26.Sep.2009 10 In-game Observations: Major Defensive Problems

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1. Kevin Frahm is worthless–been trying to bite my tongue on this one and give him some time, but it’s judgment day.

2. Cameron Collins and the Hawaiian Safety (#28) can’t cover or tackle anyone.

3. Stephen Paea isn’t dominant like we thought. We’re beginning to see it was Victor Butler and Slade Norris who determined his success last season.

4. Ben Terry is pointless.

5. The 2nd DT hasn’t made a play in 4 games now.

6. How many times can Arizona dump the ball in the flat before we tighten up?

7. James Dockery always has tight coverage, but then he flails and falls to the turf for no reason.

8. I don’t see how we’re going to get any turnovers this season. We have no playmakers. Everyone is on their heels. The offense is so much more likely to turn it over than the defense is to force a turnover. This reality makes every game have an uneasy feel.

9. This should really be a blowout. At home vs a bottom tier PAC 10 team that lost their star RB and TE and is starting a new QB …

10. We will lose this game. No pass rush…making a first time starter look All-PAC 10. Each week the Beavers take the field our season gets more and more grim.

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  • Packet Racer says:
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    We do have a pass rush. It’s just now working very well. The AZ O-line is holding it up very well.

  • erik says:
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    saying we have a pash rush, but it’s not very good is like saying. i have a great penis, but it’s only 2 inches long. what good is it?

  • Frustratedbeav says:
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    I have refrained from commenting for a while, largely because I don’t always agree but today has pushed me over the edge. I agree with a lot of points in this post. I have been saying since the end of the UNLV game, #28 has to come out, he flat out doesn’t know how to play football. We need a pass rush and we have to be able to create turnovers or God forbid, force a punt more than twice a game. Finally, getting killed in the flat 10 times in one game is embarrassing and insulting. Clearly we didn’t know how to adjust tonight. This season may get very long…

  • QuikRyan says:
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    Pass rush? no pass rush, period. Going back to Cincy, where a pressure on the QB was imperative to win, we still did not create one with any aggressive defensive stunts called. With the combination of our lack of talent and very conservative coaching, it is going to be a long, long season.

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