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12 total football verbal commits so far through June 28th. Don’t think we’ve ever seen this high of number this early, in recent history. Since it’s slow, I’m thought I’d put film up for our 6 most recent commits, in case anybody cares to evaluate or comment on the quality of players we’re seeing join […]

05.Feb.2016 Recruiting Sources Block BeavRecruiting Handle Tonight

It was a good run (we can still have the twitter account; just probably won’t get any inside info). I wonder if this was the whiners over at Blitz getting their way, or if GA got in their ear fearing violations… Either way, it’s a loss for society.

26.Jan.2016 Recruiting Thread

Rumors swirling that Shurod Thompson is a non-qualifier (despite upping his GPA), thus all the DB offers late in the game. This is what the Bay Area contact told us months ago. I haven’t heard anything definitive yet, but him saying that and all the late DB offers does imply there could be an issue. […]

20.Nov.2015 Recruiting Thread

While the game might not mean much, it’s a huge recruiting weekend for OSU. List of visitors.

21.Oct.2015 Chandler Connections, Recruiting

So as we know, Darrell Garretson was a QB at Chandler. It turns out his father is the OC at Chandler. The Beavers have three Chandler prospects visiting this weekend: Moran (3-star), Chase Lucas (4-star), and N’Keal Harry (5-star). These guys all think highly of Garretson and have relationships going far back, and Paul Lucas […]

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