12.Dec.2011 Angry Beav Merchandise?

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Slow week ahead, so this would be a good time to bring up a marketing idea. No off-topic posts here–they'll be removed. If you want to talk athletics, use the "General Discussion" thread below.

I was wondering if (a) anyone here would buy/wear angrybeav merchandise (around campus, to games, etc), (b) any graphic artists here interested in collaborating to design products?

The main reason I'd like to do this is that it would be funny to see angrybeav shirts/gear/cups when they pan the crowd at games. But, it would also spread the word/get more angrybeavs on board (there are probably thousands of pissed off fans who never heard of this site). The more fans on board, the more pressure on the AD.

I don't care much about the $ angle. I figure a consignment/commission based model or something like that would work. We can iron that out later on. Basically, I am soliciting interest. Fans: do you want the gear. Designers: could you make cool logos, designs, etc?

What would be neat is if we had talented designers who could make something so catchy it became an unofficial logo/slogan/etc. Really show the University how it's done. Unfortunately, I don't have much talent for visual arts…I like minimal/clean/punchy/humorous designs, though, so if you're going to submit an idea think along those lines. I know there are websites that allow you to put your own logos on shirts and other gear, so if we come up with something good I can work on that aspect.

This site has just under 1 million hits and 4,000 unique visitors spanning 47 States. 12% new visitors in the last month alone, so the trend is up. What I'm getting at is this could be a good opportunity for budding designers to get their work noticed.

Post general comments below. If you're a designer and want to seriously collaborate then shoot  me an email.

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