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30.Sep.2014 ESPN Front Page Headline

On a Tuesday. And on the day MLB playoffs begin. Saturday on ESPN & WatchESPN: College GameDay in Oxford, Mississippi Statewide Pride The Bulldogs and Rebels have given the state of Mississippi plenty to cheer about. On Saturday, the teams share a common goal. Absolutely pathetic.

26.Sep.2014 Why AngryBeavs is Important

I am listening to the This American Life Expose on the Federal Reserve this morning, and this part of the transcript hits home: David Beim writes in his report that when it comes to hiring bank examiners, the Fed, quote, “should be willing to take chances on individuals with the confidence to speak their convictions, […]

25.Sep.2014 Update on California’s “Yes means Yes”…

On September 2nd I wrote that this law was biased against male students, and it might result in athletes not attending California schools. Well, it took only 13 days for Occidental College to take a law that hasn’t even been passed yet even further and make it even more Draconian, suggesting that Yes means No. […]

15.Sep.2014 Is this “News” or Propaganda?

Click this link. (It is ESPN and work safe). I find the words “again” and “dominates” to be propaganda.”Again” implies this happens ever year, which isn’t true (at least not until ESPN purchased the SEC). “Dominates” implies these teams actually play great football, to the point no other conference or team could compete with them. […]

22.Jul.2014 NFL.Com 14 Best College Coaches

This is pretty messed up 14. Mike Riley, Oregon State Career record: 88-73 NFL draft picks the last five years: 9 In addition to being one of the best coaches in college football, you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer coach in the sport than Riley. He might not yell and scream like others […]

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