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22.Apr.2014 Tweets from Hallice Cooke

Hallice Cooke @Hallywood_3 Follow Smh I gotta know what that NCAA tourney feels like ASAP 7:50 PM – 15 Mar 2014 The best way to describe Bob DeCarolis is “asleep at the switch“. Good ol’ Bob, counting beans as his field turns to dust.

29.Mar.2014 Bob DeCarolis and Craig Robinson: The Blind Leading the Blind?

The blind leading the blind Prov. Someone who is not capable of dealing with a situation is guiding someone else who is not capable of dealing with it. Okay, so maybe it’s more like the def leading the blind (no offense to either of those disabled classes). The delusion runs deep. Craig Robinson, according to […]

28.Mar.2014 Craig Robinson to Stay on as Coach (Bob DeCarolis Chooses Money over Winning)

This is clearly an attempt to milk one more year off the contract. Beavs will be HORRIBLE next year based on roster alone. Combine that with a fanbase of one (JackBeav claims he’s the last standing), a coach who (for the tenth time) doesn’t seem to want to be in Corvallis, and an AD who […]

Another day, another O-live plagiarism

What’s the term for stealing an overall idea, but not necessarily verbatim like normal plagiarism? Today we have this. Yeah, only been writing that for two years. No biggie. Hello Connor, welcome to the blog, buddy. It feels strange to be the lead Oregon State  op-ed writer. Especially without pay. But I can handle it. […]

22.Mar.2014 Craig Robinson May Get Fired

Hearing that Bob D has a meeting with him once he returns from the women’s tournament. And then there’s the scathing piece Eggers wrote, which mildly implies he’s not afraid of ruining any future relationship with CR. While driving through Corvallis mid-week, I heard a lot of talk radio with the same sentiment. The host was […]

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