27.Apr.2010 Latest AD Report

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In the new AD report, Bob D writes:

*If you would like to make a donation of less than $40, please call 541-737-2370 or mail a check to: Beaver Athletic Student Fund
123 Gill Coliseum
Corvallis, OR 97331

Thank you, Bob D, for hearing our anger and acting.

I’m going to send them a few dollars to help with their 12,000 (donors) by 2012 campaign. Since they’re now accepting smaller donations, I suggest everyone get involved and give what you can. A check for a dollar is still worth sending–if you get a thousand people who do the same it adds up.

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  • roger & mehoffer says:
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    I’ll be sending them a dollar today, Angry!

  • BeavGirl says:
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    wow, that is great news. Good work angry!

    any blitzer who creeps over here and calls this blog irrelevant should be linked to this post imo

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