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05.Mar.2015 On Wayne Tinkle Starting Walk-ons

Tinkle, in his post game press conference, said some would be criticizing his move to start walk-ons. Damn straight, as Tinkle would say. What is most disturbing to me, is that it was a Mike Riley move. A Mike Riley mentality. Something a nice guy would do. A guy with killer instincts starts his best […]

04.Mar.2015 Civil War Hoops

8pm on ESPNU I’m expecting Oregon to win by 20ish, but this is not a bad matchup so maybe not. (a) Beavs play well at home as we all know (b) Oregon is horrible on D, so Beavs can maybe get into the 70 point range, which with the Beavs D could keep it close. […]

01.Mar.2015 Comments in the Basketball Thread Bashing Tinkle

Kind of ridiculous and worthy of a thread itself. I don’t make excuses  and have high expectations, but also they need to be reasonable expectations given a situation. What I see: Beavs constantly play 5 vs 4 (no viable big), and of the 4 the put on the court, only 1 (Payton) might start for […]

Oregon State @ Cal

12pm, Pac-12 Go Beavs

26.Feb.2015 Basketball Double Header

Women at 6pm on Pac-12 Men at Stanford 8pm, Pac-12 Go Beavs and Beavettes!

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