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15.Sep.2014 Is this “News” or Propaganda?

Click this link. (It is ESPN and work safe). I find the words “again” and “dominates” to be propaganda.”Again” implies this happens ever year, which isn’t true (at least not until ESPN purchased the SEC). “Dominates” implies these teams actually play great football, to the point no other conference or team could compete with them. […]

22.Jul.2014 NFL.Com 14 Best College Coaches

This is pretty messed up 14. Mike Riley, Oregon State Career record: 88-73 NFL draft picks the last five years: 9 In addition to being one of the best coaches in college football, you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer coach in the sport than Riley. He might not yell and scream like others […]

30.Apr.2014 Idiotic Comment of the Day

In response to my: “The real fans get another kick in the nuts season” This birdbrain replies: LOL…are you seriously calling yourself a “real” fan? Bwhahahahahahahahaahahahahaha You’re about as far from a “real” fan as it gets bud! –BeavInEugene Isn’t it incredible that six years into this blog people still mistake criticism (and desire for […]

14.Apr.2014 Net Neutrality, Comcast, etc…

Maybe you guys don’t care about this, but it will affect anyone using Comcast/Time Warner to watch or stream games. You will likely be paying more for a worse product, all so Comcast doesn’t have to compete legitimately (because true Capitalism would render them obsolete). Now we get this incestuous bastard child hybrid of FCC […]

Jorge Reyes is an Asshole

Ex-Beaver Jorge Reyes tricks Jeff Francoeur into believing he’s deaf. I’m probably the least PC person on this planet, but really, pretending you are deaf? What an insult to people who actually are deaf. They then call Francouer an idiot/retard and insult that class of people, too. Finally, they humiliate and embarrass their teammate. I […]

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