23.Jun.2017 College World Series: LSU (Game 2)

Go Beavs!

19.Jun.2017 College World Series: LSU

Go Beavs!

17.Jun.2017 College World Series Thread

A lot to overcome once again, but these guys have proven they can block out noise.

Go Beavs!

14.Jun.2017 Oregonian Closes Comments; Posts Heimlich Article for 7th Straight Day; Lawsuit in the Offing?

The headline says it all.

In a gesture of absolute control freakdom at a newspaper in total free fall, the Oregonian has gone to their “golden goose”, Luke Heimlich, for a seventh straight day. Only this time, readers can’t comment. This has actually been the policy for several days now. If there is dissent, they lock the comments.

Kind of ironic, since the Oregonian will likely hide behind “free speech” when this goes to trial. Per reports in the comment section of my blog (from members who know the family) a lawsuit is in the offing. Even if that doesn’t happen, why would a Beaver fan ever read that site again, and why would any athlete grant an interview knowing The Oregonian will do background checks and smear them? Total free fall! By egging the golden goose, they’re simply cementing their fate.

13.Jun.2017 More John Canzano Hypocrisy: Strip Club Sponsors His Radio Show

John Canzano and the Oregonian continue to double and triple down on their Luke Heimlich hit piece. Today, Canzano beat a dead horse and posted yet another piece in which he seems to think that having a DA from Oregon, John Foote, on the program gives his staunch stance merit. The DA goes on to opine about how serious the crime was (nobody doubts this), and how it would be handled differently in Oregon. The very obvious logical flaw is that the crime didn’t happen in Oregon; it happened in Washington. So, they’re comparing apples to oranges. Canzano and Foote, fueled by self-righteous emotion, simpleton logic and this flawed comparison, once again crucify a man who served his legal punishment and was on his way to becoming a contributing member of society. Canzano is milking Heimlich’s misfortune for all the ad revenue he can get, and get that revenue he does.

During a break, an ad plays from Dolphin II, a strip club in Beaverton, Oregon. From what I understand, this club basically hires young women to dance. In 2011, the owner of Dolphin was accused of sex crimes. In 2015, a pimp went to trial for selling a 15 year old girl to Dolphin II and received life in prison. JurorsĀ found him guilty on seven counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.

On Twitter, Canzano addresses this problemĀ and appears confused or ignorant that Dolphin II advertises on his show, and goes on to say he’ll ask for them to be removed. Shortly later, at 2:23pm, the ad plays again.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Truth really is stranger than fiction. Canzano is throwing stones; today we confirmed he lives in a glass mansion.

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