16.Jun.2016 Conditioning, Injury rates, and the future

We’ve surpassed the 250 comment threshold (and not a single Miles Davis youtube!) on the previous thread. Continued discussion of current political/gun control news can move here, and any reports on the status of ODFW and controlled hunt results is more than welcome.

But, to get back to the Beavs, a recent piece by Gina again highlights the general area of training for SA’s. While Evan Simon’s story is inspiring, it also can provide a jumping off point for a discussion of the overall state of systems used to prepare Beavs for PAC12 competition.

Does history really show that our FB team suffers more injuries than the competition? In baseball, do our pitchers actually have a higher rate of careers interrupted by TJ surgery? Are there ways to get facts to answer these questions without settling for small samples or incidental observations? Can we expect improved results from the new FB staff; and will a “return to the mean” cause Too Late Nate’s guys to be more consistent? Thoughts?


08.Jun.2016 Keeping Current Format/General Thread

After thinking about all input, I decided to keep this format, and go with two “authors” (oneoldbeav and nicebeaver). These guys will hopefully be around if I’m not to put up a thread or reboot a thread if it gets very long (I’d say 250 comments or 10 Miles Davis youtubes, whichever comes first).

We’ll see how this goes and then reassess. I feel confident in the new AB team! Go (angry) Beavs!

07.Jun.2016 Move to Forum Based Site

It really makes no sense for me to keep making general threads during slow periods when, with a forum based system, users can make their own topics and discuss what interests them. To make this transition will cost money (e.g. to buy and customize themes, etc), so any donations can be sent via paypal — please send as a “gift to friends” so they don’t take a fee. I think a forum would be a music better idea. So, send me some themes you guys like. I want to use phpbb forum software, as I’ve found it the most advanced and versatile over the years. I could use some help finding a phpbb theme that’s compatible with smart phones as well.

From the last topic:

So, during these slow periods I have nothing to write about.

Would you rather have nothing going on, or do you want me to bring the forums back? I might ditch wordpress all together and make angrybeavs.com a forum. I’m leaning towards that because then people can talk about what they wish.

What type of categories would you want for a forum?

Football, Basketball, Baseball…recruiting info separate or just include it under those 3?

Women’s sports a separate area or include under those?

Maybe a general discussion and “other” for things like wrestling, volleyball, etc?

Give me some ideas. This area is going to die because I’ve got nothing, so we need to move to the forums. It will be much more lively if this area disappears and we only have the forums, and people can create their own discussions.

01.Jun.2016 General Thread/recruiting thread

Some nice pickups the past few days. Rivals has Morris and Taylor as 5.7, which is the highest a recruit can go before getting a 4-star. Taylor very likely will be a 4-star. Now the harder part of keeping these guys.

Back to the social justice warrior talk in the other thread, this video is pretty good, and it relates to what’s going on on college campuses. Nice to see growing backlash against these people.

30.May.2016 Beavs Get Snubbed

Was this payback at the pac-12 for bombing in the basketball tournament?

Beavs weren’t good all year and had a shaky rotation, so in a way it’s fair, but with a strong finish/sorting out the rotation, at least give them a tough draw somewhere.

Casey being slow to make obvious and necessary changes was the difference.

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