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11.Dec.2014 Espn, Jim Rome, Lindsay Schnell, Ken Goe

I’ve been thinking how to handle these ignorant/lazy media members. The best approach is probably to blacklist them all in terms of reading their content, but at the same time “Tweet” at them, showcasing to the world their ignorant viewpoints. That way we don’t give them any clicks or ad revenue while getting our message […]

10.Dec.2014 Rest In Peace, the False Narrative

Blitz had this article up on Thursday after Riley bailed. We’ve all seen what The Oregonian (Lindsay Schnell and Ken Goe) has written about OSU. With the poaching of Gary Andersen from Wisconsin, I ask sincerely: can we put the false narrative that OSU is a cow-town that nobody would ever (a) want to coach […]

05.Dec.2014 Boycott The Oregonian

I ask all my readers to boycott the Oregonian for their anti-Beaver/Corvallis bias. There are two ways to do this: 1. Cancel your physical subscription. 2. Block all data mining and ad revenue sources from the online site. I will tell you how to do that after I mention some things going down. For example, […]

19.Nov.2014 More on Rape and Riley

So for the longest time I have hated feminists (specifically for the logical inconsistencies and anti-male attitudes). But I do think they have one thing right, this idea of “rape culture” (though I think it is a derivative of “mob mentality”)… The Brenda Tracy story, the Steubenville case, Mike Riley, Joe Pa, now this in […]

18.Nov.2014 Oregonian Article Made Me Laugh

First off, is this newsworthy for a 5-5 team? I guess it’s fine to briefly mention it like they did, but they take it a step further [into the ridiculous] with this: The Beavers have the best home winning percentage against top-10 teams since 2000 (5-5) of any unranked FBS team, according to ESPN Stats […]

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