02.Feb.2017 Spring Ball Thread

Curious to hear what you guys are looking for in spring ball?

My list:

  1. Who will step up on the offensive line?
  2. Which WRs will make a move to replace last years poor corps?
  3. Will McM be able to hang on to the job? My feeling is the coaches want Luton to win it.

01.Feb.2017 2017 Recruiting Rankings

There are so many guys in this class that I couldn’t watch 25+ pieces of film in great detail, but after 2 minutes or so you can see what a guy is all about. This is my analysis based on cursory look at their film (though, I would also look at their film throughout the year when  the names came up). If you disagree with any, let me know, and I can go back and watch a longer clip and adjust if I agree. Anyway, these are my ratings. Also, I found it harder than ever to rank these guys. There is a fine line between each one. That’s unique. Under Riley, there would be very large and obvious gaps between each 3 star. Here, the difference is almost negligible. Further proof GA is recruiting a different type of 2 or 3 star guy — on that is more developed and has more upside. These guys are all muscular, aggressive, and intense players. The exact type of 2 or 3 star you can win big with.

Anyway, here are my rankings. I do it by “star”, then in order of who I think is the highest caliber in that tier.


Isaiah Hodgins — This guy will be a coach one day. Bright, well-spoken, mature, loves football. Great looking length and frame. Catches the ball at the high point with fluidity and ease. Stands out as a natural leader.

Craig Evans — Game changing DT if he can keep his head straight.

Quantino Allen — Really underrated. He can play offense or defense and looks great on either side. I think LB is his ultimate landing spot, but it sounds like they’re going to try him at WR first. Looks great running, so I have no issue with that.

Trajon Cotton — Amazing ball skills and awareness. In his film, he always knows where the ball is when it’s in the air, and then makes a play on it, not just knocking it down, but getting interceptions (vs bad competition, but still  a great skill). Needs a bit more size.

David Morris — 4 star safety, 2 star RB. He can do either, but I much prefer him at Safety. A little stiff, so I’m thinking we have a killer FS here if the coaches don’t mess up his position. Smart, mature player who can lead a secondary. Could be the Ryan Nall of defense. Stands out as a natural leader.

Kolby Taylor — Taylor should be a 4 star, possibly a 5-star — he was well on his way before injury. Doesn’t have breakaway speed (and hopefully it hasn’t been lessened by his injury), but great hands and fluidity. Runs great routes, well coached and developed player. Mature mindset.

3 stars

Kesi Ah-Hoy — Great physique. Aggressive defender. Tackles and strips the ball, has awareness, etc. I’m not sure where he will play, but to me this is a S or LB and a good one.

Charles Watson — Idea body for S or WR. Looks the part. On offense, goes up and high points it. On D, plays aggressive (maybe a little too aggressive, as there are some PIs on his film). Looks like a hard hitter who knows nothing but aggressive. Type A personality/player. Smooth and fluid running, has good speed. Could be a 4 star by the end of his career.

Jeffrey Manning Jr — Nothing pops out either way. Just a very solid and balanced all around player.

Onesimus Lutu-Clarke — Athletic and plays with good leverage. Much more advanced looking OL prospect than the linemen listed below him. Appears to be a natural.

Calvin Tyler — Little bowling ball who just produces. Low center of gravity who can gain chunks when in space. Legs constantly churn, which implies a player with heart and competitive edge. Good vision. Clearly a consolation prize, but not a bad one. If needed, I can see him being an every down back down the road despite his size.

Jake Luton — We know the story on this guy. Gun slinger who has a low completion % (though it did increase throughout the year), etc. I’m game to see what he can do. Has a great attitude and has ability. Just has to harness it. Coach him up, and he could be a good one.

Aaron Short — Underrated WR. Runs and catches like Davante Adams. I’m more high on this guy than many fans or the sites. Nice to have another WR with some size, too. Think he should be a high rated 3 star.

Arex Flemings — Hits his top gear quickly, spins and doesn’t go down easily, high motor, plays with intensity. Elusive with good speed. Biggest con is obviously size/durability. If he were 3 inches taller I’d have him much higher. Not sure what to make of his size. Ultimate position likely CB.

