18.Feb.2015 General Thread

Tomorrow I will put up a Utah and Baseball thread. For now let’s do a general thread.

What’s on my mind: baseball team looks worse than I expected. I figured growing pains, but Casey has put out four questionable lineups, took Luke H out way early when he was pitching well, bunted with 1 out, etc. I’d argue he has not put the team in the best position to win.

The Davey Moore situation is truly bizarre. He will likely wind up a 4-star dual-threat QB who can actually throw. On twitter, he seems like a good guy who was fairly humble and into OSU. Grades? At least tell the guy. By not responding GA has given the negative recruiters more ammo. They can now say, “look how he treats recruits–loves them one minute, ignores them the next. Do you want to play for a guy like that who can flip any moment?” yada yada. I’m sure there’s more to the story and all, but when a coach doesn’t handle something correctly those arguments open up. Call the guy and tell him what is up. Period.

15.Feb.2015 Surprise Tournament: New Mexico vs Oregon State

3:00 p.m (Sunday) and 12pm (Monday)

Go Beavs

14.Feb.2015 Oregon State @ USC (Basketball)

2pm, Pac-12 Network.

Go Beavs.

13.Feb.2015 Surprise Tournament: Michigan State vs. Oregon State

Saturday 12pm, radio only.

Travis Eckert, JC transfer, gets the start. He had one great season at JC and one terrible, so we’ll see what we have here. Regarding the lineup, it needs to change sooner rather than later. Not going to win much putting today’s lineup out there. This is like last year when Casey kept playing Casper, who was so obviously terrible. Well you can’t bat Morrison 2nd (he’s an ideal 9 hitter with the low average and high OBP).

I’m expecting a loss, because I don’t believe in Eckert, but we’ll see. I’d rather see Luke Heimlich get this start and Eckert go vs New Mexico.

Note: A men’s basketball thread will go up just before 2pm for the USC game.

Arizona State @ Oregon State (Women’s Hoops)

Huge game for the lady Beavs tonight at 6pm.

Go Lady Beavs


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