20.May.2014 I was going to Drive to Eugene to Watch Baseball but…

I ran out of gas.

(As promised this is the fart thread (and baseball) all in one).

19.May.2014 Can we Stop the Pee Jokes…

Already dreading “he pissed that one away” after every loss, but in the off-season, too?

Et Tu, Beavlettes?

Tomorrow’s itinerary: a thread dedicated to fart jokes.

17.May.2014 Yep, it was all about Money (As Always)

Per Canzano

One final thought on the Ben Howland negotiation… I’m told my figures of Howland wanting $2 million annually plus $250,000 per assistant were exactly on the money. Oregon State just couldn’t fathom eating those numbers while also paying Craig Robinson to go away.

Looks like the dissenters and trolls were wrong again.


16.May.2014 Washington @ Oregon State

Weekend baseball thread.

14.May.2014 Bob DeCarolis: Gas Money Guy

No official word about this, but I have heard Howland isn’t the coach due to money.

Just want to make an observation about Bob D: He reminds me of the friend we all seem to have who at 40 or 50 and bringing in six figures, is still asking everyone in the car for gas money when he drives up to Portland. From here on out I declare Bob D “Gas Money Guy”. Let’s see if this sticks like Lucy and the football, Ranker, Biley, and all the other great AB slogans/nicknames/observations.

By the way, if you’re asking for gas money after high school your friends hate you–consider this a public service announcement.

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