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19.Jun.2014 Tinkle’s Basketball Recruits

Some interesting names. Obviously his son, but these two guys are now on the radar: Tyler Dorsey Stephen Thompson With that kind of talent and good coaching, the turnaround could happen fast.

21.May.2014 Tinkle’s First Job: Keeping Incoming Recruits

In a sense we’ll see early on whether Tinkle can recruit, as he now has to resell himself and Oregon State to the 3 incoming recruits. The good news is that today Chai Baker said he will be a Beaver. Manderson and Oliver silent so far. Both had a lot of options. If they de-commit, […]

19.May.2014 Can we Stop the Pee Jokes…

Already dreading “he pissed that one away” after every loss, but in the off-season, too? Et Tu, Beavlettes? Tomorrow’s itinerary: a thread dedicated to fart jokes.

17.May.2014 Yep, it was all about Money (As Always)

Per Canzano One final thought on the Ben Howland negotiation… I’m told my figures of Howland wanting $2 million annually plus $250,000 per assistant were exactly on the money. Oregon State just couldn’t fathom eating those numbers while also paying Craig Robinson to go away. Looks like the dissenters and trolls were wrong again.  

14.May.2014 Damon Stoudamire?

I’ve been away for a few days, and I come home to hear DS is the leading candidate to be the new coach? This sounds a lot like the CR hire…a smooth talker who can (probably) recruit, but not proven as a coach or a guy who can run a program. I mean, it is […]

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