25.May.2017 Tyner/O-Line/General Thread

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Angry’s still out and the last post was nearing 300 comments, so thought I’d put up a clean new general thread.

Will have a separate thread for the baseball series so that doesn’t get cluttered with off topic conversation.

Something interesting I read from Sedge today was the possibility of Tyner playing for 2 years at Oregon State, as he applies for a medical hardship.  Wouldn’t that be something if he played for Oregon State this year and then grad transferred back to Oregon for his final season?

Also football related, it feels like the glaring hole on offense right now is a starting caliber offensive lineman for the right side.  We currently have 13 guys on the roster, and GA mentioned wanting to bring in one more guy this summer. Seems like grad transfer would be the likely route to make that happen, but who is currently available?

Feel free to talk about whatever you want if football bores you…

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  • NiceBeaver NiceBeaver says:
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    OOB, would you be able to put up the baseball thread later?
    I won’t be around and should be away most of the weekend.

    • oneoldbeav oneoldbeav says:
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      Glad to, I’ll set it up for 5:00 pm PST today.

  • Doozeldorf Doozeldorf says:
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    The way Duck fans have been talking about Tyner I doubt he would want to go back there again. I’m hoping it lights a fire under him and motivates him to pound their asses in the CW.

  • NiceBeaver NiceBeaver says:
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    WBB transfer to keep an eye on. Erin Boley out of Notre Dame. Former 5* PF from the 2016 class. She hasn’t announced where she’s going, but saw that she started following our recent 5* transfer Destiny Slocum and her dad.



    • Bill says:
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      Could happen, but Boley is from Kentucky. Hard to see her transferring to the west coast. It could work since it would somewhat even out the classes. One of the benefits of Rueck not using all of his scholarships is landing a transfer when available.

      Freshman –
      Slocum – redshirt/transfer year
      Boley – redshirt/transfer year

      Sophomore –

      Juniors –

      Senior –

  • Freshbeav Freshbeav says:
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    I wonder what he chances are Tyner gets 2 years of eligibility? As long as we can get him up to speed on the offense I can see him complementing AP And Nall really well down the stretch. A little Insurance for them too.

    I just hope the OL are up to the task and can perform as well as we did last year. Losing Harlow and Stanton is tough tho…

    On the recruiting side – I have high hopes for Brevin White the 4* QB. I saw an interview with him and he is sharp as a tack. Really well spoken, a great kid, and really seems like he enjoyed GA and his straight talk approach to coaching. He also said he’d be making a decision I the next month or so.

    I hope GA can seal the deal!

  • AKBeaver AKBeaver says:
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    Not a shock but Massari is leaving at the end of the month.


  • AKBeaver AKBeaver says:
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    Spencer Petras to OSU. Looks like White is headed elsewhere.

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