31.Aug.2009 Remember When Our Offense Portended Prolific?

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In the spring game, and early in fall camp, Canfield was tossing balls around like Madden ‘98 on the rookie level. Really, the offense appeared prolific. As we break camp and head into a week 1 match up with the mighty Vikings of Portland State, it seems the appropriate time to reflect on the team that might have been versus the team that is. On offense, what might have been, but are missing for one reason or another:
1. Markus Wheaton–High 3-star prospect (who should have been a 4) and fastest player on the team.
2. Ryan Pohl–Athletic 3 star guard from Hawaii who has looked dominating at times.
3. Darrel Catchings–3 star WR who looked unstoppable in the spring game and early camp.
What is:
1. Damola Adeniji– 0 star recruit. Uses body well, but is not a game breaker in any sense of the word.
2. Grant Johnson–0 star walk-on. Really dislike Riley’s move in starting this guy over a great talent in Pohl.
3. Casey Kjos– 2 star recruit. How is Bishop, who is eons more dynamic, not starting here?
Beaver recruitniks love to say, “stars don’t matter!”, but we lost 7 stars on our offense, and suddenly it doesn’t portend so prolific. Think about that.
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