28.Oct.2009 UCLA @ Oregon State

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As I watch the World Series on the eve of the eve of the eve of this Saturday’s Homecoming match-up, I can’t help but feel grateful and giddy. The Fall Classic, UCLA for Homecoming this weekend, and Craig Robinson’s improved basketball squad right around the corner. This is the best time of year, and it’s too short, so savor it.

A lot of Beaver fans were predicting an easy win this weekend after OSU’s offensive output versus USC. Hold tight, Beavers. Expect a dog fight; a one score game that’s decided on the final play. Listen, the defense was as inept as the offense proficient. How can you ignore that? Making matters worse, Richard Brehaut is going to quarterback for UCLA. If you remember, in my mid-season report I said that UCLA’s season hinges on how much Brehaut plays. I believe he’s the missing piece for that team and should have started their last two games. The Bruins already boast the best defense in the conference, and now they put a 4-star gunslinger behind center. This is going to be similar to the Nick Foles situation with Arizona. For those of you who haven’t seen Brehaut, I’ll tell you this: he’s the best pure passer in the conference. The guy can flat out sling the ball around. Perusing the forums, most Beaver fans are expecting the Bruins “pathetic” offense of weeks past, but with Franklin in the backfield and now the new QB I can tell you with certainty that is not going to be the case. Expect the Bruins to put up close to 30 in this game.You have to keep in mind we have no pass rush, and that’s a great advantage for UCLA’s new QB. In fact, Slick Rick is likely playing him in this game for that exact reason.

Now, on the offensive side of the ball–things look great for the Beavers. They’re firing on all cylinders. But UCLA has a fantastic defense. I’ll say this: I feel more confident saying the Bruins will get stops than saying the Beavers will get stops. The Beavers need to go fulltime with this lineup on the defensive line: Miller, Paea, Oldander, LaGrone (and Taylor Henry on 3rd downs as a specialist). Mark my words: until they do, they will continue to be futile. The linebackers should be Kristick, Bubba, and Roberson. The secondard Collins, Mitchell, Hardin and Dockery. This is the best combination.

So, how do I see this game going? I have a good hunch it will go like this:

Beavers kick off, Craft makes a bone-headed play and the Beavers score a TD off it. Brehaut enters the game, the Beavs can’t stop him, and the fans are forced to ride the “massive coronary express” for the rest of the contest. UCLA jumps ahead by a score, the Beavers counter at halftime by returning to the run game. Quiz has a great 3rd quarter, scores. The teams exchange punches. Brehaut answers, makes a name for himself, entrenches himself as the starter. I see this ending being hectic, coming down to the last seconds, with the defense having to make a play to save a slim lead. While my gut tells me they just aren’t good enough to make such a stand, I’m hoping the crowd can act as the desperately needed 12th defender and push the good guys over the hump.

31-27, Beavers

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  • Beavocalypse says:
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    I wouldn’t be surprised if things went exactly like that, but I’m going to be missing the game completely because one of my best (and youngest, as it turns out) friends, is turning 21, and I plan on partying and catching the game on the radio.

    I hope you have a great halloween Angry. Keep on kickin ass, my beaver friend.

  • Marc Holcomb says:
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    This beaver team with the apparent coming of age of Canfield complimented by a entourage of fine offensive athletes could well
    have won all their had it not been for a defence that leaks like seive.
    This is my real concern as we go down the stretch it is all to obvious
    how each opposing game plan will develop and that is do your very best against that explosive beaver offence but exploit and capitalize and
    defence or really NO DEFENCE!! That is what we will see Saturday,
    Neuweasel, not very likable is not dumb, the cunning kraut will do everything possible to pick apart our lack of defense the only saving grace the beaver will have is the general ineffiency of that offence!
    We should win this game but I thought the same of the Arizona fray.
    If we get them down we need to start “kicking, clawing and biting”
    I would love to see the beavs go for the jugular on this one if the
    opportunity develops-for a change. At any rate Go Beavs. I am going to be in the stands on the sidelines cheering you guys on!

  • bill hetland says:
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    I say the beavs win by 14…. I think the defense is tired of hearing how shitty they are… and they are ranked so poorly on the defensive side of the pac-10 cause we have played all the good teams… okay, most of them… and also the cincinatti’s of the world… defense steps up, offense rolls and the beavs by 2 touchdowns… and possibly 4… go beavs

    good idea about lyle recruiting…

    • Marc Holcomb says:
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      Bill: I sure hope you are right. You are right about one thing for sure the defense is playing almost as “shitty” as possible!
      Kristick is the most over-rated linebacker to ever play for OSU.
      He could not even carry Derrick Dogget’s jock! The biggest
      disappointment this year on defense has been Stephen Paea
      he almost seems scared to make a tackle!! So far the defensive
      ends look like they would be hard pressed to make the team
      for the Western Oregon Wolves!! This is without a doubt the
      poorest defense we have had for years at OSU. When they
      get the opposing Q-back in their sites, they fail to finish. The
      defensive line and line backers are almost totally inept this surely includes Kristick. He cannot finish a tackle in the opposition’s backfield but is good at a late hit or so in every
      game! The dummie had that flag coming against USC, it
      went along way in costing us that game.

  • Beavker Beavker says:
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    As my handle Beavker hints, I am also Husker fan after transplanting 5 years ago, but the family is still in the Valley and die hard Beavs. Thanks to Dishnetworks $5 add on that gets me every Fox Sports channel (West, NW, Arizona, Florida, etc., etc.) I have followed them all until ABC dicked me for the Texas/Mizzou blowout. Seems they are on FNW this week.

    My point…the Huskers are the polar opposites. If NU had the Beavs Offense, or the Beavs had NU’s Defense (lead by Mr. Suh, an Oregon product), this would be a top 5 team, and undefeated. Funny how it works, Huskers couldn’t stop shit last year until the end of the season, but their offense averages about 40 a game. Now they average 40 turnover a game. Beavers can’t stop anyone, yet keep Pitt of the scoreboard in the finale. A lot has been due to graduation, they both lost key people…but jeez. What a bummer. Being the cynic I am Angry, I’m sure you are just waiting for the “horrible” UCLA, 0-4 in the conference team, to come into Corvallis and lay wood to the Beavs. It’s just the way it works it seems. The more embarassing it could be, the more likely it happens (see NU’s 8 TO’s vs. Iowa State for instance, at home, 4 inside the ISU 5 yard line).

    I’m hopefull the D progresses. They need this to start that end of season run until they upset the Ducks in Eugene and spoil their Rose Bowl bid!

    • Diggs says:
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      Regarding a possible Rose Bowl bid upset…. OH sweet redemption!

  • Xcalifguy says:
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    Well, beavs eeked one out today – luckily the clock and no UCLA timeouts on their side. The D looked overall bad today (mediocre at best), not sure they will ever step it up this year. Against what has been a relatively hapless UCLA O. At least they added a couple of sacks to their list, but what…3 forced fumbles and no recoveries of any of them? I think you are right AB, they just don’t seem to have the talent they’ve had in past years on defense. I’m afraid Cal and UW may pose big challenges for them. WA State should be a win (I think Corvallis High School could give WA State a game), UO looks like it could be ugly at this point.

  • angrybeaver says:
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    What did I say about Miller and LaGrone at DE?

    Defense has gotten a lot better since these two have played more. And they got the only sacks this past weekend. Can’t even come up with a reason why a guy writing a blog realized this before the head coach.

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