08.Apr.2016 Oregon State vs Central Arkansas

This season isn’t going as planned so far, but up next is a get well series. If it weren’t for the injuries, I’d say the Beavs would win the next 8 games. As it stands, who knows…but these are some soft and easy teams (that’s what she said).

Go Beavs.

04.Apr.2016 Spring Football Thread

To be honest, I haven’t followed much spring ball. Been busy with personal stuff, and what time I can dedicate to sports was spent watching the women and some baseball. So, for one, I ask you guys to fill me in so I can catch up without having to read all the articles, and secondly, discuss any new developments here. All I’ve heard so far is Andersen is working them hard, a few guys transferred…not much else. Also feel free to go off topic without the courtesy of an “OT” necessary in this thread.

03.Apr.2016 Oregon State vs UConn

My quick take on this game: I’d like to see OSU go with both Hamblin and Gulich on the floor at the same time. Gulich has improved a lot where she’s no longer a liability, and the length could be disruptive. Then go with Wiese/Weisner and Hunter. Sub Gabby as needed if they want more D. Reuck should milk that lineup for all he can…just ask them to play most of the minutes in this [likely] final game.

I’d put the odds of the Beavs winning this game as 1 in 20. There’s definitely a chance with a great performance and UConn being slightly off (and OSU forcing them to be off even more).

Go Beavs

75-59, Uconn is my prediction, but I’m hoping for that 1 out of 2o game.

01.Apr.2016 Washington @ Oregon State

I had to let April Fool’s play out, so baseball just going up now. Beavs win game 1 but lose their #1 pitcher for the year.

Both remaining games at 4pm. I’m going to make a WBB thread, so when I do that on Sunday post about baseball here not there.

Go Beavs.

AngryBeavs Gets Press Credentials

Now that I’m prime time, I have to censor you guys. Starting tomorrow, all comments will be moderated by me before showing up. Any commentor who curses will be warned and then subsequently banned after a second infraction. Excessive negative commentary will be banned. Anyone bashing race, women, religion, etc will be banned immediately.

Some more bad news: since the donation model isn’t working, angrybeavs is resorting to ads starting May 1st. I have a deal in place with an ad service. The ads will be obtrusive [so you click on them]. Also starting in May, there will be a premium section that’s behind a paywall, and that will cost $200 per year.

Go Beavs.

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