01.Oct.2014 Oregon State @ Colorado

Thanks to last week’s game versus Cal, Colorado is putting up gaudy numbers.  The QB has almost 1800 yards and 17TDs. That being said, Sean Mannion historically has performed very well versus below average defenses, and this CO defense is up and down but overall not very good. Now, I have not watched a single snap of Buff football, so this is based on last year and the stats, but I think OSU wins this game just due to Mannion playing well versus bad defenses.

The Beavs are 4-2 in this series, but most of that was pre-1990. Just one game (last year’s 44-17 win) after 1988. They are 1-2 in Boulder, but again all old data sets.

OSU’s offense is a pass happy disaster, but I think CO is one team that can work against.

31-28 OSU

30.Sep.2014 Mighigan Holds Anti-AD Rally

Over concussion protocol.

What would OSU fans do in this situation?

“Bob D is the best we can do”, if they even noticed the botched protocol. Then, if someone did notice the error (like we here at ABs) and started a petition, they would shit all over it and say you can’t enact change from a blog.

Beaver fans deserve what they get.

ESPN Front Page Headline

On a Tuesday. And on the day MLB playoffs begin.

Saturday on ESPN & WatchESPN: College GameDay in Oxford, Mississippi
Statewide Pride
The Bulldogs and Rebels have given the state of Mississippi plenty to cheer about. On Saturday, the teams share a common goal.

Absolutely pathetic.

29.Sep.2014 Survival Skills — Denying Denial

I was reading this article and came across a sentence, highlighted with bold, that I believe applies to the Beaver fanbase:

Deny Denial

It is in our nature to believe that the weather will improve, that we’ll find our way again, or that night won’t fall on schedule. Denial, which psychologists call the “incredulity response,” is almost universal, even among individuals with excellent training. David Klinger, a retired Los Angeles police officer, describes in his book Into the Kill Zone that while moonlighting as a bank guard he saw “three masked figures with assault rifles run through the foyer of the bank.” His first thought was that the local SWAT team was practicing. His second was that they were dressed up for Halloween. Klinger later said, “[I thought] maybe they were trick-or-treaters. It was just disbelief.” (He did recover from denial to shoot the criminals.) One of the most common acts of denial is ignoring a fire alarm. When my daughters were little, I taught them that the sound of a fire alarm means that we must go outside. Standing in front of a hotel at about two o’clock one cold Manhattan morning, I explained to them that it was nicer to be on the street wishing we were inside rather than inside wishing we were on the street. Denial plays a large role in many wilderness accidents. Take getting lost. A hiker in denial will continue walking even after losing the trail, assuming he’ll regain it eventually. He’ll press on—and become increasingly lost—even as doubt slowly creeps in. Learn to recognize your tendency to see things not as they are but how you wish them to be and you’ll be better able to avoid such crises.

It seems like reality is slowly setting in. This weekend I saw Mamma Machado getting snarky and questioning decisions on Twitter. Also the Pollys over at pure-orange took their heads out of their collective asses and out into the fresh air. Angrybeavs remains the site for intelligent Beaver fans, and like Isaiah we’ll begrudgingly lead the dimwits of PO and BB from darkness into light. Amen!


28.Sep.2014 Sean Mannion is not a Great QB

This isn’t based on Saturday. It’s based off his entire career. He’s Derek Anderson.

But for those who like numbers, he doesn’t have any signature wins in 4 years (unless you give him 10-7 over Wisconsin in 2012) and wilts in the spotlight (4INTs vs Washington in 2012 when the Beavs were looking to go to 7-0, 4INTs in Civil War. He is now 0-7 vs Oregon, USC, and Stanford, which are the most meaningful games the Beavs play in any given year. Another big game vs Texas was a loss. So he is 0-8 in “big games”. If you want to call Wisconsin a big game, then he is 1-9 (because you have to include Wisconsin 2011, which he lost 35-0).

Yet because he sets passing records, which has a lot to do with him starting as a freshman and Riley becoming pass happy(e.g. over 600 pass attempts last year), people believe he’s a great QB. Stats mean little from a QB, and the ones that do matter are things like 3rd down conversions and wins. Mannion beats up on inferior opponents, but he cannot perform once the competition falls between good to elite. He is the prototypical “tweener” who will get drafted high due to height, pedigree, and other measurables. There are always dumb, bottom-feeding owners like Al Davis who eats up a guy’s look and his passing records, but he will be out of the NFL within 2 years.

What is worse, Mike Riley has decided to make Sean Mannion the team’s identity. Usually he says “the team has to find their identity”…well what we have had under Mannion is Riley forcing what he thinks the identity should be—as passing team. This is a big problem since Mannion is just average.

But that is the topic of another thread. The big picture here is that Sean Mannion, much like Mike Riley, is not clutch. He’s a tweener, a deer-in-headlights wannabe gunslinger who can only sling it versus mid-tier and lower opponents. A great quarterback single-handedly wins games, and they also make the players around them better. Forget the passing yards and how he looks.

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