14.Aug.2016 Can’t Teach Accuracy

I’ve written about this extensively last year with regard to Seth Collins and gotten flack for it, and explanations that he’d grow into the position and become more accurate, which obviously I disagreed with. People also claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about since I wasn’t a coach, so here you go straight from a head coach.

Mike Leach on accuracy.

Nothing new to me, but maybe people will take the opinion more seriously since it’s coming from an authority.

There’s a reason I always check a new QB’s completion % first and note if it’s poor.

11.Aug.2016 Aidan Willard

There was a comment in a recent thread that a QB like Aidan Willard isn’t going to get other recruits excited about signing.

So I looked at his stats and found he has a 44% completion. Why do the Beavs keep signing (Collins) or showing interest (The kid from Oregon last year) in QBs with low completion %? Is a position change in the offing?

However, the good news is on film he looks like Jake Locker light edition, right? Locker, too, had a pretty horrendous completion rate, yet turned into a nice college player.

Maxpreps is sometimes wrong, so I’m hoping his completion percentage isn’t actually that bad. If he’s more in the Locker range of 55%, then with those wheels and large frame, he could be pretty good. Looks like a project with good potential if he can become accurate. But I agree, he’s not going to get any other recruits excited, and from the sound of things, he doesn’t even get hardcore fans excited. I’d like to see a more refined QB taken in this class.

08.Aug.2016 Gary Andersen = Train Wreck?

It’s still too early to call GA an absolute failure. I get that and agree.

BUT, he seems to have no plan. One reason we loved GA from the start is he initially seemed like a man with a plan. But his plan is to “aggressively recruit” guys who will flunk out? His plan is to change player positions constantly? His plan is to have a running back play above weight and risk injury just because he’s not sure where to play him and he can move him around? His plan is to hire coaches he knows he’ll lose immediately? Team chemistry seems bad with a lot of internal fighting. Many around the program say things are not what they seem and actually much worse.

It’s early, but I want to be first to dub this train wreck the “GA Express” — all aboard or all bored? Early on the former, but with each passing day’s negative news, it’s quickly moving toward the latter.

For the record: I still believe in GA for some dumb reason. I hope it’s not just that he’s the anti-Riley with coach speak, because so far that’s the major difference.

06.Aug.2016 Christian Wallace and Issac Garcia NQ?

That was the rumor all day, and apparently Gina just confirmed it.

So this means GA is exactly like Riley in that he pads the class with impressive talent that’s a known academic risk.

I was counting on Wallace to start at CB this year, so this knocks them back quite a bit. They’ve now lost Wallace (4-star), Thompson (4-star), and Garcia (high 3-star with a USC offer).


Fall Camp

Here we go. Anyone going to watch today? Report back with your findings.

Go Beavs

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