07.Aug.2015 Daily Barometer Videos

Some great videos uploaded by the Daily Barometer, taken from the live Brian Rathbone Periscope feeds that people may have missed earlier today.

The Jordan Villiman one is incredible. That dude will be a telecaster one day.

Fall Practice

One thing Mamma Machado had right is that the eve of Fall practice feels like Christmas eve (so does the night before kickoff), and that spring practice is meh. Agree completely with her on that, at least now with Andersen at the helm.

I think the most interesting thing to witness this Fall is the change in mindset. The quote from Larry Scott yesterday was just another in a long series that basically confirms Riley was soft and holding guys back. It’s as close to fact as possible at this point. When people analyze the 2015 team, are they taking into account players were mentally and physically weak, their “inner beast” could not be unleashed? Because to me that sounds like a team that’s about to explode. Everyone is underrating this group. Fans of this site say the cupboard is bare and there’s no talent. That’s ridiculous. There is talent up and down the roster. The OL will be sneaky great; the WRs could be the best group in the Pac-12. QB is skewing everyone’s opinion, but with GA open to mixing and matching QBs, and the fact they don’t have to do much in the passing game given this group of WRs, I’m just not that worried about it. The QB situation is overstated too. I reiterate, 5 wins minimum with focused and intense football, which will make the losses bearable.

The downside, as always, is we’re all a year older and balder.

06.Aug.2015 The Dam Podcast

I am trying this Sprague/Machado podcast out. First episode aired today. I just started, so no opinion yet, but here you go if you’re interested.


I’m listening now. Machado is hilarious. She was such a supporter of Riley, yet she’s already saying there’s much more excitement around this camp. Duh, because Riley was a problem, which I told you over and over, Mamma.

Maybe more comments as I work through this thing.

What is with the Official Site?

What is this crap? I went to the site looking for updated rosters and find this:




Is this random clip art? That 2nd image looks like a bad 80s cartoon.

Way to nail it this time, marketing department.

03.Aug.2015 Riley Pretending to be Modern (again)

This is funny.

So while at Oregon State, a few miles from the Ducks and watching them kill him ever year, he never thought to take inspiration from that offense. Now at Nebraska, he does?

Just shows how complacent he’d become. Now that fans have demands (not just expectations), there’s a fire under his ass, and he’s suddenly open to ideas.

Also hilarious is this:

“We just have to be really careful in what we select to do.¬†And then, like I said, we’ve got to practice it like crazy so it becomes our identity. That’s what you’re always looking for.”

Always looking for that identity, Mike. How about this for your identity: a guy who is a chameleon, poseur, changing only to meet expectations of the job and nothing more…oh, and not knowing how to utilize players or timeouts. There’s your identity, buddy.

From a guy who emailed me this article:

I love how he is actually willing to change when someone puts their foot up his ass and he knows his job is in the balance if he doesn’t perform.

Precisely. Well said. Riley is the worst.

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