24.Aug.2009 Petition to Dr. Edward Ray

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As I noted in earlier blogs, Edward Ray said one of his goals would be to get OSU on par with “peers” in terms of academic reputation. Peers, as defined in the [metrics] PDF below, are:

University of Arizona; University of California – Davis; Cornell University; University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign; Michigan State University; Ohio State University – Columbus; Pennsylvania State University – University Park; Purdue University – West Lafayette; Texas A & M University – College Station; and University of Wisconsin – Madison

You can read all the complete strategic plan here:


As you can see, the plan was initiated in 2004 (see archive), and there’s an update in 2009.  Five years later and we are still listed in U.S. World News as a 3rd tier university.

The following link highlights that the University’s goal was 2nd tier by 2007-2008:


If you agree with me that the University has failed to meet expectations, please leave a comment below saying so, and the results will be mailed to our dean expressing our collective dissatisfaction. Again, without criticism and high expectations the status quo will remain.This academic perception has a negative impact on recruiting. Just see Odighizuwa’s quotes if you require verification.

I, ______________, believe OSU failed in their goal to earn 2nd tier or higher status with national college rankings systems such as U.S. News and World. As an OSU alum, I would like to see my university held in higher esteem and respected by the casual observer.  We ask that Dr. Edward Ray (a) address why our strategic plan has failed to this point (b) revise target dates for success and (c) explain how success will be attained (i.e. what measures are taking place). We would like this information in the next state of the union publication printed by the university.

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