22.Jan.2015 UCLA @ Oregon State

6:00 PM on P-12 network.

Here’s Tinkle talking about the team’s mindset and UCLA

21.Jan.2015 I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone…

That you can’t recruit to Corvallis.

Further, no coach in his right mind wants to come to Corvallis.

Finally, be very careful what you wish for.

Carry on.

20.Jan.2015 Twitter Handle for Live Recruiting Updates

Let’s brainstorm to think of a twitter handle for live twitter (recruiting) updates.

We could stick with my current one of angry beavs. The perk is that it might get new readers to the site. I’m willing to share my password with a few readers here who follow recruiting closely and tweet a lot. I personally feel the best idea is an open account where a handful of guys know the password and can post updates. That way, if someone is away from a PC someone else can post the update. The way this mechanism works is that if someone tweets information at you, you then have to retweet it for it to post live here on AB.

I am open to other ideas. But keep in mind this handle will be visible on the right side of the page. So we don’t want anything that’s obnoxious to look at or read. Let’s keep it simple in the spirit of the site’s design.

Recommendations for a handle?

19.Jan.2015 New Recruiting Thread

That last thread was getting messed up.

So I’d say that was a successful weekend. Two 3-stars and a hard-hitting, high ceiling 2-star guy.

It will be interesting to see what Andersen does with an entire season. (a) He is probably making enemies (b) he doesn’t seem to care. Does it come back to bite him at some point?

We’re hearing good names for next weekend: Khalid McGee, Thor Katoa, Lopini Katoa, Keivonnis Davis, Noah Togiai, Mufi Hunt, James Empey, and Tuli Wily-Matagi. There seem to be a lot of unknowns in the mix, too. Andersen might pull a better recruiting class than Riley, and in 3 weeks…but remember: you can’t recruit to Corvallis.

18.Jan.2015 Recruiting Weekend

Has anyone heard rumors?

We know Jalen Moore committed. I’m okay with him…2-star “low hanging fruit”, but what I noticed about Andersen’s low hanging fruit is they look more polished and with higher upside. Moore is a big hitter, slightly raw. Maybe within a year he can contribute. Riley’s LHF took 3 years to develop, and didn’t have as high a ceiling.

A good example is Jay Irvine. He was originally a 2-star. He’s now been bumped to three stars with interest picking up. He looks like a really aggressive, intense DB who can contribute soon. Andersen is focusing on the players recruiting services miss. Riley focused on neat stories and guys completely off the grid. The philosophies overlap in some ways, but Andersen’s guys seem like better players who will be ready sooner and have more upside. They also look more athletic.

Anyway, share anything you’ve heard. I’m most interested in Thomas. He is a good looking RB.

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