23.Jan.2016 Seth Collins Transfers

I’m a little late to get this up, but per O-live he’s gone.

This just wasn’t a good match, so I’m glad he’s gone. Will he succeed somewhere else? Probably not as a QB, but with a year off now to simply work on throwing and his grades, maybe he makes strides. But I don’t think that was going to happen at OSU due to circumstance, so it’s best for all. He was clearly delusional about his QB skills, and maybe people will be more willing to admit this now that he’s not wearing orange and black.

I don’t think his attitude (me first) was good for the locker room, either. So ultimately I’m happy about this, even if he turns out to be a very good player for someone else. OSU now has another scholarship open to go find a playmaker. Go Beavs!

20.Jan.2016 UCLA @ Oregon State

8pm. This will be the third straight game on ESPNU. So far that channel hasn’t treated the Beavs well.

What I see is a team that’s young and somewhat clueless what it takes to win vs good opponents. They got by Oregon on adrenaline, and I think Cal was an instance of feeding off the home crowd and taking out some of that bad Stanford loss. But I don’t see a team bringing their own emotions and energy to a game, night in/night out, and that’s the problem. They’re also a bad road team, just like last year.

Tinkle showed some major warts on that road trip, especially with his lineup/rotation at the end of the game. Olaf out there, and Olaf taking key shots? That just can’t happen under any circumstance (i.e. even if he makes the shots). As a coach, you don’t want and can’t have your worst players taking key shots at the end of games.

17.Jan.2016 Oregon State vs Utah

5:30 on ESPNU

Simply put, they have to make up for the bad loss with a good win. If the Beavs want to make the tourney, they have to starting winning some tough games when the adrenaline just isn’t there like it was for Oregon.

Eubanks seems to have confidence issues now (only 6 points per game in conference play, and his game is getting worse). His body language has changed, so I think it’s a confidence problem. Tinkle and Thompson have to start getting starter minutes. They’re in the mid 20s, but Olaf and Morris-Walker still average more. Less Olaf, more Tinkle. Less Langston, more Thompson.

Go Beavs.

15.Jan.2016 General Thread

Since Jack loaded up the other one with videos. This is why I want to go to a forum as the main page. If that happens, people can just make their own new topics when I’m not around.

People seem so against making AB a forum, but I think it’s a good idea if anyone can start their own topic.

Anyway, discuss anything, but don’t load up the thread with youtubes, please.

13.Jan.2016 OSU @ Colorado

8pm on ESPNU.

Big game, need to split the trip.

Go Beavs.


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