08.Jan.2015 Arizona State @ Oregon State

6:00 PM Fox Sports 1
Go Beavs

07.Jan.2015 Beaverblitz goes full Nuclear

A commenter wrote:

“Found this gem on the blitz forums.”

I know we have a lot of new folks, so let’s get this much straight…ReplyIf it wasn’t obvious, posting content from the Lodge and/or Blitz subscription content on other sites will get you blacklisted from reading the Lodge and reading subscription content.Some of you doing so aren’t even smart enough to use different user ID’s…  We’ll always have the cheesy weasels that steal content and pass it off as “I’m hearing…” (and then even dumber people eat it up believing that person has sources, but the reality is that all they know is what they get from reading/stealing from Blitz).But some of you are shockingly stupid. If it’s an “innocent mistake” and you had no concept of respecting intellectual property… eh, ok. But, it seems some of you are just a-holes that dwell in the lowest realms of the internet think that you got a free trial, and that means you can roll in for free, and just post all that you read here on other sites and act like “oooh, lookey, I have this to share with you my fellow know-nothing troglodytes”.And, again… wow, some of you are stunningly stupid in terms of how easy it is to track you.My advice, when you find your account blacklisted, don’t send Angie an e-mail asking what happened.  If you’ve been posting content from the Lodge and/or subscription articles on other sites, you’ll know why you were banned.

I know some people here don’t find this interesting. That’s fine. This thread can be a continuum of general discussion. But I care about it a lot, as someone who produces quality content for free. I highly recommend watching this video, which explains better than I can, benefits of open content. Skip to 10 minute mark if you’re impatient.

Regarding what we can do. As I mentioned, I might implement a small area at the top of the page that tracks recruiting news. Users can insert news into it as they find it on Twitter. It might be 5 minutes after Blitz, but maybe not, as Blitz stole information from this site and from Twitter. That’s the ultimate irony of all this — they also take video from Hudl and youtube and put it behind a pay wall.

05.Jan.2015 General Discussion

There’s nothing I want to write about right now.

So have at it in a general discussion until something interesting pops up.

03.Jan.2015 Civil War Basketball

5pm on ESPNU

I just can’t get enough of watching Tinkle’s style. Hope it translates in conference play…

Go Beavs

30.Dec.2014 Possible Poaches

Some names I’m hearing…

Utah: Philip Afia and Taylor Thomas.

Wisconsin: Estes, Aydon and Sagapolu

Uncommitted: Jay Irvine (friends with Taylor Thomas). Irvine looks way too good to be ranked only 3-stars (pretty good offer sheet, too). Seems he was overlooked due to the Florida talent pool.

There’s good reason to be nervous about this recruiting cycle, but have faith in GA to put together a plan. And for the record, he can contact recruits during the dead period, just not in-person. People confuse dead period with no contact.

During a dead period a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents, and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high schools. Coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period.


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