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03.Apr.2016 Oregon State vs UConn

My quick take on this game: I’d like to see OSU go with both Hamblin and Gulich on the floor at the same time. Gulich has improved a lot where she’s no longer a liability, and the length could be disruptive. Then go with Wiese/Weisner and Hunter. Sub Gabby as needed if they want more […]

28.Mar.2016 Lady Beavs/Spring Practice/Baseball

Ladies are at 6pm on ESPN (aka Ukrainian friends, for most of you degenerates). 😉 Football spring practice begins today. At least I hope it does — that date is from memory like a month ago. If it doesn’t, I’m sure angry@angry will let me know about it (for a decade straight). Since these aren’t […]

18.Mar.2016 Oregon State vs VCU

10:30 on TNT, or for free on the NCAA website. I’m pretty stoked. The VCU coach talked about clamping down on the 3 point line, so the Beavs need a good game from Eubanks/the bigs. Go Beavs!

13.Mar.2016 Selection Sunday Thread

Good sign for the Beavs that the Ducks got a #1 seed. But, honestly I’m nervous… I feel the committee can mess this up. They already messed up Virginia over Michigan State. Go Beavs.

10.Mar.2016 Oregon State vs Cal

8:30ish start, but it will probably be a little later than that. The game is on Fox Sports 1, so hopefully we get a break from Bill Walton. I usually like him, but that “Conference of Champions” stuff was SO annoying. I guess some people are still questioning if the Beavs are in the NCAA…I […]

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