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04.Feb.2015 National Signing Day Thread

Go Beavs! Liking the late gets, and hope for a signing day surprise (or two).

30.Jan.2015 Recruiting Mission Players

Curious to hear others’ thoughts on this. Personally, I think a small number (say 2 guys who are high end prospects) is fine during a normal recruiting cycle. But more than that, and the coach begins to really complicate the recruiting chart. According to my research, 20% of mission recruits never play. The other 80% […]

21.Jan.2015 I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone…

That you can’t recruit to Corvallis. Further, no coach in his right mind wants to come to Corvallis. Finally, be very careful what you wish for. Carry on.

20.Jan.2015 Twitter Handle for Live Recruiting Updates

Let’s brainstorm to think of a twitter handle for live twitter (recruiting) updates. We could stick with my current one of angry beavs. The perk is that it might get new readers to the site. I’m willing to share my password with a few readers here who follow recruiting closely and tweet a lot. I […]

19.Jan.2015 New Recruiting Thread

That last thread was getting messed up. So I’d say that was a successful weekend. Two 3-stars and a hard-hitting, high ceiling 2-star guy. It will be interesting to see what Andersen does with an entire season. (a) He is probably making enemies (b) he doesn’t seem to care. Does it come back to bite […]

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