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14.Apr.2014 Net Neutrality, Comcast, etc…

Maybe you guys don’t care about this, but it will affect anyone using Comcast/Time Warner to watch or stream games. You will likely be paying more for a worse product, all so Comcast doesn’t have to compete legitimately (because true Capitalism would render them obsolete). Now we get this incestuous bastard child hybrid of FCC […]

Jorge Reyes is an Asshole

Ex-Beaver Jorge Reyes tricks Jeff Francoeur into believing he’s deaf. I’m probably the least PC person on this planet, but really, pretending you are deaf? What an insult to people who actually are deaf. They then call Francouer an idiot/retard and insult that class of people, too. Finally, they humiliate and embarrass their teammate. I […]

09.Jan.2014 Lindsay Schnell to SI

I guess the Texas and Alabamas of the world even mess up every once in a while and sign a 1 star recruit. Just kidding, SI jumped the shark in the early 70s. Only boneheads waiting around in dental offices read it anymore. Now she can suck on national teat like the rest of the […]

30.Nov.2013 Passive Aggressive O-Live Article

I am talking about this thread: Instead of putting the onus on fans, the media should step up and say what they mean. To put up a picture of Riley with the shit-eating-grin and then ask, after a 5th straight loss, “what do you guys think of Riley’s 13th season?” is a cop out. […]

24.Nov.2013 Beaverblitz Looks Cassandra Today

I can’t read the threads, but the titles sound Cassandra! Maybe they will finally admit difficult truths. You know, this reminds me of 1999 with the internet stock bubble, housing bubble (1.0 and the current 2.0), and perhaps the most recent Bitcoin bubble. “They can never go down!” and other logic-defying rationalizations. The people […]

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