18.Nov.2014 Corban @ Oregon State

“Kudos to them. A little ember is going to spark a wildfire in our place.” -Wayne Tinkle, on the fans’ support.

7pm tip.

This is the only writeup I’ve seen on the game.

Go Beavs.

17.Nov.2014 Mike Riley on Brenda Tracy Story

I just read the story a bit ago and just wow…

That’s one of Canzano’s better pieces.

What stood out to me most was Riley. The quotes…

“It’s so sad to me that it still haunts her. It’s scary what that means to a lady,” Riley said. “Maybe retribution would have helped that. I don’t know. I just reminded our team here recently about those things that will change their life and others in a blink of an eye.”

“It’s scary what that means to a lady”? Then he goes on to make it about himself and the team.

Mike Riley, the football coach who Brenda Tracy resented so much all those years, is contemplating the unthinkable. He wonders if Tracy, nurse and survivor, might stand in front of his football team someday and share the gravity of her terrible experience.

“What do you think?” he asked me.

I told the coach she’d be powerful.

“I always try to research the right people to talk to our team and do it throughout the year,” Riley said. “That would be a compelling talk. A real-life talk. Instead of just talking about rape and sexual assault, actually having someone talk about how things can change for everyone in a moment like that.

I guess he’s trying to teach these players they shouldn’t rape people? Duh. Do people really need to be taught that? Maybe the lesson he’s trying to teach is your life can change quickly. That’s not as intuitive, so maybe there’s more merit there. But it just comes off really odd to me; like he is making it about himself and his players. Feels very “old boy network” to have a gang rape victim standup and talk to a football team when the coach who gave her rapists a 1 game suspension is standing there with [once again] his players’ well-being, rather than hers, in mind. It’s disgusting. I think completely differently about Riley after reading that article. I used to think he was a nice guy…

What Does a Win Versus Arizona State Mean?

Not much, and the reason is simple: OSU was not playing for anything. To win a “big game” or pull of a “major upset” when there is nothing on the line rightfully means very little. For example, beating then #18 USC to move to 4-0 would have been a greater accomplishment than beating #6 ASU to move to 5-5. Beating #20 Utah to move to 5-1 would have been more important.

All this win did was stop the free fall. It stabilized the situation for recruits. It gave Bob D and the Riley-friendly media some ammo to shoot at dissenters. That’s about it. The reality is still the same: we have an average to slightly below average head coach who is a nice guy and who might pull off a respectable season every so often.

The only way this season can be considered even a minor success is if OSU beats Oregon and breaks the CW streak. That’s been the reality since the Utah loss, at which point the season was over.

Fracking in California

So it has been confirmed that oil and gas companies, in conjunction with the government/EPA, have dumped 3billion gallons of fracking water into our aquifers. The response is the standard, “errors were made.” With clear use of the passive voice to distance themselves from accountability.

If you look at this map, this appears bullish for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, though all have fracking North in Canada so maybe not.

As this becomes more obvious (i.e. cancer, illness, undrinkable water, etc) to the common man they’re going to migrate out of California (we’re looking for land in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and MT if anyone has something to sell contact me). This could be bullish for OSU.

Good job, “big oil”…for those curious why the Clean Water Act does not apply, the “Halliburton Loophole” signed in 2005 by Cheney excepted fracking from the CWA. Good job electing Cheney to VP, America.

15.Nov.2014 Arizona State @ Oregon State

No commentary for this one.

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