27.Jul.2017 Why is This Staff so Bad at Managing QBs?

I understand GA is a defensive coach, but you’d think being around football for 40 years you’d be able to at least somewhat understand offense and what makes a good QB. If not GA, then his offensive staff, who also continually botch the QB position. Why is this?

My theory is they want to force their will on the position. They get hung up on potential rather than results. For example, if Collins had maxed out potential he’d be the guy they envisioned, yet it was pretty obvious he was never going to do that. They’re doing the same with Luton. Sprague, Machado, etc are saying Luton is the starter. Why? What did Luton do to earn that job? Well, he is big, tall, reportedly has a big arm, etc. So once again they are in love with potential rather than results. Luton could be an absolute disaster game 1 vs CoSt and cost a win. Why not go with results — the guy who has done it? Because he’s smaller, a “game manager” reputation, etc. It’s not sexy. They fall for sexy/potential every time, and it’s why they can’t figure out the QB situation. You know who else does this? Bad pro franchises. It’s actually the #1 reason they’re horrible and stuck as perpetual bottom feeders.

24.Jul.2017 Fall Camp Thread

Alright, on to Fall camp. I’m almost certain that wasn’t Craig Evans in the photo NiceBeaver posted. So question one needs to be: does the ever play for the Beavs?

If he doesn’t start from game 1, I knock off at least one win, but maybe two. He’s that important.

The other interesting bits are how Tyner will fit in at RB. He could be a beast if he’s in shape and stays healthy. Secondary could be really good this year and a team strength, so I’m interested to see Irvine, Walace, et al develop. People are worried about the OL, and I get why, but I think they can mix and match there to get a decent line. Depth is thin, but there are some young guys from the past two classes who look the part already. I think they can make do.

Obviously the final interesting bit is how the QB situation shakes out. Nall slipping up and saying that Luton is the starter is odd. Don’t know what to make of that. But in any event, the past three seasons Gary Andersen has managed to pick the wrong QB, dating back to Wisconsin. Again, this could cost us games.

If the Beavs don’t win 6 this year, I think it will come down to errors in personnel/management and Evans not playing the full season (if at all). If everything goes right, which is rare, I think they win 7 games. I just have no faith in GA/McGiven in analyzing QBs and/or starting the correct one.

13.Jul.2017 General Thread

Still a few weeks until Fall camp so let’s go with a general thread to kill the time.

Try to keep the Trump stuff under control. It’s just plain annoying to the point I skip anything to do with that. The bottom line is you are not going to figure out politics or change your mind. You’re just going to dig your heals in deeper even talking about it. In the history of the internet, zero people have ever converted their political stances from “discussions” or pointing out how dumb they are, etc. Thinking you’re going to be the first is like thinking I’m going to win 15 mil entering the Publisher’s Clearance House sweepstakes.

So on that note, what are you looking forward to this camp? Obviously the QB battle (yet again)…what else? Line play? Those are my two. Also curious to see if guys like Wallace and Irvine develop in the secondary. Could have several shut down corners on this team.

08.Jul.2017 Athletic Director, Scott Barnes, Ignores Fans …Proves to be a Total Douche Whistle

AB reader “Scotty” and myself both wrote Scott Barnes an email inuring how SEC umpire (Greg Street) was allowed behind the dish in an OSU/LSU game. I also asked about the Luke situation. Barnes didn’t reply to Scotty at all; when he replied to me, it was an accidental response meant for someone else.

Um for the 3rd time we discussed 3:45 that makes us 15 to 20 min late . It starts at 5pm and takes 1:30 to get there.

Who talks like this? “Um”?…”for the 3rd time”?

Sounds like an abusive personality at worst and at best a total douche whistle.

I wrote him back:

Um, I think you responded to the wrong person/email.

Is this how you talk to the people you know, Scott?

It is very rude.

His response is catty once again.


My email below was obviously not intended for you.

Meanwhile, he never addressed the actual email I sent him with legitimate questions.

So, fuck this guy. Can we get a new AD?

29.Jun.2017 General Thread

Much of the drama is fading, which is good for the Beavs. But much of the outrage is fading as well. Fans can only stay indignant for so long before moving on with life, and ESPN et al know this and bank on it.

So here we are, discussing general topics instead of specific, indignant topics (though, feel free to harp on these as well).

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