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09.Feb.2014 Ranking the 2014 Recruiting Class

Most difficult class to grade so far because so many guys have the same skill level and are middle of the road. There aren’t any obvious misses like Krebs or Cowdin in this class; there are a handful of superior athletes. Most are in the middle, though, with little distinguishing them. Something I noticed is […]

08.Feb.2013 Ranking the 2013 Recruiting Class

First off, great work by Riley and staff. The classes keep getting better each year. Needed DT/CBs and stockpiled quality players are those positions. Very difficult class to rank because there are so many good players. Gave it a shot anyway. Rankings are in order (e.g. Hunt > Nelson, etc). Some guys (e.g. Huatau) had […]

01.Feb.2012 Ranking the 2012 Recruiting Class

My "star" system works like this: I'm using + instead of stars this year because it's easier than uploading the image. Recruits are listed in order, so if two guys have three + marks, the one higher on my list is the better prospect. I give +'s on my belief the player will be all-conference […]

08.Feb.2011 Rankings: The 2011 Recruiting Class

Rivals and Scout are notoriously inept in their analysis of Oregon State prospects. Because of their laziness and obtuse eye for talent, Mike Riley is often heralded as a genius who unearths hidden gems. That myth needs to end. My goal with these ranking is to have the most objective and accurate Beaver rankings on […]

07.Feb.2010 2010 Recruiting Class Rankings

Thomas Molesi ++++ Fred Thomspon ++++ Sean Mannion ++++ Donnell Welch ++++ Shaydon Akuna +++ Scott Crichton +++ Ryan Murphy +++ Trevor Romaine +++ Tyler Perry +++ Mana Tuivailala ++ Michael Bibbee ++ Roman Sapulo ++ Dominic Glover ++ Malcolm Marable + Will Story + Connor Hamlett + Not yet signed Happy Iona: Will never […]

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