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23.Dec.2017 Merry Christmas, Beavos

While we may not always agree, and some of you are flat out dicks, still, Merry Christmas. I’ll be back on Tuesday after the holiday. General thread, but curious to hear what your Christmas playlist consists of or anything personal you wish to talk about. My playlist is The Pogues (Fairytale Of New York), The […]

10.Aug.2017 Nemec Blocks Our Recruiting Handle / General Thread

And my personal handle as well. Just another reason not to read the Oregonian? He pretty much stole all our recruiting info anyway, so he basically just cannibalized himself. New podcast with the dope (Sprague) and Mamma Machado. I haven’t listed to it yet. I don’t want to dedicate an entire thread to Nemec, so […]

14.Jun.2017 Oregonian Closes Comments; Posts Heimlich Article for 7th Straight Day; Lawsuit in the Offing?

The headline says it all. In a gesture of absolute control freakdom at a newspaper in total free fall, the Oregonian has gone to their “golden goose”, Luke Heimlich, for a seventh straight day. Only this time, readers can’t comment. This has actually been the policy for several days now. If there is dissent, they […]

13.Jun.2017 More John Canzano Hypocrisy: Strip Club Sponsors His Radio Show

John Canzano and the Oregonian continue to double and triple down on their Luke Heimlich hit piece. Today, Canzano beat a dead horse and posted yet another piece in which he seems to think that having a DA from Oregon, John Foote, on the program gives his staunch stance merit. The DA goes on to […]

12.Jun.2017 Oregonian’s John Canzano and Danny Moran Complete Luke Heimlich Hit Piece

When the story of Luke Heimlich broke a few days ago, I patted the Oregonian on the back and said job well done. Reporting sexual assault of a star jock, going up against a powerful institution, and talking about a prevalent yet taboo subject all seemed like noble moves on the surface. However, as the […]

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