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26.Jul.2015 Recruiting Rumblings

It seems people are upset about the Jordan Stevenson situation and now saying this staff can’t recruit. Well it’s only July and they have five 3-star recruits. That’s better than Riley could do most years by this point, at least from my memory. It’s definitely frustrating that they aren’t in the mix for Stevenson. It’s […]

13.May.2015 Andersen Recruiting

Curious to hear how you guys feel about the start of this recruiting cycle. My opinion: the offers going out seem to be of higher caliber and with more mutual interest from better players, but in terms of results, so far it’s the same as Riley (0 stars, 2 stars, and 3 stars) and guys […]

26.Mar.2015 Jack Jones to Oregon State?

Per his twitter, it looks that way. He’s ranked as a 4-star CB/WR on both Rivals and Scout. On a side note, did anyone hear how Cohl Cabral’s visit went?

04.Feb.2015 National Signing Day Thread

Go Beavs! Liking the late gets, and hope for a signing day surprise (or two).

30.Jan.2015 Recruiting Mission Players

Curious to hear others’ thoughts on this. Personally, I think a small number (say 2 guys who are high end prospects) is fine during a normal recruiting cycle. But more than that, and the coach begins to really complicate the recruiting chart. According to my research, 20% of mission recruits never play. The other 80% […]

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