08.Sep.2014 Riley Post Game Comments

On if this is a good time for a bye week:

“It feels good. It’s early, I suppose, to have a bye. But part of the Hawaii scheduling, I think Bob (De Carolis) did a good job of getting the bye week after the trip. It would be tough duty to be starting game prep today, probably. We’re treating today for the players like Sunday (with no practice).”

Agree with this one. It is a good time for a bye, and I think if they had to practice and play on Saturday SDSU would be much tougher.

On being 2-0 heading into the bye week:  

“We’re glad for our record and have a lot of work (to continue) to do. There was a lot of good football, and of course we melted down in some areas in the fourth quarter that will get everybody’s attention back pretty fast. It shows you how you can lose a little bit of an edge and they made some plays that, all of a sudden, it’s not so rosy anymore. So you’ve got to keep playing. But there was a lot of good football, so we’re pleased with that, and still a lot of things that we can continue to have to grow in.”

This is all pretty accurate, though vague…

On the difference between heading into a bye week after a win versus a loss:

“It’s a big deal. It’s good to have the wins and everybody has to realize we’re certainly far from perfect. The record’s good, but the football has to improve. That has to be a rallying point every week right now. But I was thinking about that. Boy, it would have been a long trip home and kind of a bad atmosphere had we lost the game, and then it would have been doubly bad to have to sit on that loss for two weeks. So it was good to win. Made the trip home a lot better, made the bye week a lot better.”

Dur…obviously a win is better than a loss. Riley is Caption Obvious here.

On the injuries coming out of the Hawaii game:

“I haven’t talked to the trainer since we actually left yesterday, even though we were on the plane. I did not hear anything, which is good news. D.J. (Alexander) had a sprained ankle and Jabral (Johnson) had an arm problem, but I think those were pretty well defined. I don’t know what D.J.’s status will be practicing tomorrow, but since we have a bye, I would be anticipating him being fine. And everything I heard about J.J. is good, too.”

He hasn’t talked to the trainer, even though they were on the plane together? Okaaay………………

On four consecutive games with a 100-yard rusher, dating back to last season:

“Yes, that felt good. There were some nice runs and some very consistent runs that were nice to see. We’ve just to keep pushing that hard. That really makes it for a better game when you can hit some runs consistently.”

He’s saying running feels good, but he doesn’t seem to believe it. Actions > words.

On if Chris Bown could get involved in the running game:

“I don’t know. It’s hard to plan for three (backs to get carries). We’ve got a pretty good older duo (with Storm Woods and Terron Ward). Chris Brown is a good football player, and I have no reservations about playing him at all. It’s just not that easy to do and fit it all in together. But I’d like to. And like I said, I have no reservations whatsoever (about) him playing.”

Is it hard? If back 1 or 2 aren’t doing the job, put in back 3. There…problem solved in exactly 1 second.

On the chance Isaac Seumalo returns for the San Diego State game:  

“That’s, for sure, a wait-and-see (thing). I have no indicator at this point that he’ll be ready for the next game, but obviously getting closer to that date. But it’s too early to say when.”

I guess the guy who posted here that Seumalo would not play this year was wrong. This could be a huge boost if he returns healthy.

On the blocked punt against Hawaii:

“They overloaded and we didn’t adjust. Gave a guy a free angle to the ball. Those are bad things because as people watch us, they’ll smell blood in the water and we’ll see more and more of that. So we’re gonna have to do an extra-good job of punt protection.”


On Lavonte Barnett and Jalen Grimble getting starts on the defensive line:

“Lavonte, for sure, (earned that) from his first-game performance. And as I’ve mentioned on the interior, we’ll probably rotate that around because we feel like we at least have three starters in there that all deserve this opportunity, so that’s why Jalen started.”

Not sure what this is all about…the line rotates so who really cares who starts.

On receiver Victor Bolden’s performance against Hawaii:

“That’s a young group in general. We think of Victor being the old, grizzled vet, but he caught six balls last year and ran some fly sweeps. To have some growth through production is good and a little better picture of what we need to do in the passing game.”

I don’t think of Bolden as an old, grizzled vet. I think of him as a green, scrawny Deshawn Jackson light edition. He’s fine but definitely need someone else to step up.

On Brandin Cooks’ strong NFL debut with the New Orleans Saints:

“Not surprised. And I just saw a little ticker-tape deal that Markus Wheaton also got the start (for the Pittsburgh Steelers) and had six catches for 97 yards, so we had two pretty good players playing there the last few years.”

No surprise here, either.

On safety Justin Strong’s early impact as a redshirt freshman:

“Very instinctive player and he’s a good tackler. He’s a guy that should continue to grow in there, because he’s not afraid to make plays and tackle guys and has been really productive for a young player in his first couple games.”

Agree 100%. Strong stood out in game 1, too. His angles and tackling were exceptional.

On the improved red zone production against Hawaii:

“We gotta be better down there. Still not perfect, but some good things. We ran the ball in and we threw a couple in and so it was better, for sure, and played a big, big difference in that game.”

