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02.Dec.2016 General Thread

News is relatively quiet just now and angry is busy making Christmas soap. Men’s and Women’s Basketball, along with FB recruiting are all fair game. Also the ever useful “OT” category. Gals play tonight, needing to rebound from a loss; and, did ya hear Syd say she’d marry Nall after the CW? 77 days till […]

25.Nov.2016 Hoops: Fresno State/General Thread

Go Beavs? Over/under 30 turnovers.

18.Nov.2016 OSU @ Nevada & Recruiting

Some talk about Hodgins committing to OSU today and the talk of Luton, so that’s all fair game, along with the hoops game tonight at 7. I’m encouraged by the Luton news. Maybe something finally clicked for him. Go Beavs

11.Nov.2016 Prairie View vs Oregon State

Anything off topic, keep the prior thread, or it will be deleted (under this new government! Arggh!) 6pm from Gill on channel PAC-12 Go Beavs!

03.Apr.2016 Oregon State vs UConn

My quick take on this game: I’d like to see OSU go with both Hamblin and Gulich on the floor at the same time. Gulich has improved a lot where she’s no longer a liability, and the length could be disruptive. Then go with Wiese/Weisner and Hunter. Sub Gabby as needed if they want more […]

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