03.Oct.2009 In-Game Notes & Observations

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First series: More of the same old…few good plays, then the Quiz run for a loss and a sack and a deep ball out of desperation. Followed by another Hekker shank. Can we recruit special teams players? Mike, they do make up 1/3 of the game.

Second series: Again, nice play calling, good job of taking advantage of the ASU muff and getting 7 instead of settling for 3. Glad to see the offensive line able to gel for 3 plays and allow us the relatively easy score (i.e. given great field position). Also, was that a Beaver in the backfield on ASU’s 3rd down pass???!  ASU has major line problems…that early pressure is a good sign.

Series three: Nice play call on the pitch to Quiz. Why not do that more often and put him in space? He’s a small guy with great cutting ability…would do better on those sweeps than in-between the tackles. Less abuse with the ability to run out of bounds if needed. Hey, bottom line is that this is better play calling. Better late than never…? Beavs usually start well, so it’s maintain focus time…

Fourth Series: more predictability…fly sweep to James, screen pass to Quiz. Yawn.  If the coaches want to gain yards on these plays they probably shouldn’t call them 80% of the time. I see these plays in my dreams.  Surely they are no surprise to the defense–last year we were gaining chunks on those plays…this year 5 yards max. Nice quick release and pass from Canfield to Adeniji. Great pass from Canny to James…nice concentration on the catch.  Seems the Beavs are getting the best results from plays they rarely call. Sign to Landsdorf and Riley: MIX IT UP.

5. Maybe Harden hasn’t been in the system long enough to know he shouldn’t turn his head and make a play on the ball? Nice Int. Doesn’t amount to much. Hekker redeems himself. Beavs playing well in all facets so far, but we all remember this same scenario in 2007.

6. Love that 42 yarder to Adeniji. Pretty ball. Overall impression is that the offensive line is playing better than last week. It’s allowing those routes to develop. Lagrone is our best DE right now, so he should start or at least see the field more. He had the safety against Cincy and now a few big plays in this game.  Maintain focus, Beavs. That is the key right now. Bad call by Riley going for a FG before the half. Even if that kick was good the decision is stupid. The announcers had the right analysis–ASU can’t move the ball, don’t give them decent field position. What a bone-head move. I’d rather see them go for the conversion than kick that FG. The odds are better of converting than Kahut converting from that distance.  Didn’t come back to burn us, but man, Mike, if you’re going to be aggressive go for the higher percentage play. Also, why hand the ball off to Quiz and have him pounded 2 times before the half on a meaningless drive? Isn’t  that why we have a backup?

7. Anyone else sensing the typical lack of focus after half time?  Sometimes it’s the 2nd quarter, sometimes the 3rd, but it’s very typical of OSU to be flat for at least 1/4 of the game, in which time they either (a) let the other team back in the game, like tonight, or (b) lose the game. As I type this, TD Arizona State. Here we go. My guess: a few predictable runs to Quiz on our next drive, maybe a Canfield INT.

8. “Maybe a Canfield INT” !!! What did I tell you?  God this team is predictable. Oh, and the play before it, the ever predictable “bubble screen” to James for a 5 yard loss–it’s no wonder…if a blogger can predict plays surely a college defensive coordinator can. This game is a loss.

9. Cool, TD Adeniji–this should ice the game. I love when my Beav loss predictions are wrong.

10. Overall, a lot of things wrong with this game…post game analysis to follow.

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