Didn’t he throw 3 times on 1st and goal during one possession? He’s addicted to passing. He thinks Mannion is someone he isn’t…he thinks passing records matter. He’s trying to force an “identity” of a high octane passing attack, when that isn’t how the roster is built.

On the early impressions of San Diego State:

“I have a lot of respect for that program. Rocky Long, and he’s got a veteran coaching staff that does a great job. And they finished the season real strong last year, so we’re in for another tough nonconference game.”

This game is more winnable than Hawaii, imo. Long is a good coach, though, and that will level things out.

On the bye week goals:

“I’ve got a list going right here in front of me that we’ll need to touch on as we go through the week. Some things we have to have in our game that we’re not accomplishing right now. And then just some clean-up stuff that we need to do. A n d then some situational stuff — some two-minute stuff and some silent-count stuff—because eventually we’ll get into some issues with noise. So it’s a good week to touch on all those things that we’re gonna either see in the next game or need to add to what we’re doing or improve what we’re doing or just be ready for the future.”

Gina missing the obvious follow up questions. “Some things we have to have in our game that we’re not accomplishing right now.”…like what? What clean up stuff? Etc. This is so vague.

On the Beavers still finding their identity:  

“I think we made a better push toward that. I’m not sure offensively in the first game we had one. We did a little better with it offensively, and defensively I think that we played a lot of good defense. There were some disappointing things in the fourth quarter the other night, but we certainly need to grow and improve that stuff. We’re working toward a better picture, for sure.”

Ah! The old finding our identity line. Classic stuff. Riley is forcing an identity onto the team. He wants them to be a high octane passing squad when they’re more built to be balanced. Sean Mannion is going to set passing records, but I’d take about fifty guys off the all-time Pac-12 passing yard list ahead of him. Ask Warren Moon about passing yards and what they mean.

In general, this is classic Riley, and Gina didn’t really press him, which is disappointing.

06.Sep.2014 Beavs @ Hawaii (Game Thread)

Thread is going up a bit early because I’ll be on the road all day (heading to San Diego for the weekend, and trying to get down there in time to settle in and watch the game).

Nothing has changed over the past few days, and I am still taking Hawaii in the upset. I am surprised how many people like the Beavers in this game (and in a blowout no less) , and I hope you guys are right.

Go Beavs!

05.Sep.2014 Random Notes

Craig Robinson will be paid, at least partially, by ESPN.

4-star shooting guard Keith Smith will be visiting this weekend. Tinkle continues to be the man. Can’t wait to see if he can actually coach.

Colt Lyerla accuses Oregon of offering him a house, car, etc. Very interesting. Can we trust this guy? Not really, but we know Oregon is one of the shadiest schools in the country so it’s possible. We also know the NCAA and Oregon will both talk around this issue until it just goes away.

04.Sep.2014 Beavs @ Hawaii Pregame

From what I saw on Saturday (2.5 quarters of Hawaii football), they had an intense defense, a bruising RB, and somewhat mobile QB who runs the read option. Last year they only won one game, but they were in a lot of games. I don’t know if Saturday’s game versus Washington was the norm for Hawaii or an aberration. The same goes for the Beavs. Was PSU the norm? The Beavs’ WR could not separate from PSU, so do they suddenly do it versus Hawaii? Maybe. But I have to go on what I’ve seen so far rather than what should happen.

I do feel Hawaii has two indisputable advantages: Beavs have a long travel and will be fatigued and the home crowd was loud. Norm Chow, imo, is a better fundamental (i.e. false starts, timeouts, etc) coach than Riley so I’d give them the “cleaner play” advantage, too. This is based on what I saw last week and historical performance, but early in the season things can change rapidly. I’m taking Hawaii, mainly due to travel and Banker (mobile QB). What should happen is the Beavs travel a day early so they’re well-rested, dominate Hawaii with their objectively better recruits and senior QB, and bring home the W. What I fear will happen is…

27-24 Hawaii

02.Sep.2014 California “Yes Means Yes” Bill and NCAA Recruiting

In California, we’re about to pass another draconian bill (this time pandering to feminist/liberals) stating that a college girl must say “yes” every step of the way, with regard to sex and the sexual process. This includes not just consenting to sex, but every step of the way. So you have to ask her if you can kiss her, get a “yes”, then ask her if you can French kiss her, get a “yes”, then ask if you can touch her breast, get a “yes”, etc etc. Click here to read about it.

This is actually good news for Oregon State athletic department. Why? Because as the number of rape accusations increase on CA college campuses, and they will due to what is defined as rape under this law, football and basketball stars will not even want to mess with California. It’s simply too risky to bang girls on California campuses. Instead, they’ll go to the Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada schools instead. It will take a few years to see the gains from this, but since athletes are the ones most often accused of rape on any given campus, this will be a windfall for every college not receiving California funding.

Chalk it up to the wonderful State of California and “progress”! /sarc. I don’t want to get too political here to lighten the fuck up. Big picture: Beavs might get a nice windfall here. Some guys on the cusp between a Cal and Oregon State might choose the latter due to the risk associated with CA campuses. What NFL team wants a rapist? What high profile athlete wants to take on that risk? Luck of the Beavs in reverse for once. Thanks, liberals.

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