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31.Aug.2016 BeaverBlitz & Angie Machado = Total Dickheads

What we’re hearing is they left current subscribers high and dry, offering them a 3 month “free” membership at Scout if they had an active Rivals account. Well, what if they had a full year, like this guy? @BeaverBlitz @AngieMachado1 @ScoutMedia Well that stinks. Just got my dad a year sub 2 weeks ago. Was […]

26.Jul.2016 Poor Writing at the Oregonian

Hey Beavlettes, I’m back home and trying to catch up on things. So I go to the Oregonian figuring I’d get my cup of generic tea, but instead I’m served a steaming pile of horseshit writing. Check this out: The case for Irvine: He boasts the most ideal frame and best 1-on-1 coverage ability in […]

20.Jul.2016 Site Problems – angry, come home!

It seems something is amiss with the site, there appears to be no way to post comments or to reply to previous comments. I swear, I’ve not been fooling around with the admin tools and have no idea what the problem may be. Hopefully angry returns soon to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, the chat area […]

05.Jul.2016 Bad Taste and Bureaucratic Blunders – General Thread

This will be a place holder for at least a portion of Angry’s absence. I’ve still got a bad taste from the Beavs being left out of the NCAA baseball tourney and, it seems, some still have issues with the PAC12 TV network. Is Larry Scott doing as well as can be expected? Should Stansbury […]

08.Jun.2016 Keeping Current Format/General Thread

After thinking about all input, I decided to keep this format, and go with two “authors” (oneoldbeav and nicebeaver). These guys will hopefully be around if I’m not to put up a thread or reboot a thread if it gets very long (I’d say 250 comments or 10 Miles Davis youtubes, whichever comes first). We’ll […]

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