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Why can’t the marketing department do anything right? They put a giant orange stripe right down the center of Andersen’s face?

A line down someone’s face is (a) disrespectful (b) looks like an Oompaloompa (c) looks like they’re crossing him out (d) looks like an old Polaroid exposed too soon (e) he looks badly sunburned, etc. Who thought this was a good idea, and how do they have a job?

11.Dec.2014 Espn, Jim Rome, Lindsay Schnell, Ken Goe

I’ve been thinking how to handle these ignorant/lazy media members.

The best approach is probably to blacklist them all in terms of reading their content, but at the same time “Tweet” at them, showcasing to the world their ignorant viewpoints. That way we don’t give them any clicks or ad revenue while getting our message across.

Gary Andersen is supposed to be on Rome next week, so he’ll probably have a lot of good things to say, and that will destroy Rome’s lazy narrative. I don’t think the guy has ever been to Corvallis…he talks about in the same way he’d talk about the moon (i.e. some vague idea of what it might be like).

Also, I’m going to be using Twitter a lot to destroy the narrative and go right at these guys. Recommend me a good handle/hash for this cause, and follow me here.

QB Log Jam

OSU has 6 QBs on the roster.

Del Rio

Andersen recruited Utah QB Austin Kafentzis to Wisconsin. Wonder if he comes to OSU now. He looks like the undersized, savvy type of guy who can run a little of every offense.

Either way, log jam that needs to sort out, because there can’t be 6 or even 7 QBs on the roster. Maybe the more pro-style guys follow Riley to Nebraska.

Corvallis Media, Culture and Andersen Concerns

Gary Andersen, or his family, reportedly didn’t like Wisconsin.

So why not? What do they look for in a town? And will they like Corvallis’ culture? Maybe they only like Utah?

Also, is it clear to Andersen expectations have been raised, or will the low expectations of the past regime carry over to the point he thinks he can goof off and win 6 games and everything’s jake? The Corvallis media has very low expectation and low opinion of OSU–does he sense this and lose fire?

Finally, those who have seen his OC don’t speak highly of him.

These are my concerns.

10.Dec.2014 Bob DeCarolis Hiring Gary Andersen

Great he hired Gary Andersen, but I think Gary Andersen contacted BDC, so let’s not go overboard with the praise.

What I think happened: G.A. got killed by Ohio State. Based on his post game interview, he seemed to think Ohio State had superior talent and he needed better recruits. Wisconsin has high academic standards for football players, and he couldn’t get his guys in. Barry Alvarez, in his press conference today, said that Andersen told him he prefers the West Coast, and he wanted to move his family. Kept stressing this was a family decision. So it seems like Gary Anderson thought (a) I can get my recruits to OSU (b)  I like the west and (c) I should call BDC and gauge interest.

This fits with all the clues we were hearing on Blitz how a mystery candidate was interested, it made no sense, and this person actually contacted OSU.

Good job by the Athletic Department to seal the deal and get donors on board once Andersen expressed interest, but I don’t think BDC had Andersen on any lists.

This post is not to rain on parades. It’s written for the historical record/posterity.

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