08.Aug.2009 Malcom Marable Commits to Beavs

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At 5?8, 170 Malcolm “Marble” might be a more apropos moniker. Marable has zero stars at the moment, but to be fair, that is likely due to the lack of game film. My guess, after watching the brief clip below, is that he’ll be a 2-star. Decide for yourself:


His coach calls him a “playmaker” and “fast”, but considering his highlight video doesn’t show him ripping off anything longer than 10 yards and his reported 40 times are 4.66 (ESPN) and 4.52 (rivals), I can’t help but feel ennui over this prospect. His cutting ability seems non-existent, and his speed, especially laterally, appears below average. This is key as it’s being speculated that Marable is the heir-apparent to James Rodgers and the fly sweep. At this point, Beaver fans are making that assumption over nothing more than his size.

Overall, I am not very excited about this prospect. He’ll move to CB, most likely, as that’s where any value lies. And I have to question Scout and even more so Rivals.com with their over-hyped headlines (i.e. “BREAKING VERBAL!”) as if this player is someone to get exclamation-point-level excited about. I save that kind of excitement for Gio, Owa, et al.

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