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22.Jul.2015 Should We Start Our Own Media/Press Corp?

Twitter is disruptive technology. Just look how easy it was for a blog like this to open a recruiting division. Now I’m looking into media/press. What I am talking about is Twitter Periscope. If you don’t know what that is, watch this brief video. I don’t think Wall St is valuing the stock properly, and […]

13.Jul.2015 Oregon Earthquake?

Have you guys read this article. Sounds like the Beavs are in the danger zone. Anyone up there talking about this? I wonder how much of this is fear mongering versus how much is good science and reality.

03.Jul.2015 July 4th Celebrations

Happy 4th weekend, doods. As the calender turns to July now, we can begin to look toward football season. How about this: since I don’t have a lot to criticize right now and things are going relatively smoothly at OSU, how about I take suggestions for articles you’d like to see, or just thoughts/my opinion […]

30.Jun.2015 Steve Fenk Denies Me Credentialed Media

Our policy is that we do not credential independent bloggers, websites, etc. You will find that is the case league-wide for the most part. We have turned down others before¬† as well.¬† Thank you for your interest. sf I find this to be BS. It makes sense to some extent, so as not to encourage […]

11.Feb.2015 Did Anyone Else Get the “Unite” Donor/Media Guide?

One arrived in the mail today. It is impressive. My question: where did OSU get all the money to make these? These books had to be $5 each, at least, given the quality of paper and inks. I’d guess even more (maybe double that). It basically looks like a fancy book. Marketing department is usually […]

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