansas

I don’t know much about this guy as a coach, but the announcement coming tomorrow.
I read he coached the WRs/OC at Houston under Briles. So, sounds like this hire is (a) A move toward the wide open Baylor/Houston offense and (b) A Texas recruiting insider.

Go Beavs.

31.Dec.2016 General Thread

The last thread provided a heapin’ helpin’ of schadenfreude (and presidential politics), probably worth a new thread while waiting for angry’s return and all that recruiting action promised by nicebeaver in a couple weeks.

Feel free to go OT.
Some areas worth considering:
-WBB plays UW Sunday, should be a good test
-MBB showed heart vs UCLA, when are we gonna see results?

-Thoughts on additions to FB staff?
-Bowl games winding down, what’s the impact on the Beavs/the PAC?
-How can angry apply for that 20 member fan advisory board mentioned yesterday evening by OwnTheState?

GO BEAVS!………………oob

29.Dec.2016 Music City Bowl – game thread+

Smilin’ Mike and TPB’s from Nebraska vs Tenn Vols at 12:30 PST Friday.  oob here, stepping in not knowing if angry’s emergency will keep him from starting the discussion.

Riley’s a 7 pt dog in this one with a few injury excuses in his pocket. I’ll be watching clock management, use of time outs, overall team energy, and of course a hand jive demo. How can they possibly function w/o Bruce Read?

Oh yeah, will we see a two minute drill??
What are y’all looking for in this one?

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