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19.Nov.2014 More on Rape and Riley

So for the longest time I have hated feminists (specifically for the logical inconsistencies and anti-male attitudes). But I do think they have one thing right, this idea of “rape culture” (though I think it is a derivative of “mob mentality”)… The Brenda Tracy story, the Steubenville case, Mike Riley, Joe Pa, now this in […]

18.Nov.2014 Oregonian Article Made Me Laugh

First off, is this newsworthy for a 5-5 team? I guess it’s fine to briefly mention it like they did, but they take it a step further [into the ridiculous] with this: The Beavers have the best home winning percentage against top-10 teams since 2000 (5-5) of any unranked FBS team, according to ESPN Stats […]

17.Nov.2014 Mike Riley on Brenda Tracy Story

I just read the story a bit ago and just wow… That’s one of Canzano’s better pieces. What stood out to me most was Riley. The quotes… “It’s so sad to me that it still haunts her. It’s scary what that means to a lady,” Riley said. “Maybe retribution would have helped that. I don’t […]

Fracking in California

So it has been confirmed that oil and gas companies, in conjunction with the government/EPA, have dumped 3billion gallons of fracking water into our aquifers. The response is the standard, “errors were made.” With clear use of the passive voice to distance themselves from accountability. If you look at this map, this appears bullish for […]

11.Nov.2014 AngryBeavs Supports Net Neutrality

This post pertains to the future of AB website and other websites you likely enjoy reading. The idea that Comcast et al can limit the speed you see a website, or limit you entirely from seeing content goes beyond disturbing. For those who don’t think anything bad can happen, it already has. Click this link […]

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