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05.Jul.2016 Bad Taste and Bureaucratic Blunders – General Thread

This will be a place holder for at least a portion of Angry’s absence. I’ve still got a bad taste from the Beavs being left out of the NCAA baseball tourney and, it seems, some still have issues with the PAC12 TV network. Is Larry Scott doing as well as can be expected? Should Stansbury […]

08.Jun.2016 Keeping Current Format/General Thread

After thinking about all input, I decided to keep this format, and go with two “authors” (oneoldbeav and nicebeaver). These guys will hopefully be around if I’m not to put up a thread or reboot a thread if it gets very long (I’d say 250 comments or 10 Miles Davis youtubes, whichever comes first). We’ll […]

07.Jun.2016 Move to Forum Based Site

It really makes no sense for me to keep making general threads during slow periods when, with a forum based system, users can make their own topics and discuss what interests them. To make this transition will cost money (e.g. to buy and customize themes, etc), so any donations can be sent via paypal — […]

01.Apr.2016 AngryBeavs Gets Press Credentials

Now that I’m prime time, I have to censor you guys. Starting tomorrow, all comments will be moderated by me before showing up. Any commentor who curses will be warned and then subsequently banned after a second infraction. Excessive negative commentary will be banned. Anyone bashing race, women, religion, etc will be banned immediately. Some […]

18.Nov.2015 Upload Custom Avatar

Gravatar has privacy issues that I don’t believe in, so they’re gone now. You guys can upload any photo you’d like now. To do this, you must be registered. Go to “users” — > “your profile” and then scroll down and you will see a browse button where you can scan your pc and upload […]

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