01.Apr.2016 Washington @ Oregon State

I had to let April Fool’s play out, so baseball just going up now. Beavs win game 1 but lose their #1 pitcher for the year.

Both remaining games at 4pm. I’m going to make a WBB thread, so when I do that on Sunday post about baseball here not there.

Go Beavs.

AngryBeavs Gets Press Credentials

Now that I’m prime time, I have to censor you guys. Starting tomorrow, all comments will be moderated by me before showing up. Any commentor who curses will be warned and then subsequently banned after a second infraction. Excessive negative commentary will be banned. Anyone bashing race, women, religion, etc will be banned immediately.

Some more bad news: since the donation model isn’t working, angrybeavs is resorting to ads starting May 1st. I have a deal in place with an ad service. The ads will be obtrusive [so you click on them]. Also starting in May, there will be a premium section that’s behind a paywall, and that will cost $200 per year.

Go Beavs.

30.Mar.2016 General Thread

The other thread was getting slow, so let’s take it here. Spring ball, lady beavs, baseball…all in play.

Have at it.

28.Mar.2016 Lady Beavs/Spring Practice/Baseball

Ladies are at 6pm on ESPN (aka Ukrainian friends, for most of you degenerates). 😉

Football spring practice begins today. At least I hope it does — that date is from memory like a month ago. If it doesn’t, I’m sure angry@angry will let me know about it (for a decade straight).

Since these aren’t groundbreaking topics I lumped them together.

I’m not feeling great about this Baylor game, btw. I think the ladies win it with their big 3 playing A games, but the bit players really need to chip in a lot to make this happen. I know I picked them for the Final 4 months ago, but the more I look at Baylor (and that they’re essentially home), the more I dislike those odds.

Go Beavs.

26.Mar.2016 Oregon State (women) vs Depaul

3:30 on ESPN.

Go Lady Beavs!

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