31.Jul.2009 Beavers Offensive Line & Walk-ons

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I’ve seen reports that have McAndrews, Lamb, and Remmers starting on the line.

A. How does Pohl not beat out Lamb?

B. How can you compete with USC or Oregon if you have 3 walk-ons starting on your line?

C. How does the head coach let the line situation become this dire?

Three walk-on starters–you are just not going to win with that much of a talent deficit.

The two deep is not much better, also loaded with walk-ons:

Burke Ellis

Nathan Hannah

Ben Motter


This situation is dire, and Beaver fans and coaches alike are counting on coach Cav to work miracles. One of these years it’s just not going to happen. This situation rests squarely on the head coach; it’s just bad OL recruiting from 2004-2007 (the most recent class should be excellent). Riley is content to have Cav coach players up and go with the local boy rather than getting out of Corvallis and recruiting higher caliber talent. Beaver fans will bring up Mike Hass and talk about the long linage of Beaver walk-on greats, but for every 1 Mike Hass or Slade Norris there are 100 Justin Engstroms, Brennan Sims, and Zach Andersons.

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    If I had to predict, I would say that Jared Baker is going to be a RB target of importance.

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      Just checking to see if HTML tags worked on this site.

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