17.Sep.2016 Idaho State @ Oregon State (Game Thread)

Go Beavs.

14.Sep.2016 Idaho State @ Oregon State

Sorry for the time off. I was busy. Thanks to Nicebeav and OldBeav for holding the fort.

The story lines this week are pretty bleak:

  1. Will Gary Andersen get his first win in over a year?
  2. Will Gary Andersen buck the Riley trend of losing to an inferior team?

Yes and yes. We’re going to turn those spuds into potato salad!

The intrigue is watching the young players develop, if Wallace sees the field, etc. It will also be interesting to see if Bolden gets benched. I’m not sure the Beavs are good enough that this is a guaranteed win, but you have to think they should and will win this game.

35-21, Mammoths.


12.Sep.2016 The reputation of the PAC12, what difference does it make?

The last thread was getting pretty long and I’m not sure if angry is out selling soap or practicing some new guitar licks. How about a short discussion of the significance of the record of PAC12 teams vs other conferences; as relates to the Beavs.

The ucks vs Huskers brought this to mind. Would an uck win do anything to embellish the rep of the PAC? Of the Beavs?

I cannot favor the ucks, even if it would somehow make the Beavs more respectable…which I don’t think it does.

Oh, and thanks to Jack for running the pick-em, how did week two turn out?

07.Sep.2016 Bye week (general thread)

I don’t have a topic but looks like the previous thread was getting bogged down. ┬áIf OOB or Angry have a topic in mind, feel free to delete this one.

02.Sep.2016 Players to Build Around

After watching the game last night, which players do you feel will be instrumental in this rebuild?

To me, these skill players stood out on offense:

  1. Collins
  2. Nall
  3. Togiai
  4. Garretson

Villamin should be in the mix since he’s only a Junior, but he didn’t show up. I’d list him as a guy you can build around. Pierce and Lucas weren’t impressive to me.

What about D and OL? I thought Brandel played a good game.

A lot of the defenders looked good early on, but I wasn’t catching names. Aydon stood out (large, somewhat disruptive). Who stood out as a player/players the defense can be built around for several years?

On a side note, the OL in the pipeline aren’t very good. We all see OSU needs line help to get this thing turned around, but the linemen on the roster are not exciting. Brandel and Miki Fifita are the only nice looking prospects. Need at least 7 solid OL, and they have 2 once Andrews graduates. Hopefully Kearsley lives up to that 4-star talent once he takes the field. Bottom line is that we thought lack of a QB could derail GA’s rebuild, but it’s looking more and more like we have talent there with Garretson and Moran. Even Willard looks alright. But the lineman usually take several years to develop, and there aren’t many high ceiling underclassmen. Mackay and Wellsfry are two OL they got this cycle who might be thrown into the mix early. Beavs need to hit the JC market on both lines. Nicebeaver, any big OL/DL prospects on the radar?

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