05.Mar.2017 These Guys Clearly Want Luton to be the QB

Reading between the lines in this article, it’s pretty clear these guys still don’t want to start McM.

If Luton starts the year and is bad/worse than McM, there is going to be hell to pay, on this site at least. The QB evaluation problems are getting beyond frustrating. Hard to believe a JC guy that almost every P5 team passed on is the answer. It’s like these coaches made up their minds (maybe before practices even began) who they want to win the job and are just going through the motions to give an illusion of competition. Also seems like they’re trying to make Luton into Falk or some other ideal of what they think a QB should look and act like. Hope I’m wrong, but I sense it.

Lady Beavs Championship Game

Should be a good one vs Stanford. 6pm on ESPN2.

Go Lady Beavs.

03.Mar.2017 UC Davis vs Oregon State

5:35 start time.

My guess is there will be a feed since there’s a “watch” button on the main site.

We might as well use this post to cover the Portland game on Tuesday, as well.

Go Beavs.

01.Mar.2017 Are We Getting Ahead of Ourselves with Gary Andersen?

As I watch the stock market skyrocket over a 30 minute populist speech, it makes me wonder if we fans, too, are getting ahead of ourselves. Why are stocks at all time highs? There are many irrational reasons, but the largest seems to be a promise of prosperity sometime in the future. And Nationalistic prosperity at that, just like the good ol’ days. I guess the idea is that people will spend their newfound coal wages on products U.S. corporations make (in China). What the stock buyers aren’t realizing is U.S. Dollars won’t have much value to buy a whole lot of Chinese goods and even fewer American goods, and no single man is going to change that. So for sure the market has gotten ahead of itself.

It made me wonder: are we Beaver fans getting ahead of ourselves? It is almost accepted as fact that Gary Andersen will win 7 or so games next year. The logic being they finished strong, he has his players, they’re all bigger and stronger, won the Civil War, etc. The CW victory was great, but it’s lead to many assumptions that border on expectations. In hiring Gary Andersen, we were promised a winning team some time in the future, and fans seem ready to buy the story that this is that year.

A good question would be: what is a fair and reasonable expectation for year 3? And, did the way the Beavs finish last year put fan expectations ahead of where the team actually is? I know a lot depends on the offensive line and all the obvious issues, but I’m talking in broader strokes here. As a fan, is this the year you expect return on investment?

Go Beavs.

22.Feb.2017 General: All four major sports active now

Great time of the year: Baseball plays 4 beginning Thursday, FB practice continues, WBB with a BIG game Friday, and……MBB coming off a win to face Tree tonight!

The last thread was a good one, speak up if a baseball only thread is wanted before conference play begins.  Meanwhile lets use this one like the last…general.

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