27.May.2016 UCLA @ Oregon State

Game times are 4, 4, and 11

Go Beavs!

19.May.2016 Oregon State @ USC

Thread going up a day early and can act as a general thread as well.

Seems like a lot of fans have bailed on this team (understandable, it’s painful baseball), but it’s still possible they get into the post-season despite how bad they are, and anything can happen then.

Game times are 7, 1, and 12.

13.May.2016 Oregon @ Oregon State Baseball

7:30, 7, and 3 starts.

First two games are on ESPNU, and the final game is on Pac-12. Gut says they take 2 of 3, but with the pitching so shaky I’m not confident in that.

Go Beavs.

10.May.2016 Assessing Gary Andersen

I’d like to hear thoughts based on this assessment of a coach, which I thought was pretty fair.

My grades, based off what I have seen so far.

Vision: B
Leadership: B- (Issues with moving coaches, assigning co-coordinators, losing coaches, moving players, etc).
Technical Ability: C+ (he knows little about offense, for example, and doesn’t seem to want to learn)
Passion: A
High Performance: A-
Communication: A
Teaching Ability: B-
Identify and Recruit Talent: B

Let’s hear your grades.

We’re almost a year and a half into this change. Curious to hear if people are getting antsy. There’s a lot of rumbling that something is rotten in the State of Denmark, but nobody ever elaborates. I do feel a weird aura with this staff, but I can’t pinpoint a single issue that’s major cause for concern.

08.May.2016 Oregon State University Will Force Incoming Students to Take ‘Social Justice Training’

As this article points out.

My questions are these:

  1. How does any decent human support “force” of any kind?
  2. Aren’t they implying students are too stupid to figure out how to treat people on their own?
  3. How do we as fans of the sports team continue to support a University that uses force and brainwashing, then at the same time claims college is a place to create well-rounded students and foster ideas. So it’s the old, “You can foster new ideas so long as they mesh with our ideas”, which is straight out of liberal boot camp.

It’s hard to ignore that almost every name on the SJW team is a woman, and that this is likely just an extension of feminism. As they note, if you have questions for the Development Team, please email Jennifer Dennis at jennifer.dennis@oregonstate.edu.

These satires proving scarily true. They’re hilarious and well-done.

Video 1

Video 2

And the great John Clease on the subject.

Video 3

My suggestion is to that if you take issue with this then don’t support OSU in any way, financially. Now whether to support the sports teams by watching, that’s something I need time to think about. My initial reaction is I’m done with OSU, but we’ll see if that’s just a knee-jerk reaction or something I feel strongly about as time goes on. I find this repulsive, so it’s probably permanent.

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