29.Oct.2009 Lyle Moevao

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Lyle Moevao’s career came to an end today.

There’s just over a 0% chance Lyle reads this site, but nonetheless, I think I speak for all when I say thanks for the enthusiasm and effort.

On a more positive note, I think the Beavers should find a staff position for Lyle in the upcoming years. Imagine him on the recruiting trail? He’s exactly what the program needs–energy, youth, passion, an ambassador. He’d be great at it. Pretty much the antithesis of Heywood.

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  • Beavocalypse says:
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    I completely agree. Lyle could be an incredible coach. I would like to thank him for all he has done and continues to do for Oregon State. This is truly a sad story.

  • OSBeavs says:
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    I also agree, he has been an incredible leader the past couple of years. He has given a lot to this program, I would love to see him stick around in some capacity. He basically won me over (and probably most beaver fans) when he decleated the washington d lineman on a block two years ago.

  • Marc Holcomb says:
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    Great kid! Lyle has nothing to be ashamed it is not often a chunky high school
    defensive player evolves into a Q-back for a big time collegiate football
    program!! And was quite successful at it. With his upbeat personality and
    obvious leadership skills the sky is the limit for him, perhaps we will see
    stalking the sidelines in years to come as a head coach? Good luck to
    Lyle in whatever he chooses to do and we beaver fans will never forget
    his demeaner, drive and character at OSU.

  • angrybeaver says:
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    He seems like a pretty bright guy from interviews. Maybe he can be the graduate assistant and work his way into an offensive coordinator type role where he could also recruit. He just seems really into the University, so I see him involved in some capacity five years down the road.

    As far as the talk about Lyle getting a medical redshirt. I’m pretty neutral to him as a QB, so this isn’t a slight, but I think it’s time everyone progresses past the Canfield/Moevao era. We’ve recruited the QB position well, and it’s time for those guys to blossom. If he does come back I’d hope for an open competition…Lyle as a backup is a great option, but Katz has to be given every opportunity to be the team’s QB next year–he came in a year early as a greyshirt, he’s a student of the game, and he has greater upside. If you want to argue Lyle would have more command of the offense, fair enough. I just disagree because of my high regard for Katz.

  • Diggs says:
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    It really has been an era as you put it, Angry… It’s going to be weird having someone else as QB next year!! It is time though, as good as both have been I believe from an all in all standpoint, it’s exciting to see what’s next!

    I agree with all of the above though, Moevao is a great guy and I would be happy to see him in years to come. Even through his injuries you see that guy on the sidelines going nuts and just in the game 100%. He’s a true fan of the sport I believe, as well as OSU. Good man, and good luck whatever may come his way in the future.

  • Beavgirl says:
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    yep sweet block vs. washington

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