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13.Nov.2017 Fresh thread for basketball (M+W)

As suggested, here is a fresh thread while we wait for the final home FB game at Reser on Saturday. Men on PAC12 now, showing a slow start. WBB Wednesday appears to be radio only; to be followed Sunday morning by the test vs Notre Dame which is set for the PAC12 network. If you […]

06.Apr.2017 Men’s Basketball Article

This from a “disgruntled fan”, who I have known for some time, speak with on Twitter, and respect their opinion and ability to assess a situation. This fan attends the practices, etc, so their opinion is based off firsthand observation. Here is their account of what’s going on. It’s long, but it’s a good read. […]

29.Mar.2017 Wayne Tinkle/Program Disaster

It’s not his fault players got injured, are declaring for the draft, or are considering transferring (maybe this one is his fault; we don’t know the story…my guess would be because Malcolm is coming back), but the bottom line is he has whiffed on too many recruits. Players haven’t developed as expected. There is no […]

25.Mar.2017 Women’s Basketball: Oregon State vs Florida State

FSU is not a terrible draw. Should be a good game where the Beavs keep FSU around 60 points. Can they score more than that? That’s always the question. Pivec is the wildcard for me. She’s been slowly stepping up and seems to have nerves of steal. If someone is going to contribute unexpected double […]

17.Mar.2017 Women’s Basketball/Tourney Thread

Game time is 2:05 pacific on ESPN2. Let’s use this thread for any subsequent games as well. On a side note, I mentioned in an earlier thread a content provider wants to put OSU/Pac-12 content on this site. This would entail a 400px video in one of the corners. Give me your feedback on that. […]

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