04.Feb.2016 Utah @ Oregon State

ESPN2 at 8pm.

Go (stinky) Beavs!

03.Feb.2016 Ranking the 2016 Recruiting Class

My yearly rankings. These are in order of how I view their talent. Based mostly on film, unless I have other information.

What I noticed most is there are very few clear 1 or 2 star duds, like there always were under Riley. Even he 2-star guys seem to bring something to the table and/or have upside. Also, I predicted GA would have a top 35 class year two. He’ll be right around there. Next year he’ll be low 30s, if not better.


Artavis Pierce — Best looking player in the class. Looks like an SEC RB body type but with better speed. The poor line play might hold him back, but he’s a great looking RB.

Hamilcar Rashed — Disruptive player with a relentless motor and mean streak.


Trevon Bradford — Extremely quick and shifty. Under the radar player who I think surprises people.

Riley Sharp — Incredible looking pass catching TE with good speed. Not sure if he can block. Heard he is going on a mission, so they’ll have to re-recruit him if that’s true. Major talent who would consistently beat LBs if he remained at TE.

Shurod Thompson — Solid looking safety prospect. Best adjective for him is “balanced” player.

Christian Wallace — Big, fast CB. What’s not to like? I just think the services went a little overboard in hyping him up (probably due to the Texas offer). I see a very good athlete, but is he a shut down corner like Nelson so obviously was? I don’t see that, but maybe with some coaching he turns into that.

Mason Moran — His speed puts him into the 4-star category. So-so passer at this point, but great wheels and heady player. By the time he’s ready to start, he should have a year or two of coaching under his belt and hopefully be a better passer. Then again, if Garrettson is a bust, Moran could be thrown into the mix immediately.

Kenny Turnier — Underrated player. Fast, finishes tackles, engulfs QBs.


David Fangupo — Huge, agile, and fast (played RB at one point).

Issac Garcia — Fluid, agile, athletic end rusher. Possibly could play other positions (TE in HS). Needs more strength.

Tyson Penn — Great height and vertical, lacks top end speed, seems to have good hands. All around very good looking player.

Landry Payne — Very good return man, good looking CB. I expect him to start next year.

Wesley Payne — Solid all around. I expect him to start next year.

Phillip Napoleon — Huge DE. So large, in fact, you wonder if he can stay at DE. His weight might be a detriment, but on film he looks pretty nimble. I’d rank him higher if it weren’t for the weight and all the uncertainty that comes with that. Intriguing prospect for sure.

Doug Taumoelau — Great quickness and gets off the ball well. Good form tackling and comes from a good football family. Only issue I see with him is he’s not the most agile guy…QBs and RBs who are mobile will probably juke him easily. Good prospect to fill a certain role (i.e. pass rusher vs a pocket QB, power RB, etc). Needs to add 20 – 30lbs, and this might affect agility even more. Risky but intriguing prospect. I’d get him on an agility program asap, tight hips.

Shemar Smith — Developmental prospect who could be very good by junior year. Good speed around the edge and tons of sacks in HS. Currently undersized.

Kee Whetzel — See above. I like Whetzel more as a WR or Safety. He can develop into a good defensive player over time, but I think that would take a couple years. I also think he projects better as a Safety than OLB…not confident in how the coaches are handling him right now but we’ll see. Long, lean, with good speed.

Kyle White — Fast RB. My guess is they view him as a change of pace back to play immediately. I think he can fill that role, but I don’t see an every down RB who’s a game changer. If he’s a good pass catcher, than that bumps him up a bit. 2-star rating seems off. He looks better than that unless he has off the field issues.

Shemiah Whitson — Strange player. Explosive, but doesn’t seem to wrap up well/tackles high. Could be a frustrating one who never reaches potential unless they can coach him up.

Andrzej Hughes-Murray — Originally had him as a 2-star, but bumped him due to potential. Incredible power hitting opponents and 4.6 speed. Poor agility and purely downhill running, which lowered my rating. Has a huge upside and could leave being a star if he can play better laterally/improve agility.

Paisa Savea — Big body returning from mission, so he’s mature and ready to go. I found his film poor quality and hard to evaluate. I didn’t see anything spectacular or bad, so I’d say low 3-star is fair, with some upside.


Timmy Hernandez — Baldwin spoke highly of him, saying he’s a great person and leader. He looks to have good hands and size. Possibly a nickle CB or slot possession WR. I view him as a guy to give depth but not start.

Joah Robinett — I’m skeptical a 6″8 football player can succeed as a DE. Leverage is going to be a big problem. I don’t like this signing and feel he’s be rated too high by the services due to his size, but I’m open to being very wrong. Some good evaluators love this guy.

Gus Lavaka — Not impressed.

National Signing Day

Go Beavs!

31.Jan.2016 Competitiveness

Watching these opposing basketball teams in the conference, they all seem to have a fiery leader who can make clutch shots and will the team to victory. Last night it was clearly York, who wasn’t going to let Arizona lose. Who is that guy for the Beavers? As good and unique as Payton is, he’s a quiet leader/not fiery and can’t make FTs or 3 pointers, so he can’t really will a team to victory. Tinkle looks like the player most capable of that, but he’s growing into the role. The rest of the guys are reserved and don’t seem like great competitors. Olaf, Eubanks, Thompson…all very soft players. MD tries to be hard-nosed, but he’s not vocal nor can he finish at the rim, so that rules him out, too.

I noticed this in football, too — the Beavs seem to have guys who are not competitors and just wilt easily. A lot of that is the Riley stink, and maybe some of this is the CR stink. But in general, it would be wise to look for mental toughness/competitiveness and leadership on the recruiting trail. It’s lacking in the two major men’s programs.

And people ask why I hate Parker so much. Well this gets into that reasoning a bit. He seems to want to pat the team on the back for showing up and giving a little effort. It’s like giving someone 200 points for signing their name on the SAT. It’s a loser’s mindset. Parker is a huge loser; though, ironically when the Beavers lose he comes up with rationalizations to make it sit better, and above that, he mocks people who expect and demand more.

30.Jan.2016 Oregon State @ Arizona

6:30 on Pac-12.

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