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08.Feb.2011 Rankings: The 2011 Recruiting Class

Rivals and Scout are notoriously inept in their analysis of Oregon State prospects. Because of their laziness and obtuse eye for talent, Mike Riley is often heralded as a genius who unearths hidden gems. That myth needs to end. My goal with these ranking is to have the most objective and accurate Beaver rankings on […]

07.Feb.2010 2010 Recruiting Class Rankings

Thomas Molesi ++++ Fred Thomspon ++++ Sean Mannion ++++ Donnell Welch ++++ Shaydon Akuna +++ Scott Crichton +++ Ryan Murphy +++ Trevor Romaine +++ Tyler Perry +++ Mana Tuivailala ++ Michael Bibbee ++ Roman Sapulo ++ Dominic Glover ++ Malcolm Marable + Will Story + Connor Hamlett + Not yet signed Happy Iona: Will never […]

06.Dec.2009 Bowl Selection: An Alternate View

After tie-breakers, Arizona was 2nd in the Pac-10 and should go to the Holiday Bowl. We were third, but the Sun Bowl elected to enact their “no repeat” clause (this is their option, they could have selected us). Last year’s 3-0 effort vs Pitt hardly helped that cause. That left the Emerald Bowl or Las […]

09.Nov.2009 Three Beaver-related Nuggets

1. The pac-10 is the first and only conference to have 6 bowl eligible teams. Considering the difficult OOC games, this is doubly impressive, and it strengthens the theory that all of these teams are very good and simply beat up on one another. Washington has the hardest schedule in the nation (for the 2nd […]

12.Oct.2009 Mid-Season Conference Rankings

1. Oregon–After a inauspicious beginning, the Ducks recovered nicely and wound up with the best first half in the conference. Right now they appear poised to win the conference outright. But, the Masoli injury could end those chances much like the Dixon injury of 2007. 2. USC–The Trojans have done what’s expected of them, even […]

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