23.Jun.2014 Who Will Replace Brandin Cooks?

Richard Mullaney is a good receiver, but lacking game changing ability like Cooks, he’s more of a complimentary receiver than a true #1. When Markus Wheaton moved on to the NFL, Cooks was the clear successor. With Cooks moving onto the NFL, the situation is more murky.

My candidate is Hunter Jarmon


I had him ranked as a 5-star recruit and the #2 guy in the 2013 class.

There hasn’t been much written about him over the past year plus, but I’m thinking that changes this Fall. Many people like Victor Bolden, but I think Bolden is more suited as a 3rd WR/slot guy than a #1 guy on the outside. Jarmon, Mullaney, and Bolden is the best lineup. Malik Gilmore is listed #1 on the depth chart right now, but he’s not a game changer. He’s more of a large, possession WR in the Kevin Cummings mold. What makes Mullaney great, over say someone like Gilmore (who has the same size), is that the former has tremendous body control/agility. Gilmore doesn’t have any exceptional skill set. He is a fine backup but Jarmon is the better talent. Riley needs to groom Jarmon to take Cook’s role, which means he very likely will not.

19.Jun.2014 Tinkle’s Basketball Recruits

Some interesting names. Obviously his son, but these two guys are now on the radar:

Tyler Dorsey

Stephen Thompson

With that kind of talent and good coaching, the turnaround could happen fast.

13.Jun.2014 Are you a Negative Person?

Since there isn’t much to criticize with OSU right now, maybe it’s a good time to self-assess/criticize ourselves. Are the Pollys right and we’re just a bunch of negative Nancys around here?

Are you a negative person? Take this quiz to find out.

PS. I find the Ghandi quote funny.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.

Does this mean Riley has self-esteem issues and thinks he’s mediocre? Hey the positive there is that he’d be right about something!

04.Jun.2014 General Discussion

Talk about what you wish, but some interesting notes:

Ellsbury donates 1mil to the baseball program. Finally an ex-athlete gives back. OSU seems to have the stingiest pros.

Tinkle hires two of his buddies, and the OSU nepotism continues. I’m sure all coaches do this to a degree, but Riley has made us particularly sensitive to it.

Seems too early to talk about football, so I’m not sure how to bridge the gap between now and August. Maybe we can all bike ride over to the local Knights of Columbus and play bingo with Riley?

02.Jun.2014 9th inning thread

Other thread is bad luck.

Fuck we’re doomed.

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