25.Aug.2017 Final Thoughts on CSU Game

I still don’t have a feel for the score. Game 1s are always hard to predict because we have so many new guys whom we’ve never seen play. Luton is obviously the key one. If he’s good, I think we win this one pretty easily. If he’s bad to mediocre it will be a struggle.

People are putting a lot of emphasis on the run game. I get it we have great backs on paper and agree with that, but it seems people are assuming it’s a given they put up 300 yards and 4TDs on CSU. I’d tame that until we see these guys in action.

People are discounting the flight, altitude, and new stadium for CSU. All work against OSU.

I like OSU’s mindset in all the interviews I’ve seen. They seem confident without saying as much. A little giddy, even, almost like they think they’re onto something special this year. With so many young players and guys learning new positions that is likely a year off, but it’s good to see the players believing in themselves. That’s contagious and an intangible. Problem is if things don’t go your way, with so many young guys it can snowball.

I’ve thought about the game a lot, and gun to my head prediction: 35-34 CSU

But, for those of you thinking we win big, I get it and can see why you think that. If Luton has under 2INT and is efficient I can see us winning comfortably. Very important to get off to a good start. Can’t be lethargic and whatnot. The flight leaving today doesn’t help in that regard. This will all be interesting. Many dynamics at play tomorrow. Go Beavs!

17.Aug.2017 General Thread/Early CSU predictions

General thread leading up to game day.

What’s your biggest concern? For me, Center and QB.

Watching this Houston video didn’t help. For one he looks undersized, but then he mentions he’s been snapping it too low. It’s giving me visions of fumbled snaps and Luton INTs game 1.

How about laying down your early CSU predictions? I still can’t get a feel for this game (mostly because I haven’t seen Luton and have no idea what production to expect there). Early gut feel is we turn it over several times when we pass, but also rack up a lot of rushing yards. It feels slightly more like a loss than a win to me, but I’m not at all sure. I’m taking the a@a easy way out and going with no opinion.

10.Aug.2017 Nemec Blocks Our Recruiting Handle / General Thread

And my personal handle as well.

Just another reason not to read the Oregonian?

He pretty much stole all our recruiting info anyway, so he basically just cannibalized himself.

New podcast with the dope (Sprague) and Mamma Machado. I haven’t listed to it yet. I don’t want to dedicate an entire thread to Nemec, so let’s go general, too.

09.Aug.2017 Top 10 Game Changers on the Roster

A few slow days before the next scrimmage, so let’s have a little fun with this.

Barring injuries, who do you see being game changers on either side of the ball? Limit your list to 10.

My list:

  • Nall
  • Tyner
  • I. Hodgins
  • David Morris (not yet a starter, but a potential game changer if he gets the nod…I think he should).
  • Blake Brandel
  • Togia
  • Seth Collins (Only in the slot. Great move to put him there with Noah).
  • W. Payne
  • X. Crawford (not as high on him as many, but he probably fits).
  • Aydon

These are guys who stood out to me on film or with their play last year and/or scrimmages as explosive difference makers for the upcoming season. There are guys on the roster who aren’t on my list who I do like for next year. And leaving Pierce off was a tough one. I like him. He reminds me of an SEC RB. But I’m not sure he’s a game changer. Just a nice all around back. Morris has me the most intrigued. Very bright kid who can win the S job and dominate if things fall into place. I also left most LB and DL off the list because I’m just not as familiar with that group as I should be. I hate to admit this, but I think it’s because I get confused who is who with all the Polynesian names that I can’t spell or pronounce. E.g. Vakameilalo and Taumoelau are basically the same guy to me. A big Poly defensive guy who I confuse with all the other big Poly defensive guys with long, complex names. Sorry?

You guys can fill in the game changers on that unit. And maybe give me some tips on how to keep track of those dudes in my head.

03.Aug.2017 Bend Scrimmage

First off, who’s going? Start time has been moved due to heat in case you didn’t hear. Also, maybe shoot some footage and upload it to youtube.

Anyway, what are you guys looking for tomorrow night? Obviously for me that’s Jake Luton’s performance. Hopefully we get to see all three QBs with the starting WRs, RBs, and offensive line, so we get a nice comparison point. Speaking of which, I’m also curious to see the line play. We keep hearing it will be a weakness. I’m not as bearish on the line as the major publications. Some interesting side stories for me are Villamin’s performance to see if this bounce back narrative is correct, and who’s returning kicks/punts — we could have an explosive return unit this year with the right unit.

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