06.Sep.2009 PAC 10: Grading Week 1

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1. Cal–Played a BCS school and beat them by 40. ’nuff said.

2. USC–They are simply bigger, stronger, and faster than your team. Men amongst boys.

3. Washington–They’re going to be good this year. If we played these guys yesterday we’d be licking wounds this morning.

4. Arizona State–Shaky QB play, but the defense looks strong.

5. Stanford–Another school that played a BCS opponent. Andrew Luck is a huge upgrade over Pritchard.  The skill positions are beginning to look dangerous.

6. Oregon State–No pass rush to an otherwise solid, if not deep, team. Foreboding weakness for Pac-10 play.

7. Arizona–Central Michigan is a respectable opponent. Arizona controlled the game with the ground game, something they’re expected to do a lot of this year.

8. UCLA–I couldn’t watch more than a minute of this game. Picked away at SDSU, but their offense is not very good.

9. Washington State–Look improved, but the talent deficiency was too much of a hurdle. Played with spirit and pride in defeat.

10. Oregon–A bad offensive line, a lack of depth at RB, and a coach who lost control of his team after one weem. With the disablement of a QB or two looming, this has the making of a nightmare season.

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