12.Apr.2015 General Thread

Probably mostly football talk leading up to the spring game, yeah? The baseball team is treading downward. As I said in the weekend series thread, I haven’t watched baseball in two weekends now. I couldn’t stand watching Gabe Clark and Caleb Hamilton any longer, so I stopped. It’s been nice.

But I’m excited about the spring game next weekend. Sound like the players are pumped, and it’s going to have an atmosphere to it this year. Here‘s some recent video with Andersen. Good to hear things are improving. You can hear Andersen talking up Collins…he really really wants to find reasons to start him.

10.Apr.2015 Oregon State @ Oregon

Games are on ESPNU, Pac-12, and Pac-12 Oregon.

Two 7:30 starts and a 2:00 start on Sunday.

Go Beavs

05.Apr.2015 QB Situation

By all accounts (readers here who attend practice, official media, and Gary Andersen himself), the Beavs do not have a QB who can throw the ball well. Or, maybe I should clarify: one who can get the ball to the WRs.

The Beavs have two options:

1. Play Seth Collins and just go with a running QB and hope for the best.

2. Try someone else.

I know some troll was laughing because I like McMaryion, but he could throw accurately in high school. It’s not so much that I like him, either, it’s just that the other options weren’t great, and that’s panning out. Maybe McMaryion had issues with the mental side of the game, because GA stressed the importance of that. Physically he looks good.

Out of the three Nick Mitchell seems the most balanced, but I don’t think he can throw a good deep ball, so you’re relegated to bubble screens and short passes, which makes life easy for a defense. Del Rio has a good arm, but no accuracy or consistency. Collins looked like a very poor passer on tape, but that was a year ago, and we don’t know where he’s at now. But assuming he’s still poor, that leaves Mitchell that best option, but not a good one.

By going with any of the 3 QBs who are in the mix, the Beavs neutralize their strongest position, which is WR. Personally, I’m not excited about any of these three at this point, and I’d have given Kempt and McMaryion a shot. Sounds like they didn’t really get shots. Question is why? Just because of numbers and a quick need to reduce them? Or were they thoroughly analyzed? With practices being closed, it’s hard to get information on things like that. Even those who attend have only seen a few so the sample is too small.

It seems like Andersen wants to find reasons to start his guy, Collins. If that’s the case, I can already envision a lot of complaints about the passing game. Actually, I can envision that no matter which of these three guys starts. Mitchell seems like the best all around option, but his funky footwork is a problem, and his lack of a deep ball will put the offense in a box. Del Rio couldn’t hit a barn door, as they say, and makes risky passes.

We haven’t had an in-depth discussion about the QB situation because we were waiting for the list to be whittled down. Now that that’s happened, it’s become clear it’s a pretty scary situation. In GA we trust?

02.Apr.2015 Oregon State @ UCLA

7pm on Pac-12

Go Beavs.

01.Apr.2015 Oregon State Fires Gary Andersen

Rumor is Mike Riley biking back to Corvallis as we speak.

Hey BeaverGopher. 😉

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