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24.Dec.2014 [Real] Keith Kostol Fields Questions

Kostol sounds like one of the coolest Beavers ever. In response to my interview request: Hell, I’ll do an interview for you guys.  AB is always good for a laugh on a Sunday. Let’s think of some good questions. He seemed candid on Reddit and ready to go. Edit: originally I was going to send […]

12.Jul.2011 Interview: Brandin Cooks

How was Oregon State able to earn your commitment over large market universities like Washington and UCLA? Oregon State earned my commitment over those types of schools because the program here is just built off character, and that's my type of people. And the system ran here fits my style. Coach Brennan was hired after […]

12.May.2011 Interview: Jabral Johnson

Jabral Johnson was gracious enough to do an interview for angrybeavs. I thought Jabral would be interesting to interview since he's not from Pac-10 country, and therefore could offer unique perspective. The transcript follows: Jabral, you committed early to Arizona. How did the Beavers’ recruiters catch up, and ultimately, why did you choose Oregon State […]

13.Mar.2011 Interview: Keith McGill

My belief is that there's little to learn from interviewing recruits who have signed with Oregon State. The leap in knowledge will come from understanding why our coaching staff has been unable to land the big name prospects who have visited Corvallis. Keith McGill is a perfect example of such a player. McGill, a 4-star […]

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