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31.Aug.2015 Angrybeavs Succession Plan

We need to come up with an AB succession plan. Do you guys want the site to die with me, or do you foresee someone who can run it up to [or above] the current standard? If so, name names, and later on I’d put up a poll for vote. I have a shortlist of […]

10.Aug.2015 Marcus McMaryion Situation

Funny how Connor is blowing this up on twitter. What a loser. So this is what is happening: I made my prediction in March. I just finished watching video of all 7 qbs. McMaryion will definitely be the starter. I took a ton of heat for it all summer. I also read report after report […]

07.Aug.2015 Daily Barometer Videos

Some great videos uploaded by the Daily Barometer, taken from the live Brian Rathbone Periscope feeds that people may have missed earlier today. The Jordan Villiman one is incredible. That dude will be a telecaster one day.

22.Jul.2015 Should We Start Our Own Media/Press Corp?

Twitter is disruptive technology. Just look how easy it was for a blog like this to open a recruiting division. Now I’m looking into media/press. What I am talking about is Twitter Periscope. If you don’t know what that is, watch this brief video. I don’t think Wall St is valuing the stock properly, and […]

13.Jul.2015 Oregon Earthquake?

Have you guys read this article. Sounds like the Beavs are in the danger zone. Anyone up there talking about this? I wonder how much of this is fear mongering versus how much is good science and reality.

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