10.Dec.2014 Rest In Peace, the False Narrative

Blitz had this article up on Thursday after Riley bailed.

We’ve all seen what The Oregonian (Lindsay Schnell and Ken Goe) has written about OSU.

With the poaching of Gary Andersen from Wisconsin, I ask sincerely: can we put the false narrative that OSU is a cow-town that nobody would ever (a) want to coach in or (b) want to play in….to rest?

Everything I predicted years ago has come true. Riley was the problem. The fanbase is stoked. We could upgrade the coach, etc. Welcome to the era of what we’ve all wanted. It feels surreal, but this is the NEW narrative.

Gary Andersen

Welcome aboard.

Matt Wells only better. McKalk is going to be happy with this one.

Home Run hire. Scratch that, grand slam hire.

Valley Football Center/Coach Donations

The press conference is taking place now at this link: http://pac-12.com/videos/oregon-state-university-2

With Riley gone, I plan to make a donation to both.

I do encourage others do the same, as this is our chance (with Riley gone) to do some things.

You can donate here and choose exactly where you want the money to go. Even if you can only donate a few bucks do it. Things add up.

Bronco Mendenhall

Bronco has been offered the OSU job. He is weighing the decision but he has a verbal offer, and OSU is planning to make the announcement on Monday who their new coach is. I have talked to BigCoug personally, who is a poster on another board I frequent and he is connected very well to the athletic department and several big donors. It will probably be leaked by the media sooner than later.

I know a lot of you guys are down on him, but he’s #1 on my list of defensive guys who we could realistically get. I think the mystery candidate stuff was all BS or said mystery candidate was just using OSU for leverage. We can’t get either Harbaugh. Kirby Smart unlikely. So then you get into guys with that profile who actually would take the job, and Bronco is #1 on that list. His teams always play good, aggressive D, has a power run game, and always has a savvy QB. He could probably get higher talent at OSU and do even better. I don’t think he is known as a great recruiter, but maybe he could get someone on staff for that.

Overall if he is the guy I’d rank it an 8/10. He’s only 48, too, so the idea he’s washed up isn’t reality.

I like Frost, Wells, and all the young guys you like, but they’re high risk for many reasons, and I also don’t know if their teams would play defense. I also like that Bronco has an OSU connection but not an incestuous one.

Think about this:

(1) A week ago, would you trade Riley for Mendenhall? In a heartbeat.

(2) Albatross of Riley’s contract gone, and with a better coach on hand.

(3) OSU got 500k for Riley.

(4) Career record of 90-38. Five top 25 finishes. 10 straight bowl games. Experience and winning.

I see nothing bad from hiring Bronco Mendenhall.

09.Dec.2014 New Day, New Coach, New Thread

So the speculation is clearly just that and nobody knows anything yet. How about we think about what would make this coach a good hire?

I don’t think young and exciting = automatic good hire. Nor does someone over 50 automatically = bad hire. We need to be careful of the natural tendency to want the opposite of the last coach, which is just emotional backlash. Emotional decisions are rarely good ones. Personal story, but I remember dating a somewhat conservative girl years ago…then getting bored with her and going the opposite direction. That got scary fast. Rinse, repeat.

If I were in charge of this hiring, I’d step back and ask what it takes to win in this conference. Personally, I’d go for a defensive minded coach. The two best OSU teams (2000 and 2006) were based around defense and ground attack. When we look at Stanford’s run it was based around D and a ground game, and even Arizona this year. So I’d go with D and then supplement that with a ground game and savvy/heady QB. This guy doesn’t need to set passing records, just make clutch throws and convert 3rd downs at a good rate. The teams setting passing records (OSU and WSU) are also the teams finishing in the cellar. For this reason, I don’t like Beau Baldwin in any capacity, even OC. My #1 guy is Kirby Smart. Doubt he’s even on OSU’s radar. But he fits the bill. If they could land him and an OC who understands game flow and has good instincts (to know what is predictable, when, and why) I’d be happy.

Boring? Maybe. But that would win big. This is a reason I like Mendenhall despite some disliking him. He runs that exact style.

Regarding Matt Wells, Scott Frost, etc. They are both worth hard looks and I like them, but if I were interviewing them I’d grill them on their defensive philosophy and understanding of game planning for each opponent (something Banker was terrible at–same D no matter who he was playing).

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