15.Oct.2016 McMaryion and these Coaches

After the Civil War, when he almost lead what is basically a high school football team to victory, I said this was the guy. Then today he comes in and makes it look easy after sitting all game in adverse conditions. After just a handful of passes he surpassed, in performance, the other QBs by a long-shot.

Everyone see why I’m high on the guy now? Or, if not convinced he’s the answer, at least want to see him play a few games?

I can’t for the life of me see why you’d bench a high IQ player (4.0 GPA), who by the coaches admission mastered the playbook within weeks last camp, who can throw a beautiful ball, over a lower conference transfer and a walk-on, but my only guess is pure nepotism. You just can’t escape nepotism. Riley had it, GA has it, and then the fans follow along and say “Coach knows best” or actively look for reasons McM failed (e.g. The INT he throw on that screen pass, totally ignoring that Villimin dropped a TD on him earlier in that game). Whatever, this is the best QB on the roster. Moran might be better, but right now McM is the best option.

He’ll probably get killed next week vs Washington and everyone will view that as proof he’s bad. He’s better than the other two; that’s all I know at this point. Whether he is good or great is up in the air and we need game action to find out.

Moving on, these coaches cost the Beavs this game. It’s heartbreaking for them because they played well enough to win back to back conference games, and the staff let them down in so many ways. You guys saw it, so I don’t need to rehash it, but feel free to give all the examples you saw for discussion purposes.

Utah @ Oregon State

Go Beavs!

13.Oct.2016 “Gale Bowl” Talk

60-80mph gusts forecast for Saturday.

a. Will this game get cancelled?

b. If not, which team does the wind benefit?

I think it clearly benefits Utah since they stop the run well and the Beavs won’t be able to throw in this weather, but I’d like to think otherwise and so I’ll entertain any good arguments that it favors the Beavs.

12.Oct.2016 Utah @ Oregon State Pregame

To me, Utah fans are the worst in the conference (yes, worse than Duck fans — at least they earned their bragging rights). Utah fans are a bigger-than-their britches and delusional fan base from all the years of bullying borderline D1 teams. Can’t stand them, so this game means a lot to me on an emotional level. If the Beavs lay an egg and get blown out I’m going to be an unhappy camper.

On to the game. GA says in the press conferences that he doesn’t see the Beavs having much running room versus Utah and the pass game will have to click. That sounds about right. There’s more to it, though, as readers here have pointed out, in that the short to intermediate passing game is the problem. It shouldn’t be so difficult to complete those passes. The Beavs can also try to use Lucas on the outside/sweep plays if they can’t get anything going up the middle. IMO Arizona is about as good/bad as the Beavs, and they averaged just 3.4 yards per carry. However, they averaged 22 yards per catch.

So the game plan should be pretty obvious: throw a lot of 10 to 15 yard routes and have the WRs block like crazy to get extra yardage, run sweeps or jet sweeps with your speed guys, only pound up the middle when necessary in short yardage or to test the D/wear them out a bit, throw in a trick play with Collins (why nothing yet? This is a good week to try it), and if momentum is going against you have a fake punt package in place. Then it’s just who wants it more in the trenches. The Beavs will want it badly after getting a taste of victory, and that can be contagious. Utah will just do their bland thing and hand the ball off, run with the QB a little, and stop the run. No surprises. So the Beavs need to just out will them mentally and then execute the pass game here. Both are keys to winning. Can they do it? Yes, but until they do, why think they will? I expect a close game that the Beavs can (and will) win if they get 300 yards passing, otherwise it goes to Utah.

Utah 24-17

09.Oct.2016 GA’s First Pac Win

What a difference a week can make. Last week some where questioning the GA hire, and now they have their first conference win and some momentum.

The big takeaway, for me, is that now the players will believe what GA is saying. What coaches talk and results aren’t there, it becomes hard to care/easy to tune out the coach. Now he’ll get their ear because he can show the players results. Players will likely believe in themselves much more after this one, knowing they can compete with Pac athletes. It’s big for the psychological aspect and moral of players, fans, and GA. Just good stuff all around, and now we’ll see how it translates. They’re so thin it will be hard to keep momentum.

Obviously this was a big win in terms of recruiting, too, with some key guys visiting.

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