05.Sep.2009 Game Day Observations

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1.  The defense is getting no pass rush. This was more disconcerting than the CB play. Gabe Miller, a converted TE, looks like our best DE.

2. Offensive line looks OK. Better pass blocking than run blocking.

3. Krebs should never see the field–dude is stiff as wood and got juked by a DII QB.

4. Wheaton will one day be as good as Dez Bryant. Same frame and speed. On a similar note, Halahuni needs more balls his way.

5. Poyer needs to see the field more. He’s better than Cameron Collins.

6. Collins is bulky and stiff. Was real high on this guy when he signed, but I’d rather see Poyer in there.

7. T. Kavanaugh shouldn’t be returning punts. I hope that was just to avoid injuries in game 1…against Pac-10 competition we need a game breaker.

8. Katz is going to be a great QB. Surprised he didn’t have any other offers besides Air Force.

9. Jovan Stevenson is not a viable backup. He has no speed, pretty much a one move and fall to the ground kind of back. Use him to spell Quiz, throw a block, and run out the clock, but that’s it. We literally don’t have a Pac-10 RB after Quiz. Better cross our fingers.

10. FSN has terrible coverage. They had an entire year to move towards HD and hire better producers. What a failure.

Go Beavs.

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