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23.Jan.2017 Is Wayne Tinkle Getting a Free Pass?

We’ve heard: Injuries Youth GP2 graduated Etc Criticism of Tinkle has been nil. Is it because he broke the NCAA streak? Is it because people expected a down year? Personally, this isn’t too surprising. I think all the above are valid reasons for a down year. But the one thing that really disturbs me is […]

14.Jan.2017 Let’s talk Beavs and ucks

I suspect angry may be working on a new thread, if so he can delete this one. Since the last thread passed 350 (thanks Jack, for the heads up) we can start fresh here. Beavs vs ucks: -MBB:TV coming up shortly, rumor is that Walton will be heard. -MBB part II: predictions started on last […]

02.Dec.2016 General Thread

News is relatively quiet just now and angry is busy making Christmas soap. Men’s and Women’s Basketball, along with FB recruiting are all fair game. Also the ever useful “OT” category. Gals play tonight, needing to rebound from a loss; and, did ya hear Syd say she’d marry Nall after the CW? 77 days till […]

25.Nov.2016 Hoops: Fresno State/General Thread

Go Beavs? Over/under 30 turnovers.

18.Nov.2016 OSU @ Nevada & Recruiting

Some talk about Hodgins committing to OSU today and the talk of Luton, so that’s all fair game, along with the hoops game tonight at 7. I’m encouraged by the Luton news. Maybe something finally clicked for him. Go Beavs

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