Brock Wellsfry — By the way he run blocks, looks to have a wrestling background. Seems to need more work in pass blocking. By next year I can see this guy in the starting lineup. Solid 3 star talent who just needs coaching and optimizing his body at this point. I like Washington linemen. The ones we get are usually solid.

Kaleb Hayes — Tough to analyze. Looks a lot like Seth Collins in that he’s lean and played QB in HS. I don’t see him as a QB…maybe a WR or CB. Has long strides and good speed.

Isaiah Dunn — Under recruited player. He has a great frame and very good technique for a HS player. Looks to be well coached. I think what’s holding him back is size. Very thin player. He needs a year or two of weight training — at that point he should be a very good player.

Aidan Willard — Not a huge fan of his game. Looks like a very poor man’s Jake Locker running, but his completion % and film both suggest more serious mechanical problems. Pros are that he’s elusive, throws well on the run, has a good arm. Cons are that he has a very low completion %, and I was looking at his HS stats, and he only played in a few games, so he was either hurt or got beat out by someone (wouldn’t be a good sign). Hope I’m wrong because we can’t afford to miss on QBs. Lowest of the 3 stars and probably should have him a 2, but his frame, mobility, and arm keep him here. Needs several years of coaching.

2 Stars

BJ Taylor — Iffy. Seems like a desperation play. Good plan D, but they obviously wanted other guys more. I see a third down pass catcher here. A poor man’s Green who I think they scrambled to find once Green bailed. I don’t think this guy has the frame to be a #1 back and break many tackles. Seems to work hard and have a good attitude.

Justin Gardner — The guy looks the part and is fluid, but if you watch his film, he gets beat on double moves a lot and many of the plays he is making are due to make up speed. You can’t really play corner successfully like that. Seems to bite on first moves and lack awareness to play in schemes. Has the physical tools not sure he has the mental.

Jaelen Bush — Couldn’t find much film on him, but he looks decent.

Justin Sattelmaier — He’s huge, but that’s about all I see going for him. Plays much too upright. Gets pushed back on film too much for a guy his size, which suggests leverage problems. Not a fan.

Clay Cordasco — 2 star. Filler. Plays with high leverage, no speed, poor lateral movement. Not sure they can coach any of that up, but he does have a great frame. Coaches have some work here. I see a practice squad filler.

Josh Bowcut — Mission recruit, not worth scouting at this point..


Travis MacKay — in his HUDL film, they don’t circle him out, so it’s impossible to find him in time to see what he’s doing on any given play. Good frame. I just can’t give him a grade if I can’t find him on tape. Awful job by the coaches not circling him on film.

Signing Day 2017

Go Beavs!

28.Jan.2017 More Recruiting Failures

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper — T.S. Elliot

Green officially gone (we kind of knew that)…

Cotton a Buff (Now being told the Tweet saying this was deleted).

Judson a Duck (No surprise, but a loss on the trail). I didn’t like this guy anyway. Seems like an awful human.

At this point we have to hope to land George Moore. It would salvage a really poor month at the #1 position of need.

25.Jan.2017 More Recruiting Discussion

This is starting to look more and more like a “begin with a bang, end with a whimper” recruiting cycle.

Last night I heard from some sources that we’re out on Moore, Daniel Green, TJ Green, and only 50/50 on Cotton. This source is wrong a lot of the time (but shouldn’t be, given their stature), so take it for what it’s worth. This person also thinks we land Judson, which makes no sense.

My feelings:

Cotton 70%

Daniel Green 40%

Judson 10%

TJ Green 1%

Moore 1%

There’s a mad scramble to pickup linemen, etc. It just seems like a few dominoes feel and now it’s on to the C-list to fill out the class. I don’t think we reach top 35 yet again. I thought GA would have us in the top 35 or even top 30 by year 3. He was on pace for that, but couldn’t close. Those criticizing the staff for inability to close have merit as of today, but let’s see how things shake out in a few days before cementing that notion.

Edit: also heard one of the QBs will transfer or change positions. Sounds like it’s Moran since every other P5 school recruited him at safety, and I expected this all along since he can’t throw.

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