03.Jun.2015 Mason Moran

Just some quick thoughts on the new QB. I watched his entire hudl film here, and what stands out is his poise. You can tell he’s very comfortable running that offense, and the game moves slowly for him. That’s great. But what I don’t see are any passes longer than 15-20 yards. He’s accurate within 10 yards. A lot of screen passes. It looks like he needs good talent around him who can catch a 2 yard pass and turn it into 20, rather than making the 20 yard throw himself.

Until I see film that shows otherwise, those are my thoughts on him. I think the 3 star rating is fair. He looks accurate, poised, and a fast runner. My only criticism is that I don’t see him throwing the harder, deeper passes.

01.Jun.2015 On Critical Thinking, Moving Toward Football Season, (General Thread)

I came across this quote today by physicist Richard Feynman

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.

It applies to sports fans. It applies to myself. We all want to be better critical thinkers. That requires removing as much bias as possible to strip things down to the core. There are barriers to being a good critical thinker. For example, if you emotionally invest (ego) into a conclusion, motivated reasoning kicks in and distorts and biases critical thinking towards fooling one’s self. It is very possible to have your critical thinking skills lead you to the wrong answer, only to find your more confident than ever in this error because you’re so heavily invested. This results in a “sophisticated rationalization” that feels like truth, making the pattern harder to break. Admitting I/we/you were wrong is part of critical thinking and removing bias. Just keep that in mind. People get mad when new data comes in, and I change my mind. They view it as inconsistency. I view it as discovery. As if changing one’s mind, in the face of overwhelming evidence, is a bad thing. That should be applauded not chided. For example, Johnny Hekker is now a great punter (to my amazement). Great critical thinking should be flexible and not afraid to change.

Anyway, this very human issue is something to be aware of moving forward. It is the curse of Beaverblitz and PureOrange readers. Think how it made them staunchly back Riley for years, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


Moving on…

Fall practice doesn’t begin until August 10th (9am precisely), and will go almost through opening day. So what to discuss between now and then? Well, like above, let’s try to all improve our critical thinking for this massive coaching change. Setting reasonable goals for season one is probably a good idea. I’d say 6 wins would be a success. Though, I do think more or fewer are possible, as there are so many variables for which to account.

I don’t have the time to analyze each position right now. Between now and camp I will. I need to familiarize myself with the roster after all the changes, and just haven’t done it yet because I’m not in the football mindset. Now that we’re in June, that will slowly set in. If anyone wants an opinion on a player I’ll give that, etc. Or, just use this as a general thread. I really want to make sure our mindset is right and not make an embarrassment out of AB. Many fans who read this site only knew Riley, so this is going to be a big deal. It’s like breaking up with your first and only girlfriend and going out into the scary world of dating…many emotions, biases, and such. So get that all in check and prepare yourself for the season. Try to set reasonable goals, try to think critically without bias and emotion, try to add a little humor into the mix, etc. Have at it.

Baseball Vent Thread

Someone suggested this, and it’s a good idea. My vent from the old thread, to get things rolling:

I miss the chemistry and bulldog mentality [of the championship teams]. They had leaders + players.

For almost a decade now they’ve had good recruits who never seem to be great leaders or gel. I think the Beavs have become a minor league breeding ground. Groom players for the majors/minor leagues, players set individual goals, etc. I don’t see a lot of team mindset or clear goals anymore.

I wish we had more guys like Canham and Dallas Buck, who had little shot at the majors, yet were great leaders and bulldogs who wanted to win NCAA titles first and foremost. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s from memory. But it just seems that way. They began recruiting higher profile players and the goals and chemistry changed. KRod was a great example of it. He clearly just wanted to get to the pros and was not into NCAA baseball except as a means to make the pros/money. Dude pitched with zero heart.

Andrew Moore is the closest thing to the old style. It’s probably why we all like him. There have been a few here and there (e.g. Tyler Smith) who fit the old style, but it would be nice to get a team of those types who can also play well, instead of just signing highly ranked guys. The windfall in recruiting after the titles hurt chemistry. It’s a double edged sword because the talent is nice…what I am saying is I wish Casey would screen the talent a bit better, and maybe sign a guy rated slightly worse if if that player has that better mindset.

And on Casey retiring:

If Casey retires baseball won’t be any good. If he moves to AD and hires SB, there’s a chance it remains competitive, but SB would have to learn how to recruit and handle the draft. One miscalculation there and you could ruin a program. Casey has done excellent at managing that complex issue. I think he’s better at that than in-game management, tbh. And I think it’s the most important aspect of coaching college.

I think that’s lost on people…managing a baseball game is pretty easy. Managing the roster with a year draft is extremely difficult. The higher the recruit the Beavs sign, the more likely they lose the player early. This is another reason chemistry has not been that good — they simply don’t spend 4 years with one another in many cases.

30.May.2015 Dallas Regional: Oregon State vs. VCU

4:05 on ESPN3

Go Beavs

28.May.2015 NCAA Dallas Regional: Oregon State vs. Texas

11:30am on ESPN3.

Go Beavs!

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