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22.Jan.2015 Jon Wilner Ridiculousness

Read this. 6. Oregon State: Most of the top players are gone. So is Mike Riley. Hotline prediction: Five years from now, OSU fans who ripped Riley will be looking back on his tenure with love and affection. Yeah, guy, and the Stanford Indians are going to miss Pop Warner. This guy is completely clueless. […]

07.Jan.2015 Beaverblitz goes full Nuclear

A commenter wrote: “Found this gem on the blitz forums.” I know we have a lot of new folks, so let’s get this much straight…ReplyIf it wasn’t obvious, posting content from the Lodge and/or Blitz subscription content on other sites will get you blacklisted from reading the Lodge and reading subscription content.Some of you doing […]

21.Dec.2014 Beaverblitz Goes Full Fascism

Ironically and hilariously, a user just sent me an email stating Mamma Machado of Beaverblitz is clamping down on subscribers talking about the information their subscriptions purchase. It’s hard to think of another scenario where you buy a product yet can’t use it. Embarrassing. People should just wait an extra day or a few hours […]

19.Dec.2014 State of the AngryBeavs Address

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” — Max Planck It’s fascinating that on Blitz, Pure Orange, etc, it is suddenly considered Kosher to rip on Mike […]

11.Dec.2014 Espn, Jim Rome, Lindsay Schnell, Ken Goe

I’ve been thinking how to handle these ignorant/lazy media members. The best approach is probably to blacklist them all in terms of reading their content, but at the same time “Tweet” at them, showcasing to the world their ignorant viewpoints. That way we don’t give them any clicks or ad revenue while getting our message […]

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