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02.Jan.2018 Riley’s Recruiting Shtick

Tonight I received word that Riley brings up religion on recruiting visits. Someone close to the situation would describe the moments between the big time recruits and Riley…when Riley really started talking about God and his other BS you could literally see the soul of the young recruit leave his body, the parents get really […]

29.Dec.2017 Early Recruiting Rankings

As always, these are ranked in order, so the highest 3 star on my list is the one I think is the best in that grouping. When the full class signs I will add those players in where I see fit. *** Deshon Wilson — Aggressive and instinctual player. Seems to know where the play […]

09.May.2017 General Thread/Recruiting

Since the last recruiting thread, the Ducks got one of the top JC DTs in the Country. The Beavs landed a 3-star 5.5 ranked LB who looks pretty good. The Beavs have 3 commits, and the Ducks 9. 3 isn’t terrible for this time of year, but it shows how impressively the Ducks are killing […]

30.Apr.2017 Willie “The Buddha” Taggart Killing it in Recruiting

He picked up another 4-star DB today, winning “big boy battles” with this kid choosing Oregon over USC and Oklahoma. Check out his April: I guess his slimy personality isn’t holding him back; 18 year olds aren’t wise enough to realize a genuine person vs the flash and slime of a salesman. Meanwhile, check […]

01.Feb.2017 2017 Recruiting Rankings

There are so many guys in this class that I couldn’t watch 25+ pieces of film in great detail, but after 2 minutes or so you can see what a guy is all about. This is my analysis based on cursory look at their film (though, I would also look at their film throughout the […]

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