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04.Feb.2014 Recruiting

I’m now hearing Delp might be headed to ASU afterall. Guyton getting calls from TCU and Texas. Oklahoma with minor interest in Bright Ugwoegbu. Stefan Flintoft signs as a punter. Nothing about OSU being in the mix for 4+ stars or poaching recruits, so this class is pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered with the […]

24.Jan.2014 Lack of Excitement around Football Recruiting. Upcoming Baseball Season.

I’ve been following recruiting closely for over a decade, and never has there been such little interest. Curious to hear some theories as to why that is. Some theories that come to mind: Losing season has everyone down. Same caliber of players the Beavers have always recruited, so there’s no obvious upgrade. Lack of star […]

21.Jan.2014 Recruiting Discussion

Beaver fans seem excited about Xavier Hawkins, newest commit. Here are his highlights. Folks from Tennessee say he’s under the radar and one of the best players in State. Reminds me of what Oregonians said about Jordan Poyer. With Poyer the talent was obvious, but I am not seeing it with Hawkins. He looks to […]

10.Jan.2014 Recruiting Update/Discussion

We’re going to be posting more recruiting updates via Beaverkman. I might have another source with good info coming online soon, too. So far I’ve gone through film on 5 prospects, and Marcus Maryion is the only exciting one. For those of you who follow recruiting, do you see any diamonds in the rough or […]

18.Oct.2013 Beavs’ Recruiting Trending Down

Currently OSU has 9 two star commits. The year prior, they had 3. The year before that, 5. You have to go back to 2011 to find a similar number. They had eight, and included low performers such as Peter Ashton, Elisina Aluesi, Blake Harrah, Rudolph Fifita, Na’Alli Robbins, Larry Scott, and the one serviceable […]

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