27.Sep.2009 Grading the PAC-10: Week 4

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1. Oregon–a testament to how quickly a team can come together. Maybe it gives Beav fans hope. Thing is, Oregon has always had the altheles, so it was simply an execution issue in their case.  Anyway, this was their first impressive win. Utah isn’t a good team, shouldn’t have been rated, etc. But Cal is a good team. And the Ducks annihilated them.

2. Stanford–this team is beginning to scare me. They’re winning with special teams and defense, mixed in with the occasional big play on offense. It’s a strange combination that doesn’t seem sustainable, yet it continues…

3. Arizona–Impressive win by the Wildcats. Didn’t think they had a chance with the new QB. When Grigsby went down the situation turned doubly dubious. Hey, what can you say other than the Beavers Couged it.

4. USC–Speaking of the Cougs…they played tenacious D (ha ha). USC is definitely not vintage this year. Barkley doesn’t impress me so far. Their D is softer than in the past. Sure, they’re still USC, but to win by 21 when you should have won by 60 has to be slightly disappointing.

5. Arizona State–Impressive showing on the road versus the big bad SEC. ASU are going to have a lot of confidence next week and the Beavers aren’t. To make the dire even worse, the game is in Tempe. Load up on the gin, boys.

6. Washington State–As noted, hung in there. Considering they have no talent I was impressed with the effort. On the road no less.

7. Oregon State–Manhandled for the second straight week on both sides of the ball. At home no less. Tempe looming.

8. Washington–Letdown or reality check? I think USC simply isn’t vintage and Washington always plays them tough at home. The #24 ranking was hilarious…voters love the Carroll pedigree and grasp for reasons to parlay his progeny into the top 25. Egg on their face.

9. California–Ha ha. Tedford. What an idiot. Too bad it was the Ducks who waxed him on national television because now they’re in the top 25 again. Bittersweet situation, really, as is much of my emotion when following the PAC-10.

10. UCLA–Bye. Slick Rick helicoptered into Portland to woo our 5 star DE recruit. Not good.

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