15.May.2015 Was BDC Run out of Town?

So it’s sounding more and more like BDC did not want to leave, and he was run out by donors (?).

Anyone have insight?

It seems like BDC might have, ironically, sealed his own fate by hiring Gary Andersen and Tinkle. The hires raised the bar, and now are donors thinking they can get a better AD or Massari is a better AD fit with the new coaches? Or, is Gary Andersen behind this and maybe expressed he’d rather work with Massari than BDC?

Either way, sounds like Bob was run out, so if anyone could shed insight I think we’d all appreciate it. You can email me with info if you don’t want it public.

13.May.2015 Andersen Recruiting

Curious to hear how you guys feel about the start of this recruiting cycle.

My opinion: the offers going out seem to be of higher caliber and with more mutual interest from better players, but in terms of results, so far it’s the same as Riley (0 stars, 2 stars, and 3 stars) and guys with NR rankings on Rivals. I realize that will probably change as their tape is reviewed.

Anyway, that’s my feeling on it. I thought we’d get more immediate recruiting results. I was predicting a top 35 class, if not better, but so far that looks off.

11.May.2015 Bob DeCarolis Retires

Now this is newsworthy.

My initial thoughts: Every AD will have bad hires (look at even the best athletic departments). Bob D had a lot, and was slow to react and fire, probably due to the perception that OSU didn’t have the budget to fire coaches, but also based on some reports there was fear of confronting Riley and setting standards. Weird.

But he also hired Rueck, Tinkle, and Andersen and has left all major programs at their highest points (at least in terms of potential) and even some of the minor programs. Even the Craig Robinson hire, while not good, resulted in a new basketball facility. In general, he had a hand in the all of the positives going on.

So while he had a major faceplant for most of his tenure, he did do some great things, especially at the end. I’d say, as a whole, athletics are better now than when he was hired. When Riley left, it was a feeling of relief (don’t let the door hit you on the way out). With Bob D it’s less of that. At least for me.

Good luck and enjoy life, Bob D. His email is: bob.decarolis@oregonstate.edu if anyone wants to write him personally.

08.May.2015 Utah @ Oregon State

5:30, 1:30, and 12.

Go Beavs!

28.Apr.2015 General Thread

Have at it, savages.

Hey, any of you plan to upload the spring game? I’d still like to watch the entire thing and give feedback on it.

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