01.Feb.2012 LOI Eve

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As you probably heard, Calvin Tonga (the lone DT) is going to sign with Colorado State.

Cleveland Wallace is still 50-50 between Oregon State and Washington. Some say Washington has the slight lead, now (and just yesterday people called me crazy for insisting they were in the picture).

Shelton is definitely gone.

Beavs add a nice greyshirt kicker in Garrett Owens.

Class semi falling apart over the past few days…class is suddenly looking average instead of very good. More recruiting disappointment from Riley & Co?

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  • NCAA_viOlation NCAA_viOlation says:
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    Sigh….and all we can do as fans is sit back and watch as things unravel.

  • mckalk mckalk says:
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    Riley needs a meltdown speech from Alec Baldwin a la “Glengarry Glenross”. MR just can’t “ABC” with these recruits.

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